Ather 450X price, subscription plans, battery ownership structure explained: Every question answered!

Ather Energy came up with their latest offering - the 450X electric scooter and the same was launched with two performance packs namely Plus and Pro. In order to compensate for the increased prices, the company now offers better financing options for the customers. We decode everything that you may ask!

By:Updated: Feb 19, 2020 3:54 PM

Ather Energy recently launched its 450X electric scooter in India. At the launch event, the Bengaluru-based startup announced the upfront pricing for the e-scooter along with two subscription plans namely Plus and Pro but didn’t reveal much in detail about these plans, battery ownership and how the pricing structure sees a variation in different scenarios. That said, there was some confusion prevailing in the minds of the Ather 450X prospective buyers. Worry not anymore, we have got you covered. Express Drives recently had an interaction with Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder, Ather Energy who gave us details of the new price structure that the company has come up with.

How much the new Ather 450X cost?

The new Ather 450X has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs 99,000 (ex-showroom). However this price only includes the ownership of the scooter and hence, for battery leasing, you will have to opt either of the two subscription plans or something which Ather calls ‘performance packs’. In case you want to pay the full price upfront, the 450X is available at respective prices of Rs 1.49 lakh and Rs 1.59 lakh (both, ex-showroom, Bengaluru) with the Plus and Pro packs. The upfront prices exclude insurance and registration costs and include everything else with battery ownership as well.

What is Ather 450X Plus and Ather 450X Pro?

Plus and Pro are essentially the two subscription plans by the company that have been priced at Rs 1,699 and Rs 1,999 per month respectively. These two plans cover the cost of the battery and the lifetime flexibility that ensures you can move up and down the performance packs including the future plans. Moreover, you also get access to Ather Charge in the said prices, a service that includes all data usage charges, unlimited public charging, access to future OTA (Over the Air) updates and the data storage costs.

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Ather charge is not a mandatory plan and hence, not everyone needs to adopt it. The company says that it is considering a data-only subscription as well, for the near future. The price of the same will be less than Rs 400 and it will be for people who don’t really need public charging.

Can I opt for Ather Pro or Plus by paying an upfront price?

Yes, you can do that. The upfront price for both the subscription plans remains the same at Rs 99,000. This price includes the ownership of the scooter minus the battery. You also get Ather Dot – the home charger and the pricing includes GST as well. However, the biggest highlight of the subscription plans is that you get an infinite battery warranty.

That sounds cool. So, what is infinite battery warranty? 

Infinite battery warranty means that Ather Energy will replace the battery pack free of cost whenever the performance of the battery drops below 80 percent. Ather Energy is quite confident about the performance of the battery pack and says it will perform well beyond the warranty which is 3 years / unlimited km.

What is the least price at which I can own the Ather 450 including insurance, registration?

First, you own the Ather 450X at a price of Rs 99,000 (ex-showroom). Post that you will have to pay the price for the insurance and registration, which is currently Rs 6,750 in Bengaluru. After that, in order to pay for the battery, you will have to opt for one of the two subscription plans, the minimum of which costs Rs 1,699 per month.

Has the Ather 450 been discontinued?

Not really as the Ather 450 is essentially the recently launched Ather 450X Plus except for the fact that the latter now gets a 4G sim card along with some minor visual updates. Almost everything on the new Ather 450X Plus including specs remains the same as the Ather 450.

If this is the case, why there is a significant difference in pricing?

Ather Energy says that it has increased the prices of the electric scooter so that the product line becomes profitable and the 450X can become a more sustainable model in the future. The company says that this was also necessary in order to expand pan India. Ather says since they were increasing the prices, the company wanted to offer a better financing option to the customers and to clear the anxiety for the customers around battery life, especially for people who are buying an electric vehicle for the first time. Also, as the prices were increased in the region of Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000, the company converted the prices into a monthly structure for better convenience.

If I am going on a vacation and won’t be using my scooter during the said period, do I still need to pay a minimum of Rs 1,699 per month for the subscription?

No. There is also a snooze option in which you can snooze your subscription plan up to one month and instead of paying Rs 1,699 or Rs 1,999 for the respective subscription plans for a month, you will need to pay just Rs 500.

Can I exit the subscription at any point of time?

Yes, you can do that. Suppose you think that your battery is doing great and you don’t see any sense sticking to the subscription plan, you can exit it anytime. Whenever you choose to exit, Ather Energy will convert whatever you have paid the company into an EMI and you can pay the remaining amount. The second way to exit is whenever you feel that the battery has dropped to 80 percent of its performance, you will have to pay an exit due which would be in the region of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 and then you can retain the ownership of the pack, which means you won’t need to pay for any monthly subscription plan beyond that.

So, if I choose to exit the plan and go for a new battery pack, is it possible and what are the prices?

Yes, it is possible. The price for the battery pack at present is Rs 60,000 and Ather Energy believes that the price would be Rs 40,000 or lesser after three years (which is the battery warranty currently offered by Ather).

Suppose I am someone who pre-ordered the Ather 450 scooter before the announcement of the 450X, do I need to pay more according to the new plans and pricing?

No, customers who had pre-ordered the scooter will need to pay the older pricing of the scooter which was Rs 1.13 lakh in Bengaluru (on-road) after the prices were slashed post the implementation of FAME-II subsidy.

Customers that had purchased the scooter before can continue with the Ather One plan (introduced previously for Ather 450 customers) and do they need to opt one of the existing plans?

Even or such customers, Ather has made all the plans optional. So if they need a plan for data and software upgrades, they can purchase it at Rs 250 per month. If a customer needs data, software upgrades and public charging, the plan will cost you Rs 400 per month. If a customer wants the full Ather One plan including reimbursements of the electricity bill for charging the battery at home, the plan costs Rs 700 a month. So, in a way, the previous plan continues for older customers.

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