Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450: Price, subscription plans, range, top speed & everything else compared

Revolt RV400 and Ather 450, India's best electric bike and scooter have been put against each other in this comparison report in order to give you an idea of which one offers what at an almost similar price. Here's how these two are different, or same.

By: | Updated: August 29, 2019 12:23 PM

Revolt Intellicorp has launched its first-ever electric motorcycle RV400 in India recently. With this, India's first all-electric motorcycle is now available to own with bookings opening today. The Revolt RV400 comes with not only some interesting features but the brand is also offering multiple benefits to the customers when it comes to the ownership experience. Now, the RV400 does not have any direct competition in India, however, in terms of pricing, performance and features, it goes up against the likes of the Ather 450 that happens to be the finest electric scooter that one can buy here. That said, let's put the two against each other in this paper fight to see which one excels in what areas at almost the same price.

Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450 Range and Top Speed

Revolt RV400 and Ather 450 both come with three riding modes in order to let the customers prioritize range or performance during their ride. While the RV400 offers an ARAI claimed range of up to 156 km, the Ather 450 offers a realistic range of up to 75 km in the Eco mode. However, some Ather customers have even claimed that they got a range of over 100 km on the 450 in the Eco mode. Wheh it comes to top speed, while the Ather 450 can achieve a top speed of 80 kmph, the Revolt RV400 is slightly faster at 85 kmph.

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Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450 Features

Both these electric two-wheelers get loads of interesting features but still are worlds apart. The Revolt RV400 and the Ather 450 both come with LED headlamps, LED tail lamps and LED turning winkers. Both electric two-wheelers get an inbuilt SIM card as well to ensure internet connectivity on the go. The Revolt RV400 comes with inverted forks up front and comes with voice command facility as well. The Ather 450 can be started with a conventional starter button on the handlebar. In comparison, the Revolt RV400 can be started through multiple ways including voice command by saying 'Start Revolt', power button located ahead of the fuel tank and also by swiping a button on the Revolt application.

While the Revolt RV400 gets a digital instrument cluster and the navigation is shown on your smartphone, the Ather 450 gets a 7-inch coloured touchscreen that shows the navigation as well. Ather 450 comes with a reverse mode as well that can be activated with the help of an icon on the touchscreen and the toggled with the help of electric start button. On the other hand, the Revolt RV400 gets inbuilt artificial exhaust sounds and you can choose from as many as four exhaust sounds from the Revolt app.


Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450 - Battery, Charging and infrastructure

While the battery on the Revolt RV400 is swappable, the one on the Ather 450 cannot be swapped. Revolt RV400 will be setting up battery swapping stations in every city that it will be entering. In order to exchange the drained battery with a fully charged one, the customer will need to go to any of these swapping stations. The location of these swapping stations can be seen on the Revolt smartphone app. If the customer feels lazy to do so, he or she can even order a fully charged battery at his or her doorstep. On the other hand, Ather 450 can be charged through the company's dedicated charging points called Ather Grid. The location of these points can be seen on the touchscreen and these can charge the scooter to 80 percent in almost one hour. Ather also installs a home charger at your place a couple of weeks before the scooter is delivered to you. The said home charger can charge the scooter to 80 percent in almost two and a half hours.

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Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450 - Price in India, subscription plans and Warranty

Revolt RV400 has been launched with MRP (My Revolt Plans) and is available to own with two plans to choose from. While the base plan costs Rs 3,499 per month, the premium plan will set you back by Rs 3,999 per month. Both these plans are applicable for 37 months. This way, the Revolt RV400 will cost you Rs 1,29,463 onwards. On the other hand, the Ather 450 can be yours for a price of Rs 1.13 lakh in Bengaluru and Rs 1.22 lakh in Chennai. Revolt RV400 offers free maintenance, service and consumables for the first three years with the RV400 while Ather Energy offers multiple benefits like unlimited charging, data, maintenance, labour charges and roadside assistance in its subscription plans under 'Ather One' that start at as low as Rs 250 per month. When it comes to the warranty, Ather 450 comes with a three-year product and three-year battery warranty. On the other hand, the Revolt RV400 comes with a five year/75,000 km warranty for the product and unlimited warranty for the battery.

Revolt RV400 vs Ather 450 - Availability

The Revolt RV400 will be available in seven Indian cities namely Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. The company plans to be present in these places within the coming four months. On the other hand, the  Ather 450 is currently available for sale only in Chennai and Bengaluru and the brand plans to be present in Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi next with an aimed presence in 30 Indian cities by the year 2023.

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