EICMA 2017: Kawasaki H2 SX is a supercharged tourer based on the H2, and there’s a pillion seat!

When Kawasaki announced a supercharged motorcycle a few years ago we thought they were crazy, but the Ninja H2 SX takes the madness to a whole new level!

By: | Published: November 9, 2017 10:14 AM


The idea of a sport touring motorcycle is to be the best of both worlds offering the advantages of both a high-performance sports bike and a comfortable touring bike. We have no doubt the new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX has the “sport” side of that covered with its supercharged engine, but what about the “touring” aspect?

No doubt motorcycles are getting faster, but when Kawasaki said their next motorcycle is going to be a “sports tourer” and will share its cycle parts with the sensational H2 supercharged motorcycle. We were a bit sceptical. I mean seriously, a supercharged tourer is by any means a bit of an eyebrow raiser. But Kawasaki did it anyway, meet the Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. Kawasaki’s Ninja H2 based tourer. The Ninja H2 SX isn’t some slap-on job either, it’s so much more than just an added passenger seat. It shares its 1000cc engine with the supercharged inline-four engine on the existing H2, but it has been tweaked to better suit the bike for long-distance comfort while retaining its incredible performance. The sport touring SX will also retain the H2’s ballistic 200 hp, although the supercharger has a redesigned impeller that will feature a new cylinder head, piston, crankshaft, camshaft and throttle body. The gear ratios on the 6-speed gearbox have been tweaked as well for longer reach.

Kawasaki says the goal is to spread out the torque delivery to make it both responsive and high-way friendly. Other bits have also been tweaked to reduce noise and improve fuel economy. Kawasaki’s full technology suite will also be in attendance, with the KSRTC traction, the KIBS intelligent ABS, engine brake control, cruise control with low, middle and full power modes, along with the KLCM launch control.

In terms of cosmetic upgrade, the Kawasaki H2 SX, gets a passenger seat, although convincing your girlfriend to get on your wheelie friendly supercharged motorcycle for a cross-country tour with only a tiny space for her behind might be a bit of an issue. Seven-gallon quick-release saddlebags have also been added, because well why not! Kawasaki says we’ll have to wait till next year to get hands on. Until then, we can all enjoy the extremely odd idea of it.

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