Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 & Gixxer SF Video Review | Best 250cc sportsbike in India and an improved 150 Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant ride around the Budh International Circuit, where we also test rode the new 2019 Gixxer SF 150. Find out more about the two in this first ride review.

By: | Updated: May 24, 2019 5:53 PM
Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 (left) and 150

Suzuki Motorcycle India invited the media for the launch of an all-new product and it was the much-awaited – Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 – but there was another pleasant surprise. The manufacturer launched the new updated 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF looking much sharper and sportier. The Gixxer series has been a winner for Suzuki in India, something indicated clearly in the Gixxer 150 and Gixxer SF's popularity in India in the entry-level sports-oriented motorcycles. And now the baby Gixxer is looking much better and there's a bigger, much powerful Gixxer in the family.

The Gixxer SF 250 turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant ride around the Budh International Circuit. It is fairly quick off the line, does a top speed of 155 km/h and instills confidence to lean into corners with wide tyres that have ample grip and suspension that can handle a race track.

However, it feels a bit lazy going through quick directional changes. But then, it will be spending its life on the road where a softer suspension set up is a better deal. Brakes have a good bite in them and we could depend on braking late on the track and the ABS is non-intrusive.

The other electronics on board the Gixxer SF 250 is the digital instrument cluster which is clearly visible in bright daylight. The riding stance is a good mix of a relaxed position and scope for committed sporty riding.

suzuki gixxer sf 250 specsSuzuki Gixxer SF 250 (left) and Gixxer SF specs

Suzuki Gixxer SF too delivers on a good blend of sporty and comfortable disposition. The 2019 model has improved in terms of ride dynamics and is now more stable in straight line speeds and doesn't judder under hard braking.

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2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF First Ride Review: New baby Gixxer is now better and smarter

The Gixxer SF 250 may be a little late to enter the quarter-litre segment in India but then it is a very promising package as one of the most powerful 250cc motorcycles on sale in India and a good handling machine as well. We will be able to elaborate for on the two motorcycles when we test ride them in the real world and include details like fuel efficiency and long-distance comfort.

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