Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell powered bike inches towards reality: Latest patent image shows a new design

The Hydrogen powered vehicles have an edge over electric ones in multiple ways. Unlike EVs, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles do not have the issues of range and charging time as simply hydrogen gas has to be refilled in the system.

By: | Published: March 6, 2018 4:49 PM

Honda has just filed a patent for its hydrogen fuel cell powered bike. The latest patent image shows the design of the motorcycle and it looks like a typical streetfighter. This is not the first time that Honda has filed patents for motorcycles running on fuel cell. However, the latest patent image shows the motorcycle is fitted with a redesigned swingarm. The central space of the motorcycle has been dedicated to the system that is responsible for the conversion of hydrogen into electricity. The hydrogen fuel cell that is positioned under the seat of the motorcycle is the place where hydrogen is mixed with oxygen with the help of a catalyst. Water gets out of the system as the only waste product. The hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles have an edge over the electric ones in multiple ways. First and most importantly, such vehicles can be recharged quickly as simply hydrogen needs to refilled in the tank.

Electric vehicles, on the other hand, take some hours to get charged. However, the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles is an issue at present and it will be a matter of time when hydrogen filling stations get installed on roads in good numbers to facilitate the operation of fuel cell vehicles.

Honda is working on fuel cell powered vehicles for more than a decade now. Besides the new hydrogen fuel cell powered bike, the company must also have the roadmap ready for setting up infrastructure. If the infrastructure problem gets sorted out, the hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles will prove to be a good and worthy alternative to the electric vehicles as they solve two major problems of EVs viz range and charging time. Honda's new hydrogen fuel cell powered motorcycle might make its debut as a concept model at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

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