BSVI Honda Activa 125 Fi India Launch Highlights: Price, Features, Specs and More

BSVI Honda Activa 125 Fi Launch, Price in India Live Updates: The BS-VI compliant Honda Activa 125 starts at a base price of Rs 67,490. With this upgrade, though the engine specifications remain the same, the fuel-efficiency of this scooter has gone up by 13 per cent.

By: | Updated: September 11, 2019 1:45:59 pm

Honda Activa 125 Fi India Launch, Honda Activa 125 Fi Price in India

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has launched the BS-VI compliant version of the Activa 125. It is available in three variants namely Standard, Alloy and Delux. The prices of these are Rs 67,490, Rs 70,990 and Rs 74,490 respectively. In addition to an upgraded engine, the new Activa 125 also comes with minor cosmetic updates. Furthermore, it even features fuel-injection technology which makes it the second product in the mass market segment to feature that technology after the Hero Maestro Edge. However, it is the first to meet the upcoming BS-VI emission regulations among competitors.

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Catch all the live updates straight from the launch event of the Honda Activa 125 Fi BS-6 here!

13:35 (IST)11 Sep 2019
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13:31 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 Fi BS-VI Mileage

Though the power figures of the engine remain the same, the mileage of the updated Activa 125 has been altered. We were expecting them to decrease in lieu of the BS-VI upgradation. However, Honda states that the fuel-efficiency figures have increased by 13 per cent. 

13:28 (IST)11 Sep 2019
BS-VI Honda Activa 125 Fi Engine

The engine in the new Activa 125 remains the same as before. It continues to come with the same 125cc single-cylinder unit which is good for 8.3 hp of power along with 10.5 Nm of peak torque. It comes with Honda eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) technology which promises to offer a refined experience by ensuring maximum combustion with minimum friction.

13:24 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 Fi BS-VI Deliveries

Honda has revealed the updated iteration of the Activa in June this year. After launching the same today, the company has stated that the deliveries for this scooter are going to commence starting 28th September. Mass production of the BS-VI iteration of the Activa 125 has already commenced.

13:18 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 Fi storage spaces

The Honda Activa 125 Fi comes with 18-litre of under-seat storage. In addition to this, there is also a front glove box for extra storage.  For further convenience, the new Activa 125 comes with a dual-function switch which is used for unlocking the seat and also for opening the fuel-filler cap.

13:07 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda ACG starter in the Activa 125 Fi

The new Honda Activa 125 comes with what the company calls as an ACG starter. It can start the engine without a jolt with the help of the same AC generator which produces current to charge the battery. With the help of this, the need for the conventional starter generator is negated and hence there is no gear meshing noises. The new ACG starter also helps in the efficient utilization of the scooter's idle stop-start system.

13:00 (IST)11 Sep 2019
26 patents filled

Honda states that new Honda Activa 125 Fi has been developed with as many as 26 patent applications. 

12:49 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Prices Out!

The BS-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 Fi will have a base price of Rs 67,490 i.e. for the Standard trim. The Alloy variant is priced at Rs 70,990. while the Delux variant has an asking price of Rs 74,490. All of these prices are ex-showroom.

12:47 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 Fi BS-6 variants

The new Activa 125 Fi BS-6 is going to be offered in three variants. These are namely Standard, Alloy and Delux. 

12:43 (IST)11 Sep 2019
29 million scooter sales for Honda since Activa launch

At the launch of the Bs-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 Fi, the two-wheeler manufacturer has revealed that it has sold 29 million scooters since the Activa was first launched in India. 

12:40 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Mass production commences!

The mass-production of the Honda Activa 125 BS-6 has already commenced. it is the first BS-6 compliant two-wheeler from the Japanese automaker in India. Not only this, but it will also stand as the first BS-6 compliant scooter in India. 

12:36 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Prices of the Honda Activa 125 BS-6 to be revealed soon!

Prices of the Bs-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 to be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

12:26 (IST)11 Sep 2019
What colour schemes will be offered on the new Activa 125?

In addition to minor cosmetic updates. The new Activa is going to get several paint schemes as well. The list of new colour options includes Rebel Red Metallic, Black, Heavy Grey Metallic, Midnight Blue Metallic, Pearl Precious White, Majestic Brown Metallic.

12:15 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 BS-6 design updates

The second-generation Honda Activa 125 BS-6 also gets minor cosmetic updates over the previous generation model. For instance, it comes with a new LED headlamp with reflectors, a new tail-lamp along with chrome inserts on the side panels. Apart from this, the new Activa looks pretty much the same as the older one. 

12:06 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 BS-6 to feature silent start system

The updated Activa 125 gets a new engine starter motor which allows a silent start to the scooter. In comparison to the older generation model, the new Activa 125 will allow a smooth drive as well.

11:42 (IST)11 Sep 2019
New features on the Honda Activa 125 BS-6

The updated Honda Activa 125 comes with an idle stop-start system which ensures higher fuel-efficiency. The scooter will now feature and side-stand indicator along with an inhibitor which will prevent engine start until the side-stand is retracted. The instrument cluster in this scooter in a digital analogue unit which shows the readout for distance to empty along with real-time fuel-efficiency. 

11:27 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Honda Activa 125 BS-6 to get Fuel-Injection system

After the Hero Maestro Edge 125, the BS-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 is the second mass-market scooter in India to get fuel-injection technology. 

10:55 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Power unit to remain the same

The BS-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 will retain the same 125 cc engine. The exact specifications of this unit are yet to be revealed. Expect them to change slightly in lieu of the emission update. Furthermore, the fuel-efficiency figure can also go down. At the moment, the single-cylinder, air-cooled engine in the Activa churns out 8.5 hp of power along with 10.54 Nm of peak torque. 

10:40 (IST)11 Sep 2019
Prices to go up by 10-15 per cent

The prices of the Honda Activa 125 BS-6 will go up by 10-15 per cent as stated by the two-wheeler manufacturer. This is a common scenario being observed across the spectrum. Upgrading an engine to meet the new emission regulations demands the use of additional hardware which in turn increases the prices. At the moment, the BS-4 Honda Activa 125 is priced at Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000. 

The BS-6 compliant Honda Activa 125 is powered by the same 125 cc engine. The power figures of this engine remain the same. However, there is a 13 per cent increase in fuel-efficiency.