Bajaj Chetak Electric India Unveil Highlights: Iconic Chetak returns in modern avatar!

Bajaj Chetak Scooter New Model 2019 Unveil Highlights: Bajaj Auto has revealed its first-ever all-electric scooter Chetak electric. The new e-scooter by Bajaj will be sold under the company's Urbanite brand that will solely sell EVs.

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Bajaj Chetak electric

Bajaj Urbanite Chetak Launch in India Unveil Highlights: Chetak, the iconic geared scooter by Bajaj Auto that was once the poster boy for affordable commuting in India and the face for middle-class office goers finally makes its comeback in the country today. At the event, Bajaj Auto launched its new brand Urbanite - that will sell only electric vehicles. The event by Bajaj Auto was attended by Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog. Now speaking of the product itself, Bajaj's first-ever all-electric scooter Chetak electric gets a retro-modern styling and flaunts some premium features under its sleeve. On the occasion, Bajaj Auto also flagged off the 'Chetak electric Yatra' to celebrate the unveiling. In this, 20 riders will be riding the scooter from Delhi to Pune covering a distance of 3,000km. Bajaj Chetak electric will be launched in India in January 2020 at an expected price of close to Rs 1 lakh. The e-scooter will go up against the likes of Ather 450 and scooters from Okinawa and 22 Motors.

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Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter unveil Highlights: Urbanite brand for electric vehicles launched


    14:33 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Thank you for joining in!

    Thank you folks for joining us in the LIVE blog of Bajaj Chetak electric. Hope you guys enjoyed the proceedings as much as we did. Until next time, ride and drive safe. Goodbye.

    14:30 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Will it replicate the same success?

    Back then when Bajaj Chetak used to be sold with a 150cc, two-stroke engine, the demand for it was so high that at one point, the waiting period for the scooter reached almost one year. Chetak was one of the most successful two-wheeler India has ever produced and Bajaj must be hoping the same kind of response with the Chetak electric. So will it be able to replicate the success of the original Chetak. We have to wait for a few months to find out!

    14:22 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    To be launched in a phase manner, Pune first

    Bajaj Chetak electric will be launched in a phase-wise manner across India. The e-scooter will be launched in Pune first, followed by Bengaluru and then in other parts of the country. More details on the bookings and deliveries to be out in January 2020 when the scooter will be officially launched with the price announcement.

    14:20 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric to be launched with 'attractive' pricing

    Bajaj Chetak electric will be launched in India with an attractive price tag. The company's MD Rajiv Bajaj said at the press conference that the pricing is not going to be as high as Rs 1.5 lakh. He further added that Bajaj is going to price the scooter quite attractively. That said, we believe that the scooter is expected to be priced close to Rs 1.2 lakh.

    14:18 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric uses IP67 lithium ion battery pack

    Bajaj Chetak electric will come with an IP67 rated lithium ion battery pack which means the battery pack is 100 percent and there will be no harm to it even after being submerged in water upto a depth of 1 meter. 

    14:02 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric gets premium features

    Talking of premium features, Bajaj Chetak electric gets some premium features. To start with, the e-scooter gets a fully digital instrument cluster and will get a dedicated mobile application to offer better convenience to the buyers. Also, the scooter gets a fob just like premium motorcycles. Moreover, every opening panel on the Chetak electric has damped operation through electric actuators for a premium experience.

    13:50 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric gets a fixed battery

    Bajaj Chetak electric has been fitted with a fixed type battery which is not portable. That said, the company does not intends to plan any swapping stations for the scooter. The Chetak electric gets a Li-Ion battery, which can be charged from a standard 5-15 amp outlet. Buyers can also opt for a home charging station. 

    13:28 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak Electric range

    Bajaj Chetak electric will offer a range of 95 km in Eco mode while in the Sport mode, it will offer 85 km range. The range is at par with Ather 450 that is currently Bajaj Chetak electric's prime competitor. Also, it has to be noted that there is no branding on Chetak electric scooter.

    13:21 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Chetak electric launch in January

    Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will be launched in January 2020 and the company will announce the price that time only. The brand has only revealed limited features of the scooters and complete specifications will be out in Jan 2020 at the time of the launch. The Chetak electric will be sold through existing Probiking network along side KTM and Husqvarna.

    13:19 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric Yatra flagged off!

    To commemorate the unveiling of the Bajaj Chetak electric, Nitin Gadkari has flagged off the Chetak Electric Yatra from Delhi. 20 riders will be riding Chetak electric scooters to Pune and will cover 3,000 km each. 

    12:56 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj CHETAK electric event LIVE video

    In case you wish to watch the live streaming video of the Bajaj Chetak electric, here is the video. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways currently addressing the media.

    12:51 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Nitin Gadkari takes the stage!

    Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways has taken the stage. He is addressing the media and believes that the Chetak electric is going to get amazing response in India and abroad. Gadkari says that electrification was meant to happen despite some manufacturers were not in its favour. He says that he intends to make India as the biggest manufacturing hub for electric vehicles. He says that it is difficult, but not impossible.


