5 motorcycle winter care tips to protect your beloved machine from the chill

Worried about your bike this winter and have no idea what to do for its protection? Don't worry as we bring you the top five bike winter care tips. You can thank us later.

By: | Published: December 2, 2017 1:55 PM

The winter season is here which means many of you must be rejoiced by its arrival. Well, humans have a choice of adjusting themselves according to the changing climate conditions but our machines need special attention whenever the temperature makes a considerable shift from the normal. And when we say machines, motorcycles are no different. As we have almost entered the chilly season, our beloved two-wheelers need to be pampered so that they continue to offer optimum performance and stay our complaint-free companions. The winter care tips mentioned here do not cost much so you do not need to worry about the expenditure. Also, these are quite simple to use and require little time of yours. So, only a few simple tips every now and then need to be implemented to ensure that you have a good time with your bike in the winters. Here we have picked the top five winter bike protection and care tips that you need to follow right away.

1. Use motorcycle cover

For those of you who do not have other option than to leave your bike outside in the open, first and foremost, go and buy a cover. However, a bike cover can protect the motorcycle to a certain extent. Before covering up your motorcycle, make sure that your machine is dry as moisture will build up in the air surrounding the bike once the cover is on and that may be dangerous leading to corrosion. Also, if possible, apply a film of water repellent spray on your bike that will help in keeping away any moisture.

2. Battery care

One of the most important parts of a motorcycle that may see the maximum effect of winters is the battery. Low temperatures affect the strength of batteries and increase the viscosity of the fluid inside. The current needs to flow properly for the starting of the bike which gets difficult due to the thickened liquid and hence, the bikes takes longer than normal to start. Sealed dry batteries don't require any maintenance and if it's not working properly, charging it up or replacing it with a new one is the best option. For old style acid batteries, top them up and apply vaseline on the terminals to ensure proper functioning during winters.

3. Using an anti-freeze

During the winter season, the water in the radiator chills or freezes. In this case, add an anti-freeze or proper coolant to do the trick. In the market, you can easily  find readily mixed coolants that have been already mixed with all the required additives. If the water on system freezes on a cold night, you will have a hard time cranking up the engine and that is when an anti-freeze helps you keep away from all that hassle.

4. Oil change

During winters, it is the responsibility of an engine oil to protect the motor properly. If the oil is old, replace it with a new one as the oil that already has been filled some time back do not have that much potential to safeguard the engine in comparison to fresh oil. Also, ensure that you use a good quality engine oil that comes with additives best suited for the chilly environment. After topping up, don't go harsh on the motor straightaway and instead, give it some time by warming it up.

5. Chain lubrication

The chain is one the parts of a motorcycle that continuously keeps moving while you ride and hence, it demands special care and attention. In winters, lube your chain on a weekly basis and rather than applying the lube generously and in long intervals, it's better to apply little and more frequently. Best time to lube is right after you come from a ride as doing so will ensure that the substance will go into the gaps, thereby promising proper lubrication and a smoother ride.

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