Blacksmith Electric starts accepting dealership enquiries from more than 700 districts in India

Currently, more than six applications have been received and half of them are from abroad - from Spain and Mexico, with the company currently focusing on the enquiries rather than outright setups.

By: | Updated: September 22, 2019 1:57 PM

Blacksmith Electric is fast forwarding its efforts to set up shop in India. The Chennai-based start-up has indigenously built is first electric two-wheeler cruiser motorcycle as well as scooter prototypes. The brand is inviting dealership enquiries from all over India. At the first stage, 700 districts are being targeted. Currently, more than six applications have been received and half of them are from abroad - from Spain and Mexico. Moreover, Blacksmith Electric at the moment is taking in the applications. The dealership requirements will be discussed with the partners at a later stage.

Blacksmith has got the B2 cruiser as well as B3 scooter models in place. The B2 has been in gestation for a fairly long time and is expected to be launched sometime next year. It is the premium model and boasts a lot of new features like a swappable battery, traffic signal linked indicators as well as more. It looks to be a very comfy model as well. How is it to ride is something we will have to wait and watch. The scooter in the meanwhile also has a design language similar to what we have seen on the B2 model. Raised handlebars with weights in the end, a prominent front fender, a LED projector headlight, alloy wheels, flat seat as well as a pillion seat back are part of the design. Moreover, Blacksmith has got something which they call as an occupant sensor. This in essence senses if a rider is seated on the vehicle or not. This works in conjunction with the kids seat belt, something that prompts the rider to buckle up a child seated behind. The child can then be locked to the back rest (movable) provided. What this will do is ensure safety of the highest order.

ABS will be provided on both the models. Whether it is single channel or not remains to be seen. Currently the vehicles are undergoing validation tests. The company says that extensive research has been carried out to ensure that the durability isn't affected. Moreover, since it is an electric vehicle, the charging part and its safety too has been given high prominence.

Interested in a Blacksmith dealership? You can contact the relevant people - info@blacksmithelectric.in

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