Covid-19 Lockdown Tips: How to clean your bike or scooter in some easy steps

Worrying about your parked two-wheeler during this lockdown? Don't worry, we are here to help with these simple tips!

By:Published: April 2, 2020 6:29:47 PM

The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown must have put most of you in boredom and many of you must be wondering what to do during this long, totally unexpected period. As an automotive publication that always stands with its readers (even during this state of boredom), we at Express Drives already suggested some interesting auto shows and movies to watch a few days back. Now, as many people also love to dedicate a few hours to their beloved two or four-wheeled possession during free time, a couple of our previous stories put emphasis on how to maintain your vehicle during this lockdown period. Now, as cleaning is one of the most important ways to maintain a vehicle, today’s story is all about just that. So read along and find out how you can properly clean your two-wheeler, especially in this quarantine period with the limited resources you have.

Park your two-wheeler on main stand

The first step before cleaning your two-wheeler is to park it on the center stand. One prime reason behind this is by doing so, your two-wheeler is parked in a balanced position and hence, it would be convenient and quite easier for you to reach all parts while cleaning it up. Moreover, putting the two-wheeler on a side stand instead of the center one can put it at a slight risk of a fall, something that you will obviously not want during the cleaning process.

Rinse with cold water

First, rinse your bike or scooter with cold water. Doing this will first allow the dirt to loosen up and rinse away on its own and hence, the cleaning process will be easier afterward. If you are using a hose, make sure that the water pressure is right so that it doesn’t damage the sensitive areas. Also, start the process only after making sure that your vehicle has cooled down.

Use the right soap/detergent/shampoo

Using the right soap, detergent or shampoo is beneficial for your two-wheeler as having the appropriate one will be gentle on its body. If you have one, always prefer it over other detergents as it will maintain the shine and luster of your vehicle. If not, then you can go with the regular one as well, however, use it in a smaller quantity as excessive use can damage the paintwork.

Use a sponge and cloth

Take a bucket of water and add detergent in it. After this, dip the sponge and use it to clean the painted surfaces. Wipe the sponge gently over the said surfaces which will clean out dust. After this, use a cloth to clean off the non-painted surfaces and areas where there is some dirt. Keep dipping it in water and wring it multiple times during the cleaning process so that dirt collected on the cloth from one part doesn’t travel to another one. Also, be careful while cleaning areas around the instrument console, switches and fuse box due to the electrical. Moreover, use a toothbrush to clean the tricky and tight areas.

Rinse again!

After you are done cleaning with sponge and cloth, rinse the bike with water using bucket water or hose, whichever is available. Make sure to not leave any area so that the detergent is washed off properly from all places. Also, it has to be kept in mind that you use only cold water as using hot water can damage the surfaces, especially the paint.

Use a dry cloth for drying it up!

After you are done with rinsing, use a dry cloth (microfiber, preferably) to wipe off the remaining water and avoid any stains once the said areas dry up. Make sure that you do all this while your bike is parked in shade as direct sunlight can create water spots as well.

Apply wax and lubricants for the final touch!

After you are done washing your beloved two-wheeler, now is the time for post-wash care. Apply wax on your bike or scooter at appropriate places and use a dry cloth again to rub it properly against the surface in order to get an uncompromised glow. Also, don’t forget to lube the chain and areas like clutch/brake lever pivot points, suspension, folding pegs, fasteners, and keyhole.

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