Shocking copies of Indian bikes by China in Pakistan will instantly take away your Monday Blues

The list here includes names from the Sigma Lion 150 that copy the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 shamelessly to the Sigma Warrior 350 that dare to exactly copy paste the design of the Ducati 848. Do let us know in the comments if you had a laugh or not.

By: | Updated: August 27, 2018 1:35 PM

We have been constantly bringing you examples of copy bikes that are currently on sale in Pakistan in order to give you a laugh. While most of them are funny primarily due to their weird names that simply do not match with their character, others have become a laughing stock due to the paint schemes that will leave you teary-eyed. Now, in order to take away your Monday Blues, here is a compilation of the Chinese motorcycles that are shocking copies of the motorcycles sold in India. These four examples take copying to a whole new level and also, these will actually make you wonder how the manufacturers of the original motorcycles have not filed a case against these China bikes. The list includes bikes from Sigma Lion 150 that copy the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 to the Sigma Warrior 350 that dare to copy the Ducati 848 shamelessly. Do let us know in the comments if you had a good laugh or not.

Sigma Lion 150

The Sigma Lion 150 is manufactured by a Chinese brand called Zongsheng and this motorcycle is imported and sold in Pakistan by Sigma Motorsports. To be honest, the name of this motorcycle Lion 150 is a bit difficult to digest at first. What's even more shocking is its heavy resemblance with the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 that is on sale in India and along with some global markets. Like the Bajaj Pulsar RS200, the front section of this bike has the same bumblebee appearance and gets the same projector headlamps. As the name suggests, the Sigma Lion 150 draws power from a 150cc, liquid-cooled motor mated to a five-speed gearbox. The company's official website is too shy to show the power and torque figures for the motorcycle. The Sigma Lion 150 is on sale in Pakistan at a price of PKR 2.80 lakh or Rs 1.58 lakh as per the Indian currency. The warranty is just 1500 km that means by the time you finish your road trip from Delhi to Mumbai on the bike, the warranty will get lapse.

Sigma Rokk 200

The Sigma Rokk 200 is another one such example that takes copying to another level. Take a look at this motorcycle and you will take no time in figuring out that that it is a shocking copy of KTM Duke 200 streetfighter that is popular in India. While the Sigma Rokk 200 heavily looks like the KTM Duke 200, it is nowhere close to it in terms of technology. The ways how the company is promoting this motorcycle are bizzare, as it claims that the bike has a 'good sound' and an 'attractive colour with a beautiful road presence'. Well, Beautiful presence!! What the hell does that mean? Furthermore, according to the website, the Sigma Rokk 200 has 'elegant lights'.

Sigma Warrior 350

The Sigma Warrior 350 targets at the Ducati 848 that started its life in 2008 and the production came to a halt in the year 2013. The Sigma Warrior 350 even shamelessly boasts of a Ducati badge on the fuel tank and 848 is written on front fairing as well. This shows that the company is selling the Warrior 350 as a 'cheap' Ducati instead of a Warrior 350 itself. In contrary to the 849cc, V-twin motor on Ducati 848, the engine on Sigma Warrior 350 has a 350cc engine and like always, the company's website is not showing any power and torque figures and the only information we can see is a fuel injection system and liquid-cooling. The engine also has a double cylinder layout that offers the bike a 'full heavy sound'.

Road Prince Bullet Digital 70

The Bullet motorcycle that is sold in India has become synonymous with old-school street cruiser but this is clearly not the case in Pakistan. A brand by the name Road Prince retails a 70cc motorcycle Bullet Digital 70 there and not only the name has a mismatch with the power and proportions of the motorcycle, the bike in itself will give you some serious laughing goals. The price of the Road Prince Bullet Digital 70 is PKR 43,000 in Pakistan or a little over Rs 24,000. The saying 'Looks like a Gun, goes like a Bullet' is quite popular in India but we are not sure if this stands true for the Pakistani Bullet. On the brighter note, Indians can be proud of our very own Bullet as the bike continues to grow in sales not just here but in other developed countries too.

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