Ather Energy launches 3 new plans for Ather 450 & 340 electric scooters: Benefits explained with prices

Ather Energy has announced three new plans for Ather 450 and Ather 340 electric scooter customers. The three new subscriptions plans have been named as Ather Connect, Ather Service and Ather Charge and these will be available alongside the company's existing flagship plan - Ather One.

By: | Published: November 5, 2018 12:21 PM

Ather Energy has just announced three new subscription plans for the Ather 450 & 340 electric scooters. The company says that it has announced the new plans after the success of Ather One that happens to be the company's flagship plans. Ather Energy claims that the new plans will offer more flexibility to the customers as they will now be able to choose the services of their choice based on their usage. Ather Energy has also announced that the public charging at AtherGrid will continue to be free till 31st December 2019 for all Ather customers. Ather Energy’s flagship plan, Ather One will continue being available, and customers will enjoy its free services for a year from their date of delivery. Ather One plan covers all expenses & scooter maintenance, including data charges, public fast charging, home charging expenses, periodic service including consumables and roadside assistance.

After the completion of the first year, customers will be able to migrate to any other plan of their choice. Ather scooters come with data monitoring facilities that will help the auto company understand individual’s ride, scooter’s health, riding conditions and subsequently, push over-the-air updates, provide ride recommendations and run services like navigation.

Starting with the Ather Connect, the company's base plan offers over-the-air updates to enhance ride experience, remote diagnostics for quicker service, ride recommendations and on-board navigation. Ather Connect has been priced at Rs 3,000 in addition to GST per year. Second up is the Ather Service plan and as the name suggests, the plan focusses more on service. Priced at Rs 6,000 with additional GST, the plan offers Vehicle service & Roadside Assistance along all benefits that come with Ather Connect. Last, Ather Charge has also been priced at Rs 6,000 with additional GST that offers Home Charging along with Unlimited public charging at AtherGrid Points and all benefits of Ather Connect.

Ather Energy's flagship plan, Ather One can be yours for a price of Rs 8400 per year excluding GST and this one is all-encompassing subscription plan that takes care of all your expenses & scooter maintenance as it includes Ather Connect, Home charging, Public fast-charging, Vehicle service and Roadside assistance.

Ather Energy states that for individuals intending to pre-order from today, Ather Service plan will be applicable for free for a limited period. Free Ather One plan for pre-order customers stands discontinued from 31st October, 2018.

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