Jawa 300cc Launch Highlights: 3 Bikes unveiled, Classic, Scrambler and Cruiser!

Jawa 300cc launch live updates: Mahindra owned classic legends is all set to pull the wraps off the Jawa brand for the Indian market, Classic Legends is looking to resurrect the old rival of the Royal Enfield to take on the Indian Classic bike space, follow this for all the information straight out of the launch!

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Jawa 300cc launch live updates:  Mahindra owned Classic Legends will unveil the Jawa brand in India in just a few hours. Jawa Motorcycles will look to take on Royal Enfield stake in the Indian Classic bike segment, by recreating the Royal Enfield ethos and resurrecting one of the companies oldest rivals in India, the Jawa Motorcycle. Like Royal Enfield, Jawa too has managed to maintain a cult following despite being off the market for almost 2 decades. Jawa will make their re-entry into the market with a brand new 300cc motor that tries to preserve the identity of the original 250cc two-stroke motor in a more modern avatar in the form of a 300 cc four-stroke motor. The stakes are high and a lot depends on the range of products that they will unveil today and the price. Stay tuned to this blog for all the news from the launch in Mumbai!

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Live Blog

13:43 (IST)15 Nov 2018
That's all folks!

Thanks for Tuning in to our Live Coverage of the launch of the Jawa Brand. Its been an interesting launch, we were expecting one motorcycle but got a chance to see the entire Jawa 300cc range. Lots of Nostalgia from the brands return. Would you buy one? we want to know! Leave us a comment! For more details stay tuned to express drives for detailed reports, images on the bikes. Can't wait to ride them!

We leave you with a quick word from Fariborz Irani, the legendary Jawa Rider and Racer recounting what made the Jawa stand out: 

13:17 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa TVC takes tries to capture the Nostalgia of the brand with a newer, cooler outlook!

Watch the TVC here: Jawa is back! 

13:10 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Anand Mahindra speaks on the core ethos of the Jawa Brand

'We are a company that wants to make the journey as comfortable as possible'

13:08 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Anupam Thareja on the construction of the new Jawa Motorcycles!

Anupam Thareja, the man behind the brand's revival says the bikes are both, leather and denim. Rough and tough with a bit of classic charm

13:04 (IST)15 Nov 2018
When can I get one? Delivery details and more!

Jawa says that they are still in the process of setting up the 105 dealerships across the country. The first of which will open after the 5th of December. Deliveries for the Jawa will start in January 2019 

13:00 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa, Jawa 42 and Perak: Full Launch Report

For a detailed report on right from the launch: Head over to our launch Report here:Jawa Motorcycles is back! Three new bikes launched at prices starting Rs 1.55 lakh

12:54 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa Perak Bobber Cruiser

The Jawa Perak is the bobber style cruiser that will launch in a few months, but it will get slightly bigger displacement from the same motor and is likely to be the most powerful of the three! 

12:52 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Will you buy Jawa or Royal Enfield?

Well, a lot of you must be confused right now as to whether to buy the newly launched Jawa motorcycles or the already popular Royal Enfield Classic models.  to make your decision easy, have a look at this spec comparison report. 

Jawa 300cc Vs Royal Enfield Classic 500 vs Classic 350: Expected Price, Power, features compared!

12:30 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa Prices for all three models

Jawa Rs 1.64 lakh JawaJawa 42 Priced at Rs 1.55 lakh Jawa Perak Priced at Rs 1.89 

12:26 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Color Options for Jawa 42 Scrambler

The Jawa 42 Scrambler gets 6 colour options namely: Comet Red, Lumos Lime, Nebula Blue, Hally's Teal, Galactic Green and Starlight Blue.

12:20 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Color options for the Jawa

The Jawa will come in three colours, Jawa Black, Jawa Maroon & Jawa Grey!

12:17 (IST)15 Nov 2018
105 Dealers across the country for Jawa

Classic legends will sell the Jawa and the Jawa 42 from 105 dealerships across the country with immediate effect. The Perak Cruiser, will launch at a later date. 

12:06 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa BS6 Engine and 6-Speed Gearbox

The 300cc Jawa engine is BS6 compliant and will be mated to a 6-speed gearbox with an output of 27 hp and 28 Nm of torque. 280 mm front disc with ABS. The Jawa weighs in at 170 Kgs, which is light considering that the RE weighs in a 192 kgs

12:01 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa Ride and Handling

The Jawa say they are looking to recreate the handling and the nimbleness of the older Jawa, and have worked on the geometry to ensure that ride was not compromised on either of the three bikes. 

11:53 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa unveils 3 motorcycles: Here's what they will be called!

The first ever Jawa was called ‘Jawa’. The all-new motorcycle takes its name after the first bike, called simply ‘Jawa’.

The Scrambler will be called the 42, while the Bobber -- a factory custom will be called the Perak. 

