Honda H’ness CB350 Cruiser 2020 India Unveil Highlights: Royal Enfield challenger’s price, features, engine specs

2020 Honda H'ness CB350 Cruiser India Unveil Highlights: Set to challenge the likes of Royal Enfield Bullet, Classic, Jawa and even the Benelli Imperiale 400, the Honda H'ness CB350, as the name suggests, is a 350cc cruiser that gets some modern features. Catch the highlights from the India unveil event!

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Honda H'ness CB350Honda H'ness CB350


Honda H’ness CB350 Cruiser 2020 India Unveil Highlights – Price and Specs: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has finally unveiled the H’ness CB350 cruiser in the country. The bike comes in two variants namely DLX and DLX Pro at a starting price of around Rs 1.90 lakh (ex-showroom). The official launch will take place next month. Bookings for the CB350 have begun today at the company’s official website for a token amount of Rs 5,000. With the H’ness CB350, the company has entered the sub 400cc cruiser segment, a territory that is currently dominated by Royal Enfield. In terms of the design and appearance, the Honda H’ness CB350 looks like a true blue retro classic and gets a rounded all-LED headlamp upfront. The tail lamp and the turn indicators have LEDs too. Honda H’ness CB350 will be sold through the company’s Big Wing retail channel and will be the most affordable bike to be available through the said dealership network.

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Catch Honda H'ness CB350 Cruiser 2020 Launch Highlights: Honda H'ness CB350 Cruiser Specs, Features, Price in India


    12:55 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Thank you for joining in!

    That's it from our side, folks! Thank you for joining us on the India launch of the Honda H'ness CB350. The bike looks quite promising, however, before coming to any judgement, we will have to wait sometime as the sales numbers will reveal the full story. Hope you enjoyed the proceedings as much as we did. Until next time, ride/drive safe!

    12:54 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Bookings Open today! Here is the launch timeline!

    The new Honda H'ness CB350 will be launched in India in the first half of October. Bookings for the bike start today at a minimum token amount of Rs 5,000 at the company's official website and the brand's Big Wing outlets. The company has hinted that the bike will be priced at around Rs 1.90 lakh (ex-showroom) for the DLX variant while the DLX Pro variant will be priced a bit higher.

    12:51 (IST)30 Sep 2020

    The new Honda H'ness CB350 has been launched in India in a total of six colour options out of which three are dual-tone shades. You can check out the colour options below. The bike has been unveiled in two variants namely DLX and DLX Pro. The more premium variant gets dual-tone colour along with dual horns and a bit more.

    12:48 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda H'ness CB350 is high on features

    The newly launched Honda H'ness CB350 comes with numerous interesting features and these are certainly going to put Royal Enfield in worries. These include Bluetooth connectivity along with a Battery Health Monitor, all-LED lighting system. Moreover, you get a voice control system which is a first of its kind. 

    12:42 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda H'ness CB350 to be PRICED around Rs 1.90 lakh

    The motorcycle has been unveiled today in India. However, the company has announced that the Honda H'ness CB350 will be priced at around Rs 1.90 lakh (ex-showroom) and the exact figure will be announced at a later stage. If you ask us, this makes for quite a competitive pricing and the bike will certainly turn out to be a worthy rival to the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Jawa and even the Benelli Imperiale 400.

    12:36 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda H'ness CB350 engine specs

    The Honda H'Ness CB350 draws power from a 348 cc single-cylinder, fuel injected, air-cooled engine mated to a five-speed transmission system. The engine is good for producing respective power and torque outputs of 20.8 hp and 30 Nm. 

    12:24 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Here it is!

    Ladies and gentlemen! Say hello to the all-new Honda H'ness CB350, a bike that has made its global debut today here in India. Moreover, the bike is Made-in-India and hence, expect a competitive price tag. Take a look at the picture of the bike from its ongoing India launch event.


    12:16 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    And the name is - Honda H'ness CB350

    Honda has revealed the name of the motorcycle and the Royal Enfield rivalling cruiser is called the H'ness CB350. The pictures show that the bike stays true to the retro classic design language and it certainly looks great! More details including price to be out soon, so keep watching this space for all the updates!

    12:09 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda's RE rival to come with a 'CB' in its name

    The bike might be indeed called the Honda CB350. The press event has started and the company has confirmed that the bike will come from the CB family. Here is another image of the bike that has been doing rounds on the web since this morning!

    12:01 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Will it be called Honda CB350?

    Pictures of a bike named Honda CB350 have been circulating on the web. The bike looks like a proper retro classic bike and from some angles, you can see a resemblance with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 as well in terms of the design. It would be interesting to see what this bike will be named. Stay tuned to know!

    11:36 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda H'ness India launch countdown begins!

    Honda Highness or H'ness India launch is set to start in just 15 minutes from now. The bike, as already mentioned will be a modern classic styled motorcycle and will challenge the likes of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Jawa. More details including price to be announced very soon, so keep watching this space for all the action! 

    11:24 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    What's your price expectation?

    While the launch of the Honda Highness is still a few minutes away, let us know your price expectation of this upcoming Honda cruiser. If you ask us, we are expecting a figure of under Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom). As already mentioned, any number above it might out the bike into a risk zone with Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 posing a major threat.

    11:16 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Most affordable Big Wing product!?

    With the CB300R not on sale in India at present, the upcoming Honda Highness in all certainly, will be the most affordable bike to be retailed through the company's Big Wing chain of dealerships. For those who have just joined our LIVE blog, the bike is expected to be launched in India at a price of close to Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom). More details to be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

    11:07 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    The HIGHNESS is one best kept secret!

