How to lift a fallen motorcycle

While it may seem easy lifting a motorcycle in the conventional way wherein you put your back, literally, into it, there is a smarter method to do it. Read on to know about it

By: | Published: March 15, 2017 11:19 AM
Image Courtesy: Harley-Davidson

Riding a motorcycle needs one to be completely focused, however, there are times when a human error of simply not pulling the side stand out completely can lead to the motorcycle tipping off. In case the motorcycle is heavy, it would require more effort and sometimes, help is not nearby. Also, most heavy motorcycles come only with a side stand since they are not easy to put up on a centre stand. But, what if a motorcycle, irrespective of its weight falls down. Here are the steps you should do in order to lift your motorcycle alone.

Step 1: Assess the location where the motorcycle has fallen. A loose or slippery surface would mean that you have to more careful while lifting the motorcycle. Now sit on the seat side facing upwards and turn the handlebar towards the road surface. In case your boots are unable to grip, avoid lifting it as the loose surface may result in you slipping off resulting in injury. In case your boots are able to get enough grip, bring your feet as close as possible to the seat.

Step 2: With one hand holding the handlebar firmly and the other holding one end or the grab rail, start pushing the motorcycle backwards. Take small steps so that the sudden movement does not tip the motorcycle to the other side. After the motorcycle has been come to almost 90 degrees, pull the side stand out and put the motorcycle on it.

In case the motorcycle has fallen over to the right side, repeat the process, but engage the side stand before doing so. It is also imperative to assess any injuries that may have happened during the fall to you. In case they are critical, ask for medical help immediately and do not attempt to lift the motorcycle.

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