Suzuki motorcycles in India that were good but didn’t do well

The Suzuki motorcycles were replaced with more modern products as well as ones with better styling as well as features.

By: | Updated: October 13, 2019 1:40 PM

Suzuki Motorcycles for its Indian journey, partnered with TVS Motors. The brand launched a couple of products, the technology of which was provided by Suzuki while TVS helped in the localisation. After their split, both the brands brought in separate motorcycles. Suzuki started their innings with the Fiero, then introduced the Zeus as well as Heat 125cc motorcycles. Then came the GS150R and later on, the Hayate. Unfortunately, all these motorcycles have now been discontinued. They were either discontinued because of the emission norms or low demand. Here is a timeline of these motorcycles.

Suzuki Fiero

The Suzuki Fiero was the brand's first 150cc motorcycle in the country and was launched in the year 2000. It was an odd-ball design as Suzuki designs used to be at that time. Its 147.5cc, single cylinder, air-cooled engine made 12hp and 10.5Nm. The engine was good as far as commuters go but it lacked the top punch. Adding to its woes was the 4-speed gearbox. This being said, the motorcycle weighed only 115kg. This being said, it was the only other (the CBZ Star had a front drum) 150cc bike that came with standard drum brakes at both ends. It retailed for Rs 50,000 at the time of being discontinued.

Suzuki Heat/Zeus

Sometime around 2006, Suzuki launched new motorcycles after being out of action from the Indian market. This was first showcased at the 2006 Auto Expo. Both the motorcycles had the same underpinnings as well as engines. However, the difference was in positioning as well as pricing. The Zeus had a small bikini fairing and hence was the costlier sibling. The 124cc engine produced 8.5hp and 10Nm. These numbers were only slightly better than the 7hp figure that most 100cc bikes made. Surprisingly, the Zeus had a 5-speed gearbox. Moreover, it also boasted a front disc brake. The Heat in the meanwhile had a plain Jane styling. Both the bikes were priced in the Rs 43,000 - Rs 46,000 bracket.

Suzuki GS150R

Finally, the Fiero successor came out. The GS150R as it was called, was an instant hit as it made for a good alternative to the Pulsars and Unicorns. Moreover, it was the first motorcycle that came out with a 6-speed gearbox. The 149cc single made 13.8hp of power and 13.4Nm. This motorcycle was launched in 2008 and had a semi-digital meter console, something the Pulsars had started offering a year before.  At Rs 60,000, ex-showroom, it wasn't much value for money either. However, the smooth engine as well as the overall dynamics won many a fan and you can still see people riding this motorcycle. It was discontinued in 2015, after the Gixxer 150 was launched.

Suzuki Slingshot

This "premium" 125cc motorcycle was launched in 2010. The Suzuki Slingshot was a stylish motorcycle because it took design cues from the bigger bikes from the Japanese maker's stables. It had a longer wheelbase than the aforementioned 125cc models while having shorter length. The engine was carried over unchanged too. At launch, the motorcycle was priced at Rs 46,000. It also had a front disc brake and those thin alloys looked really nice too.

Suzuki Hayate

Armed with a new brand ambassador, Suzuki set to make a difference in the commuter segment. The Suzuki Hayate got a shot in the arm at the onset. The first 100cc modern day Suzuki bike in the country. The Hayate though had established names like the Splendor to contend with. It also had fierce competition from the new Honda Dream Yuga. Somewhere down the line, the 8.6hp/9.32Nm, 113cc engined motorcycle couldn't withstand the winds of time, something that is antagonist for the name Hayate.

Suzuki Inazuma 250

The Suzuki Inazuma 250 was the company's first twin cylinder 250cc motorcycle in India. The Inazuma was a radical looking thing but at the onset, prospective customers were put off with the high pricing. A near Rs 3 lakh price for a 24hp/22Nm motorcycle was too much to ask for. Suzuki revised the pricing at a later date. This lead to the Inazuma to being retailed for Rs 2.21 lakh. The motorcycle, though was discontinued within a few years of being in existence. It was perhaps the finest motorcycle of the lot mentioned here and in general deserved a better sales number.

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