2022 TVS iQube India Launch Highlights: Specs, Range, Price, Features, Images and more

New TVS iQube India Launch, 2022 TVS iQube Electric Scooter Price in India, Specifications, Features Highlights: TVS has plans to update the iQube electric scooter. While details are scarce, we expect the scooter to now have a longer range and more features.

2022 TVS iQube launched

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Launch in India Today Highlights: TVS Motor Company has launched three new variants of their iQube electric scooter. The iQube was initially launched in 2020 and owning to the growing competition in the electric scooter space, was in need of a major update. With the 2022 update, TVS has given customers the choice of three variants and 10 colour options to choose from. Prices for the 2022 TVS iQube start at Rs 98,564 (on-road, Delhi).

2022 TVS iQube variants

The three new models include – iQube, iQube S and iQube ST. There are no major changes in terms of design and the scooter still has the same rounded panels and an LED light setup. However, while the iQube was only available in a single white colour all this while, now there are a number of colour options to choose from. The S and ST models also get a slightly larger windscreen at the front.

TVS has massively improved the range of the iQube with the update and also increased the top speed. The previous model had a top speed of 78kmph while the claimed range was 75km per charge. Now, the base and S model of the iQube come with a ‘real-world range of 100km and have the same top speed of 78kmph. The top-of-the-line ST model gets a range of 140km and can go up to a speed of 82kmph. The batteries are also IP67 certified, just like before and get AIS 156 certification, making them safer to use.

2022 TVS iQube 7-inch touchscreen display

The standard and S models of the iQube get a 5-inch colour TFT display while the ST gets a 7-inch touchscreen display. This display offers the customers a choice to customise it to their liking or use the built in themes. Apart from showing the usual stats of the scooter, one can also connect it to their smartphone and get call alerts, navigation and phone battery status. There is also the option of interaction with the scooter using a 5-way joystick and Amazon Alexa.

Live Updates
15:25 (IST) 18 May 2022
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15:17 (IST) 18 May 2022
10 colour options to choose from

While we have seen the iQube in only the white colour so far, TVS is now giving a choice of 10 vibrant colour options to choose from. The 2022 iQube gets two colour options while the S and ST models come in four different colours.

15:10 (IST) 18 May 2022
New ways to interact with the iQube

The 2022 TVS iQube gets a touchscreen display along with a 5-way joystick on the handle bar. Not only this, but the scooter also comes with Amazon Alexa integration, opening up the option for voice commands.

14:59 (IST) 18 May 2022
More space

The ST model does not just get an improved range, it also gets a bigger underseat storage compartment. A picture shared by TVS shows the 32-litre boot of the iQube ST housing two half-face helmets.

14:43 (IST) 18 May 2022
Different variants, different range

The standard iQube and iQube S get a 'real-world' range of 100km. This is 25km more than what the electric scooter initially offered. As mentioned before, the ST model packs a range if 140km which is a big improvement over the current model and also trumps most other scooters in the segment.

14:38 (IST) 18 May 2022
Safe & sturdy batteries

The batteries powering the 2022 iQube are IP67 and AIS 156 certified. While the former will ensure that the battery can be operated in a wide variety of weather conditions, the latter is a safer and newer regulation for the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

14:29 (IST) 18 May 2022
2022 TVS iQube prices

The on-road price of the standard model of 2022 iQube is Rs 98,564 while the iQube S costs Rs 1,08,690. Prices for the iQube ST have not been shared, but the model can be reserved by paying Rs 999. (All prices are for Delhi)

14:24 (IST) 18 May 2022
Bigger sales network

The new variants of iQube have already entered production and will soon be reaching dealerships. TVS has also announced that it will be expanding its network to 52 new cities, taking the total tally to 85 cities across India.

14:21 (IST) 18 May 2022
A versatile instrument cluster

The iQube gets a 7-inch touchscreen display. This full-colour display shows a whole host of information related to the scooter and also displays call alerts. It also offers the choice of customisation and has built-in themes.

