CAMS launches Instabike: One stop shop that covers entire two-wheeler purchase cycle – all you need to know

With Instabike, CAMS aims to provide a cloud-based platform for manufacturers, financiers, and dealers where the services provided by the three can be optimised for the benefit of the customer

By: | Updated: April 15, 2019 11:01 AM

cams instabike

CAMS (Computer Age Management Services), a reputed Mutual Fund Transfer Agency, has announced the launch of its new two-wheeler sales platform called Instabike. With Instabike, CAMS aims to provide a cloud-based platform for manufacturers, financiers, and dealers where the services provided by the three can be optimised for the benefit of the customer. Instabike application provides the dealers with the necessary tools to close deals with walk-in customers with the help of tailor-made finance and manufacturer deals. Through this, the customer would no longer have to visit various dealers to compare their options.

To know more about CAMS's new Instabike platform, we got in touch with Ravi Kiran, Head - New Business, CAMS.

How can a customer access this platform, arrange a test ride or compare with other products before finishing a deal?

Instabike is a dealer-centric platform focused at the customer that provides personalized choices to the prospect through the entire purchase cycle related to the product, pricing, financing, insurance, test rides, etc. Instabike can be accessed by the dealer’s sales team through tablets or handheld provided to them. Customers who walk into the dealership or met in a campaign outside are logged in to the platform by the salesperson and the customer can personalize their choice as they navigate through digital purchase experience. The platform is quite intuitive yet detailed and accommodates bike exchanges, price negotiations, and special offers, too.

Instabike aims to assist all stakeholders involved. How does it help a dealership rake up its sales?

Instabike delights every stakeholder differently. From a customer’s point of view, the customer can now schedule demos, experience an online like purchase experience, check and compare different pricing/sales offers. From a dealer’s view – Instabike provides effective lead management shortens the purchase cycle and increases the sales conversion rate for the dealership. And the manufacturer gets business insights real-time about their customer’s purchase experience, product and demographic fitment, future sales prospects, inventory management, etc.

Do you already have two-wheeler manufacturers on board to have their products featured on this new platform? Which are they?

We have recently launched and doing a pilot with a reputed manufacturer at their select dealerships.

How does InstaBike stand to improve customer engagement and product enhancement?

Customers want choices and they want it real time. Their expectations have been raised by their e-commerce experience that is marked with quick decision making and instant gratification. Instabike is the platform that enables old-age, traditional sales acumen to cater to such demanding customers while increasing the brand experience at the same time. It does it by providing digital personalized options to the customer, track “click” level data and through its powerful business intelligence, it performs a continuous and real-time assessment of customer preferences that are so vital for product and service enhancements.

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Are there any additional costs involved in using InstaBike for the buyer in comparison to traditional purchase methods?

There is no cost to the buyer for availing this valuable experience.

Which state or cities is InstaBike already active in?

Currently, it is in Chennai and very soon, it will be in select cities in North India.

Instabike caters to the need of the customers who expect individual attention and solutions, dealers that want to increase their sales effectiveness in today’s hyper-competitive market, manufacturers that want to drive a consistent brand experience across their footprint and other stakeholders like a financier, and insurers who want to increase their reach yet optimize their costs.

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