    12:47 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj CHETAK electric revealed!

    Bajaj Chetak electric has been finally revealed at the company's press conference. The scooter sports a retro-modern design and styling and looks quite likeable. Let us know if you like the styling of the e-scooter or not.

    12:39 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    First glimpse of Bajaj Chetak electric!

    The AV playing on the big screen at the Bajaj press conference gives an idea of how the company's all electric Chetak will be like. Here is an image for you to take an idea.

    12:34 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog takes the stage

    Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog has now taken the stage from Rajiv Bajaj. He says that we have lost to mobile manufacturing, solar cells and some other areas to countries like China. He believes that this opportunity of electric two and three wheelers is a good one at hand and we should not lose it. Kant says that instead of criticizing Govt policies (like some two-wheeler manufacturers did), Bajaj has come up with a world class product today.

    12:30 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Rajiv Bajaj says he was amazed to see Bajaj's electric scooter for the 1st time!

    Rajiv Bajaj says that he was certainly amazed to see the company's electric scooter for the first time. He believes that the product will even amaze Nitin Gadkari and everyone. Going by these statements, Bajaj might be launching one of the most interesting electric scooters of all time in India. Lets see what happens next!

    12:25 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Rajiv Bajaj announces Bajaj's first electric two-wheeler!

    Rajiv Bajaj confirms that the event today is about the reveal of the company's first ever electric two-wheeler that will most likely be called the Chetak Chic electric. He is now discussing his friendship with Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog along with Government policies. The name Chetak has been confirmed by Rajiv Bajaj at the event.


    12:19 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    One out of three bikes sold in Africa is Bajaj Boxer!

    Rajiv Bajaj says that one out of three motorcycles sold in Africa every day is a Bajaj Boxer.  This indeed shows how much the brand is popular in almost 70 countries. Now, the next big thing waiting to be revealed is the Urbanite brand. Stay tuned with us. 

    12:15 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Rajiv Bajaj says last 30 years have been a platinum period!

    Rajiv Bajaj says that the last 30 years have been a platinum period for Bajaj Auto. He says that the reason behind is that Bajaj wanted to be not just a renowned brand in India and outside India as well. Rajiv Bajaj says that the only way his company could do it was to narrow the focus and do the best in things that you can do well. And hence, the focus shifted to motorcycles and Bajaj became one of the biggest exporters and the company exported 40 percent of its products last year.

    12:09 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Rajiv Bajaj takes the stage!

    Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto apologises for the delay in event. He is taking a dig at start ups and companies that dont have any significant experience in electric vehicle making and still believe in revolutionising the roads with their electric vehicles. Bajaj says that we are not a failed two wheeler company and are engineers who believe in making good vehicles.

    12:05 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Urbanite launch event starts!

    Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways has reached the launch venue and the event has started. The event is attended by Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog and Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto. Lots of big and exciting announcements coming up soon. Stay tuned with us!

    11:57 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Urbanite to start a new chapter for the company

    With the Urbanite, Bajaj Auto will be selling electric vehicles. As we can see that some major auto manufacturers have already geared up for the launch of electric vehicles in India, it wont be an easy thing for Bajaj if it wants to get a major portion of the pie in the said space. 

    11:38 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Urbanite launch event delayed by a few minutes

    Bajaj Urbanite Chetak launch event has been delayed by a few minutes. However, we are expecting it to begin anytime soon. Some of the journalists still have not reached the launch venue due to heavy traffic in Delhi. Stay tuned with us as we share all the happenings from the launch right here. Sit back, relax and enjoy the proceedings.

    11:29 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Urbanite Chetak LIVE telecast

    In case you are someone who does not like reading and prefer watching videos instead, here is the LIVE streaming video of the Bajaj Urbanite Chetak India launch event right from The Oberoi in New Delhi. The launch event is set to start in just a few minutes from now and the journalists have now started to settle themselves in the press conference area. Watch the LIVE video here:

    11:26 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    What to expect from Bajaj-Urbanite?

    If you have opened this live blog just now, let us tell you that Urbanite brand will be responsible only for selling electric vehicles by Bajaj Auto. The first product under the Urbanite brand might be revealed today and it will be an all-electric scooter. Going by the documents that leaked earlier, the scooter will be called Chetak Chic electric. Expect some more electric two and three wheelers to launch under the Urbanite brand in the coming months.

    11:17 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Chetak to return in all-electric avatar today!

    Bajaj Chetak that made its entry in the market around two decades ago and discontinued later in the year 2005 is all set to return today in an all electric avatar and it might be called Chetak Chic electric. Interesting to see the company using the Chetak moniker which in itself shows how high the company's hopes are for the scooter.

    11:11 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Event to be attended by Nitin Gadkari and Amitabh Kant

    The event by Bajaj Auto in New Delhi today is going to be a big one. The same will be attended by Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways along with Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog. Bajaj Auto will be making some big announcements regarding its 'electric tomorrow' and hence we are expecting some key announcements today. Stay tuned, the event is about to start!

    10:58 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Stage is set for Bajaj Chetak electric launch!

