Horrific Video: Flames from a motorcycle on Highway: Cops chase down & avoid major disaster!

The rider on the motorcycle was carrying luggage wrapped in plastic bags that was the main cause of fire. UP Police noticed the fire even before the rider after which they approached the motorcycle, stopped it and avoided a major mishap. Watch the horrific video here.

By: | Updated: April 15, 2019 10:12 PM
Burning TVS Apache on Agra Expressway Burning motorcycle on Agra Expressway

A horrific incident was recently caught on camera on the Agra Expressway in which a motorcycle with flames was cruising down the road. A video by Aditya Tiwari is going viral on Twitter that was shot from inside a PCR van. In the video, one can see the PCR chasing down the motorcycle while putting on the emergency hooter. The video shows that the policemen sensed earlier that something is wrong with the bike after which they started chasing it. As they had expected, while chasing down the bike, the fire became visible towards the rear portion. The PCR then reached out to the motorcycle after which the cops screamed at the rider to stop who was completely unaware of the fire.

Watch the horrifying video here:

The rider was with a pillion and a kid and it was only him on the bike who was wearing a helmet. The cops asked the rider to stop the bike carefully and park it on the side. The policemen then stepped out of their van with a fire extinguisher and helped the rider in removing the luggage from the motorcycle that was the main cause of fire. One can see in the video that the bike was loaded with luggage and most of it was wrapped in plastic bags that are highly inflammable. The hot exhaust of the motorcycle over which the plastic bags were placed made those catch fire. While an exhaust comes with a heat shield, it becomes hot enough during a highway ride to make an inflammable material catch fire.

In order to make sure that this won't happen to you, it is better to always use saddlebags for carrying luggage on a motorcycle. Also, avoid using plastic bags or inflammable material to wrap your luggage. Also, it is advised to not tie or hang any luggage close to the exhaust. Coming back to the incident, had the cops not noticed and stopped the burning motorcycle, it would have resulted in a major disaster.

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Video Source: Aditya Tiwari (Twitter)

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