The character of the machines is sporty yet classic, keeping the ‘journey more important that the destination’ - classic legends ceo

11:49 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa pulls the wraps off 3 Motorcycles: A Jawa 300 Classic, Scrambler and a Bobber Style Cruiser!

11:33 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Anand Mahindra takes the stage

Anand Mahindra takes the stage to kick of the launch and tells the story about how Mahindra decided to drive the revival of Jawa Motorcycles.

11:25 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Launch Begins

Hold onto your seats ladies and gents, the launch has begun in Mumbai.  The live launch video is embedded below

11:22 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Styling

Like the Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle, the Jawa 300cc is also likely to build on the brands classic appeal. The rounded tank and headlamp cowl recreate the design of the Jawa that was on sale in India almost 30 years ago. A flat bench seat will be the major differentiator in comparison to the Royal Enfield Classic that gets a single saddle seat. Another big differentiator will be the Jawa's signature dual exhaust system!

11:20 (IST)15 Nov 2018


11:12 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300 cc launch starts in 15 mins

Jawa Motorcycles have announced that the launch will start in another 15 mins. Watch this space for all the information from the launch.

11:02 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Motorcycles Vs Royal Enfield Classic 300 Vs Classic 500

The Jawa 300 cc motorcycle is powered an all-new single cylinder 293 cc motor, the single cylinder motor is expected to make 27 hp and 28 Nm of torque. In terms of just power, the Jawa is at par with the Classic 500 that makes a similar 27 hp, however, torque is significantly lower with the Classic making about 41 Nm of torque thanks to Royal Enfield signature long stroke motor. Interestingly, the Classic 350 makes about 20 hp from its 350 cc motor, the torque output is closer to the output of the Jawa 300 at 28 Nm of torque. We will get a better understanding of how this power will translate to the performance on the Jawa once we have a weight figure for the Jawa considering that both the Royal Enfield Classic are significantly heavy tipping scales at 192 kg for the 350cc while the 500cc weighs in at 194 kgs. The Jawa one-ups both bikes with a newer six-speed gearbox, where the Royal Enfields both use 5-speed gearboxes. This could be indicative of a higher top-speed for the Jawa 300 cc in comparison to the two.

10:55 (IST)15 Nov 2018
We are at the launch stay tuned for all the news about the Jawa 300cc Motorcycle

10:50 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Exhaust Note

In the run-up to the launch, Jawa had teased the exhaust note of the Jawa 300cc from their Instagram account. Hit play on the video below to check out how the new motor sounds:

10:40 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Variants

Alongside the Classic body style, there is a chance that Jawa might also launch a Scrambler with more variants joining the ranks in due time  One of the spy images doing the rounds on the internet shows the Jawa 300cc Motorcycle with Classic body styling, with the Scrambler in the background. Classic Legends is yet to reveal anything concrete but, we will find out for sure soon enough! 

10:33 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Launch Live from Mumbai: Video

10:31 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc launch starts at 11 am!

The stage is set, the launch has now been preponed to 11 am. Stay tuned for all the information live from the launch!

10:24 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300 Price Expectation

After the brilliant pricing of the Royal Enfield 650 twins, there are high hopes from Jawa as well. That being said, the Jawa motorcycles are expected to be launched in India at a starting price of close to Rs 1.8 lakh (ex-showroom). The company is expected to announce the pricing at a later stage and only the bikes will be unveiled today.

10:20 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Spy Shots reveal features of Jawa 300cc

Over the last few months, the Jawa has been caught on test a couple of times. The most recent spy shot that captured the bike captured the Jawa 300cc sans any form of camoflague. Here's what we can identify so far:1. Stopping force on the Jawa 300cc is likely to come from a disc brake in front with drums in the rear. 2. The 293 cc motor, will be liquid cooled as can be seen from the radiator upfront3. Rear-Suspension duties will be carried out a set of inverted gas-charged shock absorbers

10:10 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Pricing of Jawa 300cc

Pricing will be key in the success of the Jawa brand, as of now we expect the Jawa 300cc motorcycle to be positioned between the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the Classic 500. The expected floor price for the Jawa Motorcycle is likely to be about 1.5 lakh for the base variant. If Classic legend do keep this price point it is likely to give the company the boost they need to make headway into the market! 

09:54 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Watch the Jawa 300cc launch live here

09:52 (IST)15 Nov 2018
Jawa 300cc Engine Specifications

One of the things that we know for sure ahead of the launch of the Jawa Brand is the motor that will underpin the motorcycle. In the run-up to the launch, Jawa unveiled the all-new motor that will underpin the new motorcycle(s?). Powering the Jawa is a 293 cc 4-stroke motor that has an output of 27 hp and 28 Nm of torque. The motor was designed around a baseplate of the Mojos' motor but gets a whole lot of changes, including a design that captures the way the motor on the Jawa used to look 30 years ago. 

Jawa 300cc launch live updates