Now buy original Harley-Davidson riding gear on Amazon! All you need to know

Harley-Davidson has turned to Amazon for retailing its riding gear and apparel with an aim to reach out to a wider customer base, especially young buyers.

By: | Published: October 4, 2018 3:57 PM
Harley-Davidson riding gear and apparel on Amazon Harley-Davidson riding gear and apparel will now be available in Amazon.

Harley-Davidson has announced that it will be retailing its line of apparel and riding gear through online retailer Amazon. The most popular American motorcycle manufacturer has been facing a decline in sales for four straight years in the US as young buyers opt buying a used motorcycle over a new one. In an effort to stabilise the situation, Harley has partnered with Amazon and not very long ago, the manufacturer also unveiled its new generation of lighter motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson aims to "meet consumers on their turf and on their terms," Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand, Harley-Davidson Heather Malenshek said in a press release. The reach Amazon offers is critical to building stronger customer relationships, inspiring new people and creating an integrated online and in-dealership retail experience — all of which leads to profitable growth and a stronger brand, she added.

Customers so far could only purchase Harley-Davidson merchandise from the company's website and authorised Harley dealerships. With Amazon stepping in, Harley-Davidson should be able to reach out to a much wider customer base, especially younger buyers.

In July this year, Harley-Davidson announced that it will be rolling out lightweight smaller capacity motorcycles for emerging markets in Asia. The new motorcycles with engine displacement between 250cc to 500cc will be developed in collaboration with a local manufacturer of the country.

Harley-Davidson Street series of motorcycles is currently the most affordable bikes on offer. Smaller displacement motorcycles mean Indians will eventually have the option of Harley bikes that are priced well below the current price tag of a Street 750 at about Rs 5.5 lakh.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire production version unveiled: First ever all-electric Harley to launch next year

Three all-new Harley-Davidson models were also unveiled the same month when the company said that they will be launched in 2020. The new generation Harley range includes the company's first ever adventure tourer Pan America 1250, a 1250cc Custom model and a 975cc streetfighter. Harley-Davidson also unveiled its first ever all-electric motorcycle Livewire last month.

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