Bajaj Auto again makes fun of Royal Enfield with three new ‘Haathi mat paalo’ advertisements

Bajaj Auto has released not one, but three Haathi Mat Paalo advertisements in order to attack Royal Enfield. In the series, the company has pointed out some of the areas in which the Dominar 400 is better. Bajaj has done this previously too and now, the Royal Enfield fans must be awaiting a reply from the RE community or the company itself.

By: | Updated: February 2, 2018 4:00 PM

Bajaj Auto has recently released its second Haathi mat Paalo series of advertisements to take a dig at Royal Enfield. In the videos, the Pune based manufacturer has pointed out some flaws of the Royal Enfield motorcycles, like it did with the similar first series. The first video highlights that the braking performance of Royal Enfield motorcycles is ineffective by showing an Elephant that fails to stop in time despite being warned by a person dressed like a biker on another Elephant. Thereafter, a Dominar 400 is shown to stop well before the danger point, reflecting its superior braking ability. The second video under the Haathi mat Palo series shows the cold starting problem with an engine sound similar to that of Royal Enfield bikes. The third video points out the inability of Elephants to climb a steep incline, again taking a dig at the low power output of Royal Enfield engines. On the other hand, the Dominar 400 easily goes through the steep incline.

Watch the new Haathi Mat Paalo series II advertisements here:

There is no denying the fact that Royal Enfield has been the undisputed king in the 350cc to 500cc motorcycle segment since a long time. The company has a huge fan following and all thanks to the riding culture promoted by the company, its customer database has seen an impressive growth over the years. Bajaj Auto said around the launch of Dominar 400 that its intent is to challenge the Royal Enfield motorcycles.   

While Bajaj is not aiming at equivalent numbers when compared to Royal Enfield, it was expecting a sale of 10,000 units a month by the end of the year 2017 including exports. That, however, does not seem to be happening and the Dominar 400 is currently not seeing even half numbers of the target set by the company.

This clearly shows that customers in the premium space don't really care about the qualities Bajaj is trying so hard to sell. Royal Enfield motorcycles might be less powerful than the Dominar 400 but the idea of buying them is never to go flat out. These motorcycles are more about enjoying the multiple aspects of riding and not just hammering down straights and leaning into corners.

Well aware of this, Bajaj Auto launched the 2018 Dominar range with golden alloy wheels and new colours with a hope that the sales of the motorcycle can get better. As great as the response of the new wheels and colours might be, we do not expect the Dominar 400 to give Royal Enfield any reasons to worry. As pointless, as this ad war might seem, it doesn't hurt to view the videos, as long as you watch them with the objective of having fun.

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