5 Most Important things about Bajaj Auto’s new identity: Electric Vehicles, Husqvarna and lots more!

Bajaj Auto India announced a new brand identity recently, and have taken the opportunity to outline the plans the brand has in the country and the direction that they intend to take to expand their presence in the domestic market. Here are the top 5 things to know!

By: | Published: January 22, 2019 4:18 PM
Bajaj's new brand identity: World's Favourite Indian


Bajaj Auto addressed the press yesterday to announce a new brand identity as well as discuss the company’s plans at the brink of a transformation in the Indian auto industry. From Electric Vehicles, the Qute quadricycle and even KTM-owned Husqvarna Rajiv Bajaj outlined Bajaj Auto’s future plans for the country. Here are the top 5 things you need to know!


1.New Brand Image


Their new brand image that will operate under the tag line “ Worlds favourite Indian” stressing on the brand’s popularity in the 70 countries across the world where they sell their products. This new identity is accompanied by a new TVC that shows glimpses of the countries and the products that they have sold in various countries across the world. Leading the address, was Managing Director at Bajaj Auto also discussed the brand's entry into electric vehicles as well as how they would manage the impending shift to BS6 compliant vehicles.


2.Qute Quadricycle



Through the conference, Bajaj touched the subject of the quadricycle the Qute, which is expected to hit the Indian market in March this year. Pitched as a safer alternative to auto-rickshaws the Qute has since its inception had troubles with getting homologation for Indian roads. However, Bajaj Auto is still confident about the relevance of their product and plan to bring an electric version of the quadricycle to India next year. At about the same time, Bajaj will also launch a series of electric three-wheelers for the Indian market.

3.Six New Husqvarna Bikes in 2019


That aside, Rajiv Bajaj also spoke about other brands that have come under Bajaj in recent years, including KTM-owned 'Husqvarna' motorcycles that is slated to enter the Indian market this year with at least 6 motorcycles. He expressed tremendous confidence in the brand saying that it had even more potential than KTM, not only in Indian markets but across the globe.

4.Bajaj Electric Scooters & EVs



Bajaj also said while the company had set its sights on the electric marker, it would not yield results overnight, saying that new technology, presents new uncertainties which would need to be addressed before the company made any final decisions. He also exemplified the urgent need for electric cars saying that ‘This we need to do not only for India but for many of our other markets as well. The problem of pollution and congestion and the need for EVs shared and connected mobility is there, too."


5.Domestic Sales & Market Share:  

Bajaj believes it is not logical “to call a two-wheeler a luxury item”

While Bajaj may have strong market presences in other countries across the globe with as much as 70% market share in Bangladesh and around 50 per cent in Nepal and Sri Lanka, its presence in India in recent years has been lukewarm. However, the companies MD is certain that this phase has passed the company has added almost 6-7 per cent market share to its domestic motorcycle market.  This is double of Yamaha's bike market share in its 35 years of presence in India, an equivalent of TVS Motor Co's lifetime market share and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India's motorcycle market share since parting ways with Hero in 2010, Bajaj said.

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