Ducati motorcycles to get radar by 2020: Cool sounding tech can also be a life-saver, here’s how!

Ducati is working on advanced radar-based safety system for its motorcycles. The first product to come based on this technology will roll out by the year 2020 but it is unclear at the moment as to which bike will receive the said safety tech first.

By: | Published: April 20, 2018 3:16 PM

Ducati is working on advanced safety system for its motorcycles. By the year 2020, you will be able to see radar systems on one of the Ducati range of bikes. What may sound like something from the movies, the technology will come in Ducati bikes to take the safety quotient up a notch. Currently, it is not clear as to which nameplate under Ducati will get the said safety equipment. In order to be specific, Ducati will be coming up with Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) that includes a number of sensors. The system will also adjust the braking input and throttle on its own in order to keep the rider safe. The objective of this device is also to control the adaptive cruise control system wherein the rider can set his distance with the vehicle ahead. Not only this, the system will also warn the rider of any possible collisions. These also help in providing the feedback on the surroundings and the information will further help in preventing collision with other vehicles. All the above-mentioned systems will work together along with an advanced user interface.

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Ducati started the testing of these systems in the year 2016. The result of this study was a rear radar system that helps in finding out vehicles in the blind spot and also the traffic coming from behind. The said technology is indeed an appreciable move by the Italian manufacturer and such technologies are the need of the hour keeping in mind the rise in the number of fatalities involving two-wheelers on roads.

However, adopting such technologies will mean a significant increase in cost and it will matter even more in a price sensitive country like India. For this reason, it is tricky at the moment to say if we will get to see the said technology in India immediately after it breaks cover globally.

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