Royal Enfield Pegasus dumped in garbage! The complete story revealed

A Royal Enfield Pegasus edition owner dumped his bike into the garbage after feeling cheated by the company with the launch of Classic Signals 350 edition. We recently got into a conversation with him and analysed the matter to bring you the actual truth behind the entire story and here's if the company is really at fault or not.

By:Updated: September 5, 2018 5:49:20 PM
Dheeraj Jarua's bike in garbageDheeraj Jarua dumped his Royal Enfield Pegasus into the garbage

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus edition generated a lot of hype a few days back and the same is into the headlines once again. The reason this time though is that one of the owners of Royal Enfield Pegasus edition is quite unhappy with the manufacturer after the launch of Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals edition. While many websites have reported this incident, no one really bothered to do a fact-checking exercise and hence the reporting till now has been speculative, making it hard for anyone to actually understand what actually happened. Express Drives recently had a conversation with a Royal Enfield Pegasus owner Dheeraj Jarua to understand what exactly made him and other buyers of the Pegasus edition feel dejected, as claimed by him. Dheeraj told us that he tried really hard for almost two days to make sure that he was able to book a unit of the Pegasus edition. The company’s official website crashed at first after which Royal Enfield announced another date for the online sale of the motorcycle.

Dheeraj Jarua and other Pegasus owners are feeling unhappy after launch of Classic Signals

According to Dheeraj though, his joy of exclusivity was short-lived as within a few days of the Pegasus launch, Royal Enfield launched the Classic Signals 350 edition. This model has a military connect similar to the Pegasus edition and an additional dual-channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) at almost Rs 60,000 lesser price than the Pegasus edition. Downcasted with this, Dheeraj dumped his Royal Enfield Pegasus into the garbage as he felt cheated by the company. Dheeraj also informed us that he has been a part of a Pegasus owners group and many people who booked the Pegasus edition have now refused to take the delivery of their motorcycles despite paying a token amount of Rs 25,000 due to the same reason. At the time of writing this report, we haven’t been able to confirm if other Pegasus owners are siding with Dheeraj and if any of them have refused to take delivery of their motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Classic Signals 350 edition

Dheeraj added that he will not take his motorcycle back from the garbage dump until Royal Enfield comes out with a proper solution. As a compensation, Dheeraj wants Royal Enfield to install a dual channel ABS on his motorcycle and remove the stenciled number from the fuel tank of Classic Signals edition so that the exclusivity of the Pegasus edition stays intact. Well, this was the side of the story presented by Dheeraj but since Express Drives is not a publication that thrives on accident reports and uninvestigated sensationalist content, here’s the other side of the story. Herein, we explain if the Royal Enfield Pegasus edition is really any different from Classic Signals and if the company really is at fault. The Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus edition is a limited edition model and only 1000 units of the bike have been made worldwide out of which 250 were allocated for India.

Dual-channel ABS on Royal Enfield Classic Signals 350 edition

The special edition model has been made under a special licence to use the Pegasus name for which Royal Enfield would have paid a premium and the additional price justifies the same. Also, each unit of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus edition has been stenciled with a unique number plate on the fuel tank that makes each unit special unlike the Signals edition, which doesn’t have this exclusive numbering. Moreover, it is only the owners of the Pegasus edition that have access to exclusive Pegasus apparel and accessories, thereby adding to the exclusivity of the motorcycle.

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Even in terms of mechanicals, there are differences as the Royal Enfield Pegasus edition has a larger 500cc engine as compared to the 350cc unit on the Classic Signals. The Classic Signals does not get a limited production run and the additional price over the standard Classic 350 is for the inclusion of dual-channel ABS and not for any special licence like the Pegasus. The Conclusion While Express Drives does not guarantee the legitimacy of the incident since we’re still verifying the authenticity of the submitted images, we believe that Royal Enfield has not cheated the customers in any way like we have explained above. The price of the Pegasus edition is something that one may or might not agree with and that’s a personal choice as it is in the case of any other vehicle on sale today. What is certain though is the fact that the Pegasus has exclusivity, which cannot be matched by the Signals Edition.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus edition

One can say that Royal Enfield should have educated potential buyers in a better way about the positioning of the Pegasus and that’s something we agree with. The other thing Royal Enfield could have done is to space out the launch of the Signals Edition a bit more from that of the Pegasus. A few months down the line, the Signals Edition wouldn’t have struck the wrong chords of Pegasus owners such as Dheeraj. At the same time, one needs to understand that limited edition products such as the Pegasus are an attempt to relive or recreate an iconic story from the past. In an attempt to do so, brands try to go all out to stay authentic. There are bikes that have a classic design and hence come with spoked wheels instead of the more modern alloy ones yet these motorcycles mostly cost higher. Similarly, performance car brands also have come up with lighter versions of their production cars, wherein they have removed systems such as Air conditioning, infotainment, seat adjustability and various electrical assists but increased the selling price.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus edition was limited to 250 units for India

It is the exclusivity that customers pay for in such cases and it’s important for people to subscribe to this theory to feel convinced to buy products such as the Pegasus. That is precisely where we think the disconnect between Dheeraj and Royal Enfield lies. It’ll be interesting to see if any developments come up in this tale and how Royal Enfield handles this matter since having an unhappy customer is something no brand wants to have.

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