Escaping Dubai Police now impossible! Flying bikes added to its fleet

Supercars, Robot Police and now a Hoverbike, Dubai might be the worst place in the world to get into a car chase with the fuzz; with training started for these new hoverbikes which are capable of almost 70kmph and flying 16 feet in the air, here’s what how they perform

By: | Published: November 9, 2018 2:24 PM
Dubai Police Hoverbike

If your thinking of starting a criminal career, Dubai is not the place to be, that’s for sure. Aside from an army of police robots, jetpack-equipped fire-fighters and a police force that boasts some of the fastest cars in the world. Now, they have decided to up the ante in terms of vehicles that they will be using to patrol the streets, with hoverbikes. A commitment that they had made early in the year at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Not one to fall back on promises, Dubai Police have now started to train their officers to ride these futuristic machines that would not have looked out of place in any of the Star Wars movies.

hoverbike dubai policeTraining on Dubai Police Hoverbike

New reports now suggest that the Dubai police are training two separate crew to pilot these hoverbikes. The hoverbikes will be used to reach hard to access areas to track suspects and patrol tourist destinations. The bikes made by a California-based startup called Hoversurf, and is essentially the love-child between a motorcycle and a quad-copter and can get to a top speed of 70kmph. Infact they are on sale now, even for civilians with a starting price of Rs 1.09 crore ($ 150,000) a piece. The Hoversurf is expecting to provide almost 30 or 40 of these vehicles to the Dubai police force by the end of the year.

Hoverbike Dubai Police

This might still be a little early for the hoverbikes which are pretty limited when it comes to range, with a flying time of about 10 to 25 minutes per charge. Which makes them almost unusable in the long term, but better more high-density batteries are in the process to ensure a flying time of at least two hours between charges. For the time being, however, these are the closest thing to the future as possible and they look the part for sure.

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