    The stage is all set for the launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. The event is taking place at The Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi. The event is about to start in just a few minutes from now and we are expecting some big announcements today. Stay tuned for all the updates.

    10:50 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Why Chetak electric is important for Bajaj?

    Bajaj used to sell highly popular Chetak in India over a decade ago. Upon being asked of returning to the scooter segment, Bajaj Auto denied a few months back that it has no such intentions. However, things changed and the company is now all set to reveal its first-ever electric scooter. Using Chetak moniker for its offering means that Bajaj has high hopes from it as it will open a new chapter for the company in the EV space.

    10:46 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak Urbanite expected price

    Bajaj Auto might reveal the price of the Urbanite Chetak electric scooter today and if that happens, we are expecting a tag of close to Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom). The e-scooter will primarily go up against the likes of the Ather 450 and Okinawa Praise in the segment and will be positioned as a premium product.

    10:36 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Launch event can start anytime soon!

    The invite said that the launch event for Bajaj Chetak electric will start at 10.30 AM. Our editor has reached the launch venue and the event can start anytime from now. Journalists have started arriving at the venue and the event might get delayed for a few minutes. Meanwhile, stick to our LIVE blog as we share some key information regarding Bajaj's first-ever all-electric offering.

    10:27 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Chetak electric more details

    The soon to be revealed Bajaj Urbanite Chetak electric will draw power from an all-electric motor. The scooter is likely to offer some decent figures in terms of range and top speed in order to keep up with the competition. Also, it will be interesting to see the charging infrastructure strategy by Bajaj which is one of the biggest concerns while owning an electric vehicle in India at the moment. Stay tuned for all the updates!

    10:22 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Another image of Bajaj Chetak electric

    Out of the numerous spy images of the Bajaj Urbanite Chetak electric that were revealed earlier, here is a clear one to give you a clear idea of how the e-scooter will look like. As you can see in the picture, the upcoming Bajaj Chetak Chic electric will get a round headlamp up front and it clearly gets a retro-modern design and styling. Talking of suspension, the scooter will feature a single-sided unit up front.

    10:16 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric to boast premium features

    As already mentioned, the upcoming Bajaj Chetak electric from Urbanite will flaunt some premium features like LED headlamp and the scooter is also expected to get an all-digital instrument cluster that might get smartphone connectivity as well. Moreover, the Chetak electric will feature a front disc brake and CBS is likely to be a part of the package as well for better safety.

    10:10 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Chetak electric launch about to start!

    If you don't want to miss the comeback of one of the most iconic brands the Indian two-wheeler space ever got, just stick to your seats for a few more minutes as the Chetak is all set to return in some time from now. Our editor is about to reach the launch venue, so stay tuned with us for all the updates. 

    10:06 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Urbanite Chetak electric - Design

    The upcoming Bajaj Urbanite Chetak electric will feature a retro-modern design and going by the analysis, such kind of design are quite liked by the customers in India. The previously leaked spy shots suggest that the scooter may look like Vespas from some angles. The front will get rounded headlamp with all LED set up. The e-scooter is expected to get a lot of curves across its body length for a retro feel.

    10:04 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Will Bajaj Chetak electric replicate the same success?

    Bajaj Chetak used to be a highly successful product for the company in its time.  Chetak, named after the horse of the brave Indian warrior Rana Pratap was an affordable means of transportation for the middle-class families and it soon became the face of the office goers on the roads. Will the Chetak electric be able to replicate the same success? We will have to wait for the product unveiling to give an idea. Stay tuned!

    10:01 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Todays event theme says - Hamara Kal

    Hamara Kal, well this is going to the theme for today's event. Before we get any further, let us ask you a question? Does 'Hamara Kal' reminds you of a tagline for a highly popular product by Bajaj Auto from the past? Yes, you got that absolutely right! 'Hamara Bajaj' used to be the tagline for the IC engine powered Chetak geared scooter that was discontinued in the year 2006. Lots of interesting facts coming up, so stay tuned!

    09:46 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    Bajaj Chetak electric might look like Vespas!

    Images of the Bajaj Urbanite Chetak electric have been doing rounds on the internet for last so many days and looking at those, one thing that is sure is that the upcoming Chetak electric will sport a retro-modern design language with a rounded dull LED headlamp up front. And from some angles, the scooter will definitely remind you of the Vespas, all thanks to its instantly likeable styling.

    09:39 (IST)16 Oct 2019
    How CHETAK CHIC ELECTRIC name got confirmed!

    A few days back, through an official patent website, it was confirmed that Bajaj has registered the name 'Chetak Chic electric'. Rumours regarding the return of the Chetak were floating on the web for the past so many weeks and the leaked document further justified those. Great to see Bajaj using an iconic name at the right time!

    Under the Urbanite brand, Bajaj Auto will be selling only electric vehicles and hence, you can expect some more EVs to roll out from the company's stable in the months to come. The company's first electric scooter - Chetak electric will go up against the likes of the Ather 450 and Okinawa Praise as it has been positioned as a premium product.


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