This 1000 hp Hayabusa eats Kawasaki H2Rs for breakfast: 440 kmph in 400 metres!

This 1000 hp Hayabusa could well be the fastest road legal motorcycle in the world, although, how in gods name you'd bring your groceries home on this bike that actively tries to murder you is a mystery to us!

By: | Updated: January 24, 2019 5:12 PM

We all know Suzuki Hayabusa’s are fast, and properly so. There’s one among them though that’s a tad bit faster than the rest, and when we say a tad bit, we mean that this motorcycle could obliterate the lightning fast Kawasaki H2R without even touching second gear. Built at UK’s Big CC Racing, this mental Hayabusa is nothing short of a carpet bombing of mind-numbing numbers that challenge the very laws of physics. For one this bike, that is technically road legal in the UK (don’t ask us how) make 1000 hp and usually hits 440 kmph in the course of a 400-metre quarter mile run, that’s less than half a kilometre. Naturally, mere mortals would be blown away by this absolutely manic machine, so its limited to a single rider none other than veteran drag racer Phil Wood.

It all came together rather strangely too, starting with a 1500cc 1000 hp motor that was meant for a Chopper until for some reason the guy who pitched for the motor in the first place backed out. So rather than scrapping the project altogether, Sean Mills from at Big CC bikes decided to keep the GT4x-equipped turbocharged motor to someone else. With no takers for this monstrous motor, Sean ultimately decided to build the motor into a road legal, drag spec motorcycle (How’s that for an oxymoron?). In the UK where modification laws are not as stringent, the bike only needed civilian gear like a rear-view mirror, lights and the set of boring bits to make it roadworthy according to UK’s MOT (Ministry of Transport). He even painted it in the very conventional Busa Black to keep the fact that in reality, it's a tyre eating monster on the down-low. But really trying to make a 1000hp 440kmph Hayabusa seem like a sleeper with a paint-job is like trying to camouflage a tank with a fleece blanket. I mean the rear wheel is basically two rear wheels fused together, and then wrapped in a 240-section tyre, that’s mental. The frame and chassis have been altered as well, with a swing arm that can accommodate for the chain that runs through the rear wheel. Hilariously, the bike gets a  road exhaust and variable boost controller

You know how when we said it will do 440 kmph in 400 metre, well, to be clear, it did do that albeit with 400 hp to spare. If the boost is turned all the way up, this monstrous beast of a motorcycle will spin its wheels at 400 kmph. Which, to be quite frank, is enough to leave your lower intestine behind!

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