Seven dangerous and illegal yet popular bike, scooter modifications

Modifications of two-wheelers, be it a bike or a scooter, if done under the ambit of rules is permissible. However, we often see owners blatantly ignoring these. Here is a list of seven illegal and dangerous bike and scooter modifications which are quite popular in India.

By: | Updated: August 16, 2019 3:03 PM
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Modifications of two-wheelers, be it a bike or a scooter is quite prevalent in India. Though some fall within the ambit of regulations, the majority are quite over-the-top and sometimes outright dangerous. According to the recent ruling, any modification done to a vehicle which contradicts its registration is not allowed in the country. Still, at times we see a lot of vehicles, primarily two-wheeler openly ignoring these rules. Here is a list seven popular bike and scooter modifications which are done in India that are not only illegal but dangerous as well.

Pressure Horns

We often see two-wheeler riders fitting aftermarket horns which are quite loud in comparison to what the manufacturer offers. They not only create a nuisance but are also illegal. These loud/pressure horns can easily cause a distraction to other road users and can also result in loss of hearing in some cases.

Loud/Modified Exhaust

Modified exhausts, which either create a louder noise or provide increased engine power are also not allowed under the new regulations. Just like pressure horns, louder exhausts also create noise pollution and can act as a major distraction for other road users. OEMs fit exhausts which are in perfect sync with the engine. And hence. fitment of aftermarket exhaust can result in reduced mechanical life of the two-wheeler.

Strobe Lights

Fitment of aftermarket lights, which emit higher intensity beams is also not legal in India. These can temporarily blind the oncoming traffic or pedestrians which might result in a mishap. Also, the use of strobe lights is not permissible. The continuous blinking of such lights, which are usually bright LEDs, causes a distraction to other motorists.

Low-Quality Alloy Wheels

One of the most popular modifications seen on Indian two-wheelers is the fitment of after-market (fancy) alloy wheels. Often, people go for cheap quality products which are not durable and break in the wake of sudden braking or in case of the vehicle hitting a pot-hole. These are not only dangerous for the rider of the particular vehicle but can also cause injury to fellow road users.

Engine Modifications

Engine modifications, which result in increased power output are also not permissible. OEMs, build the various components of the two-wheeler in sync with the engine and depending upon its power output. If the power output is increased beyond what the rest of the mechanical components can handle, it will cause a complete failure and consequently breakdown. And if the same takes place while on the move, it can turn out to be fatal as well.

Chassis Modifications

Just like engine modifications, modifications done to a two-wheeler's chassis is also a complete no-no. Just as the mechanical components are designed to work in a set stress-level, the structure of the two-wheeler is built keeping in mind certain parameters and is done with the help of precision machines. Aftermarket modifications to the chassis can cause structural damage to the vehicle which could be dangerous for the rider.

Fancy Number Plates

One of the most common illegal modifications done by two-wheeler owners in India is the use of fancy number plates. According to the guidelines, there is a set-parameter for the design of registration plates. Any alteration with the same is not allowed. Not only is this practice illegal, but also prevents the easy identification of the vehicle in case of a mishap.

Image Credits: Amazon.in

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