14:19 (IST) 18 May 2022
Three new variants of TVS iQube

TVS is giving customers the power of choice with the new iQube. The electric scooter is now going to be available in three different variants – iQube, iQube S and iQube ST. The ST model is the top of the liner version that gets all the features and has the most range too.

14:15 (IST) 18 May 2022
Faster charging

With this update, TVS is offering three different charging options to expedite the charging process.

14:10 (IST) 18 May 2022
Almost double the range!

The new TVS iQube will have almost double the amount of range when compared to the existing model. According to TVS, the 2022 iQube has a real-world range of 140km on a single charge

14:06 (IST) 18 May 2022
Will get new paint schemes

The iQube looks fantastic in these new colour options!

14:03 (IST) 18 May 2022
The iQube network

The TVS iQube is now available across 74 dealerships in India. This has been crucial for selling around 12,000 iQube over the last 12 months.

14:02 (IST) 18 May 2022
A word from Manu Saxena

The event begins with Manu Saxena, Senior Vice President, Future Mobility taking the stage.

13:56 (IST) 18 May 2022
The launch event is about to start

The launch event is about to start in just a few minutes. Do not go anywhere as more exciting updates will be shared shortly!

13:56 (IST) 18 May 2022
Update or new variant?

It is still not clear if the new model of iQube would replace the existing one or be sold as a variant. We have recently seen Tata Motors launch the improved Nexon EV Max and continue to sell it alongside the regular Nexon EV.

13:41 (IST) 18 May 2022
More EVs to come

The homegrown automaker had also announced its plans to launch a complete portfolio of EV two-wheelers and three-wheelers. These new products could be in the 5-25kW range and the 2022 TVS iQube could be one of the first offerings to kick-start the onslaught of EVs from TVS.

13:31 (IST) 18 May 2022
Paving the way for the future of mobility

TVS Motor Company had recently announced their intent to partner with Jio-bp to increase the EV charging network in the country. The company has committed Rs 1,000 crore to its EV business, a lot of which has already been used.

13:16 (IST) 18 May 2022
Current charging time

The current model of iQube lacks any fast charging capabilities. Charging it to 80 per cent takes five hours while a full charge takes about seven hours. Along with a longer range, offering a faster charging option would make the life of owners easier.

13:01 (IST) 18 May 2022
Battery and range

The iQube comes with three lithium-ion batteries that have a combined capacity of 2.25kWh. They allow the scooter to have a claimed range of 75km on a single charge. Just like the performance figures, this range figure is also somewhat lower than the rest of the competition. TVS would be looking to not only improve that figure but beat the rest of the competition too.

12:40 (IST) 18 May 2022
Specifications of the existing model

The iQube comes with an electric motor that has a peak power output of 5.9bhp. This allows the scooter to achieve a top speed of 78kmph and go from 0-40kmph in 4.2 seconds Compared to the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X, these numbers are on the lower side and having a more powerful motor in the 2022 iQube would help it stay competitive.

12:24 (IST) 18 May 2022
Rivals of TVS iQube

Currently, the iQube faces stiff competition from the Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro and Bajaj Chetak. The Ather 450X and Ola S1 Pro have been selling in decent numbers compared to the TVS scooter.

12:04 (IST) 18 May 2022
New colour options

The iQube sports a clean and rounded look. Glimpses shown in the teaser do not reveal any changes to the design. We could, however, see the introduction of new colour options. The scooter has only been available in white colour till now but the teaser video shows it dressed in a bright, red paint. Having more colour options could increase the product's appeal and make it enticing for more people.

11:28 (IST) 18 May 2022
First launched in 2020

Did you know that the iQube was first launched in January of 2020? Back then, this electric scooter was only available through select TVS dealerships in Bengaluru. When launched, the scooter was priced at Rs 1.15 lakh.

11:02 (IST) 18 May 2022
Welcome everyone!

Welcome to another live blog on Express Drives. Today we shall be following the launch proceedings of the 2022 TVS iQube. The company has been tight-lipped about the new updates to the scooter, but we shall be sharing all the important updates with you in the next few hours.

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