Auto Expo 2018: From Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes-Benz cars to expect from Auto Expo 2018

Auto Expo 2018 will see new concepts and products from some of the biggest car manufacturers in India, including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Tata Motors and Mahindra. Here's what all you can expect at the automobile extravaganza.

By: | Updated: March 22, 2018 1:15 PM

Auto Expo 2018 will be held from 9-14 February this year at Greater Noida, UP.

Auto Expo 2018: With just a few weeks to go for the Auto Expo 2018, manufacturers will be looking to garner eyeballs and media acclaim at India's largest Automotive exposition. The 2018 edition, will have the likes of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Tata and Mahindra making big displays to showcase their prowess with electric cars and mass-market machines at the Auto Expo 2018. The organisers of the Auto Expo 2018 released the floor plans for the Expo earlier this week, and this is a closer look at what to expect from all ten manufacturers who will be displaying events at this years expo:

1. BMW India at Auto Expo 2018

BMW at the Auto Expo 2018

Luxury car magnate BMW India will be showcasing multiple products at the Auto Expo 2018, with a product from almost every one of their many arms, from luxury sedans to SUVs to electric cars and performance focused sedans. Thus far we have been able to confirm that BMW will bring their new BMW M750 Li alongside the new 2018 BMW M5. Alongside this we also expect BMW to be showcasing the 2018 X3, their best selling SUV. There is also a strong likely hood that the Auto Expo 2018 will be home ground for the 2018  BMW i3S, and the 2018 BMW i8 roadster which will be making their first appearance at the Auto Expo 2018.

2.  Honda Cars India at Auto Expo 2018

Honda cars at the Auto Expo 2018

Over the course of the next decade, Honda will be one of the companies to look out for India, which makes their showcase at the Auto Expo 2018 even more pivotal. Urged on by the tremendous response of the Honda City and the Honda WR-V, Honda will be looking to expand on these spaces and bring back models from space that they held dominance in the past. Especially, considering that Honda mentioned that they would launch 6 new models in India by 2020, three of which will be showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo. It is likely that the new Honda CR-V will get most of the eyeballs. Also, expect Honda to showcase a working EV car as well as the new Civic. A one time favourite in India.

3. Hyundai Motors at Auto Expo 2018

Hyundai Kona at Auto Expo 2018

Hyundai will have one of the largest displays at the Auto Expo 2018, and even though the headline of the Hyundai stall will be the Ioniq EV, the main crowd draw will be the re-birth of sorts for the Hyundai Santro 2018. Although it is still unclear as to whether Hyundai will be going with the Santro nomenclature or will be trying to go with an all-new brand name. Whether or not expect a huge range of vehicles from Hyundai ahead of the  Auto Expo 2018.

4. KIA motors at 2018 Auto Expo

KIA Stinger at Auto Expo 2018

Among the new names on the roster for the Auto Expo 2018, KIA is definitely the one with the most gravitas. Interestingly, unlike international markets where KIA sits below the mother brand Hyundai as a more mass market product. Their intent on the sub-continent will be to sit above Hyundai offerings as a more premium exclusive brand. And to that end, they will be bringing 18 new offerings to showcase at the Auto Expo 2018. Naturally, not all 18 will actually go on sale in India, but this will serve as a good way for KIA to make a connection on the ground in India. For KIA, the groundwork is done. The mother-company Hyundai is one of India’s leading manufacturers second only to the likes of Maruti Suzuki, and this would mean KIA has the groundwork laid out for it.

5. Mahindra at Auto Expo 2018

Mahindra Rexton at Auto Expo 2018

Mahindra will be looking to expand its presence as far as SUVs and Electric cars are concerned with the likes of the re-entry of 2018 Rexton, expect this time, word from the Mahindra and Mahindra camp suggests that the Rexton will be launched at this year's Auto Expo but is more likely to have a Mahindra badge, ditching it’s South Korean heritage.While we might have expected Mahindra to go for something more generic like the XUV 700, Mahindra is likely to choose the Rexton name for its full-size SUV.

6. Tata Motors at Auto Expo 2018

Tata Motors will be at the Auto Expo in a full show of force. Tata Motors will be showcasing a total of "26 Smart Mobility solutions". The 26 vehicles on display at Auto Expo 2018 will also have a range of commercial vehicles in addition to a showcase of Tata’s advancements in connected mobility that is aimed at smart cities that are emerging across the subcontinent.

7. Mercedes-Benz at Auto Expo 2018

Mercedes-Benz at the Auto Expo 2018

Mercedes-Benz was one of first to announce their portfolio for the Auto Expo 2018; having spent the previous year establishing their dominance in the luxury automobile sub-continent, almost 6000 units more than any other luxury car maker in the country. Naturally, this show of strength and the aggressive portfolio expansion that they showed last year, will continue into the Auto expo where they have announced three new products that will be on display from their global portfolio including India’s first look at a pivotal future prototype. On display, will be the Maybach S650, the much-awaited E-Class all terrain and the EQ-Concept will all be there at the Mercedes Benz stall at the 2018 Auto Expo.

8. Maruti Suzuki at Auto Expo 2018

Future S at Auto Expo 2018

The industry leader will no doubt have a lot to show at the Auto Expo 2018, headlined by the much talked about Future S prototype. The prototype which is probably going to make it to production in 2020, when Maruti Suzuki announced that their first EV will hit the roads. This aside from Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018, and the Future S concept.

9. Renault at Auto Expo 2018

Renault Zoe at Auto Expo 2018

Renault, the French manufacturer now a part of Renault-Nissan group of companies, has quite the line up in store for the Auto Expo 2018. From a range of electric cars to concepts and even a brand new Formula One car. Renault will be looking to go for shock and awe in a pavilion that will also be displaying its mass-market offerings already on sale in the Indian market. Following the government's push for full electrification of the Automobile in India by 2032, Renault will be looking to show the people that they too are not to be discounted from the contest in times to come.

10. Toyota at the Auto Expo 2018

Toyota Vios 1.5TRD Sportivo (Indian spec Vios may differ. Image for representational purpose only)

Aside from the much talked about Toyota Vios, Toyota will bring a whole of host of other products to Auto Expo 2018. One of the few halls that will have a theme. Toyota display at the Auto Expo 2018 will show, their representation of a modern connected city. Conceptually designed as a “City to Come" which defines Toyota’s ideal image of “a city” from India‘s immediate future, the Toyota pavilion will be situated at Hall No 10 in the Auto Expo 2018. Toyota’s exhibits cover a wider range of “Today, Tomorrow and Future“, infusing multi-folds and exciting novelty under Environment, Safety & Connected Technologies.

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