Royal Enfield illegal exhausts crushed under road roller by Bengaluru Police an unnecessary spectacle: Reasons why we think so

The Bangalore police clamp down on Royal Enfield cacophony with a public spectacle but are they really solving the problem?

By: | Updated: December 18, 2017 12:16 PM

Royal Enfields with cheap custom exhausts can be quite annoying as they are thumping about the city. All of us have been victim to one of those “Madras Exhaust”  “mortified” Royal Enfield, that appear as soon as you are carrying something delicate, or taking a sip of some scalding liquid, explode like someone’s firing an assault rifle and accelerate away, of course slowly, leaving you either picking shards off the floor or scalded by your warm beverage. For these folks, who take Royal Enfield’s built like a gun moniker a little too literally, there is a special place in hell. Particularly peeved by the cacophony, was the  Bangalore police, who were busy breaking exhaust pipes with a hammer on social media when we last checked. Well turns out, it didn’t help at all as confiscated Enfield exhausts continue to find their way into Police stations across the garden city.


So the Bangalore police decided to hit back, and again with spectacle. This time props included a 100 metre-ish line up of Enfield Exhausts, air horns and every other cacophony device that Bullet-boyz use to deafen themselves and the local populace. Then got a road roller to flatten them in full view of the public on the busy street. *insert it’s all about sending a message Heath Ledger meme here*. Here’s the thing, in order to remain a civilised modern society we can’t just go about activating every impulsive thought we have. I mean sure these exhausts are annoying, and sometimes you want to have a small public display of violence to show people that you mean business. In this case, however, was all the work worth the effort? I mean you’d need at least a few men to gather and organise the exhausts into a neat little line to be crushed. Then hiring a road-roller is another ball-game altogether. At the end of it all, said people are just going to head back to their local motorcycle repairmen who will bring another set of these exhausts and reattach them. Basically increasing the demand for these local exhausts and strengthening the market. In many ways actually strengthening an industry that they intend to destroy.


So Bangalore police here's a thought if you really want to break the industry maybe move the court for exhaust manufacturers to standardise the exhaust to below legal decibel levels and then penalize anyone who manufactures them. Eventually, like all cheap products, the ones that already exist will fall off, forcing the riders to replace them with the new standardised exhausts. Et voila problem solved.

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