    There has been no spy shot of the Honda Highness and also, the company chose to keep even the silhouette of the motorcycle a mystery. Only the exhaust note of the bike is out now and that we are sure that in fact, has further spiced up the excitement among the enthusiasts. Just a few more minutes to go for the launch of the Honda Highness. So sit back and enjoy the proceedings! Meanwhile, here is a picture of the Rebel on which it might come based on.


    10:59 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness India launch in a few minutes

    The launch of the Honda Highness is set to take place in just a few minutes from now. The Highness is certainly an awaited product because anything retro classic that comes to rival the likes of Royal Enfield automatically becomes anticipated, all thanks to the popularity and craze around such bikes in the country. A lot of exciting updates coming your way, so keep watching this space for all the action!  

    10:55 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Why Honda Highness is an important product for the company?

    The 350cc to 400cc motorcycle segment in India is flourishing with cruiser motorcycles playing an important role. We have seen Royal Enfield ruling the said segment with its Classic 350 and Bullet 350 street cruisers. Moreover, there was also a buzz around Jawa motorcycles but sadly, the company is struggling to deliver bikes at the moment. That said, this is a great chance for Honda to churn out decent volumes in the segment and if priced well, the Highness can turn out to be the much needed trick the company was looking for!   

    10:48 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness engine details

    The exact engine details of the Honda Highness are still a mystery! As previously confirmed by one of our sources, the bike will be a sub 400cc product and will come with a single cylinder, fuel injected engine. The single cylinder bit was further confirmed in the exhaust note video of the bike as shared by the company. The transmission on the Honda Highness will most likely be a five-speed unit. 

    10:31 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness possible feature list

    Honda Highness will be a modern cruiser and is expected to come with a decent list of features. These include a rounded headlamp upfront and the same might be an all-LED unit with DRLs as well. Moreover, the bike might get an all digital instrument cluster with information in plenty. Also, the bike should come with disc brakes at both ends with a standard single-channel ABS atleast. A USB charging port along with smartphone connectivity might also be on offer.  

    10:20 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness expected India price

    Honda Highness is expected to be launched in India at a price of under Rs 2.5 lakh. Any figure over the said number might out the HOnda cruiser into a risk zone with Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 posing a major threat. That said, the sub Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom) price bracket is most likely for the Honda Highness and we are quite sure that the company wouldn't want to take a chance by announcing an unrealistic number in terms of price.

    10:11 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Hear the exhaust note of Honda Highness!

    While the much-awaited launch of the Honda Highness is still a few minutes away, you can hear the exhaust note of the motorcycle by playing the video below. As one can hear, the exhaust note of the Highness sounds quite raw and clearly comes from a single-cylinder motorcycle. The exhaust note of the bike has certainly spiced up the excitement as this is something very very new coming from Honda in India.

    10:02 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness to be sold through Big Wing!

    HMSI has confirmed that the Honda Highness will be sold through its Big Wing retail network that is responsible for selling premium products only. That said, the Highness will be positioned in the market as a premium offering and the same might as well be the most affordable bike to go on sale at Honda Big Wing. More details soon, so stay tuned!  

    09:50 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Why we think Honda Highness would be a sub-400cc product?

    The 350cc to 400cc cruiser motorcycle segment in India is on a boom with Royal Enfield enjoying the maximum market share. The Honda Highness, if positioned in the sub 400cc segment and being a premium product, should be priced under Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom). On the other hand, the Highness with an engine displacement of over 400cc (let's say 500cc) would very well cross the Rs 2.5 lakh price bracket and in such a case, its success would be a bit tricky. The biggest threat in that case is Royal Enfield's Interceptor 650 that is priced very well under Rs 3 lakh and offers incredible value for money. And hence, a sub 400cc Honda Highness makes the best sense at the moment!   

    09:34 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Honda Highness' design might be inspired from Rebel!

    Honda currently sells the Rebel cruiser in some of the global markets and the same is a modern looking classic styled motorcycle. Given the decent popularity of the same, the India-spec Honda Highness might also come with a design language inspired by the Rebel. That said, expect to see a rounded headlamp upfront along with LED DRLs, free flowing fuel tank and more. Here is a picture of the Rebel to give you an idea.


    08:59 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Should Royal Enfield worry?

    Well, not really! The Honda Highness is entering into a segment that has been dominated by Royal Enfield for decades now. The said, dethroning or even stealing a major portion of the pie would a really difficult task for the Honda cruiser. However, if priced really well, the Highness can turn out to a worthy RE rival in the market and can churn out some decent sales volumes.  

    08:32 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Why the name 'Highness'?

    A few months back, Honda had trademarked the name 'Highness' for India. The media invite for today's launch also mentions the same moniker and hence, it is almost confirmed that the bike in question will be called the Honda Highness. Quite a different and interesting name for a retro cruiser motorcycle, isn't it?    

    07:32 (IST)30 Sep 2020
    Welcome to Honda Highness LIVE Blog!

    Welcome to the LIVE blog of Honda Highness - a sub-400cc cruiser that will rival the likes of retro offerings in the market like the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bullet 350, Jawa, and even the Benelli Imperiale 400. If priced well, the Highness might turn out to be a worthy alternative to these motorcycles. There is certainly a lot to look forward to, so sit back and enjoy the proceedings!

    The Honda H'ness CB350 goes up against the likes of the Royal Enfield Bullet/Classic range, Jawa and also the Benelli Imperiale 400 in the sub-400cc retro cruiser segment. The bike will be sold through Honda's very own Big Wing chain of dealerships and hence, is positioned as a premium offering. The starting price will be around Rs 1.90 lakh (ex-showroom).