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Forget organic, residue-free is the way to go

The conventional notion is that organic is tastier because it is been artificially boosted with chemical nutrients and other enhancers.

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Why GM mustard may not see the light of day

On May 11, last year, the GEAC, the apex authority for assessing the safety of genetically modified (GM) crops, declared that GM mustard had passed the prescribed tests and recommended to the environment minister that he shou

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Bamboo can be more profitable than sugarcane and rice! Check out how

How about planting bamboo extensively along the banks of the Yamuna to sequester the carbon from Delhi’s vehicle emissions?

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Karnataka pushing millets as smart food for 21st century; check out the massive benefits

The state is pushing millets, or coarse cereals, as a smart food for the 21st century, with massive nutritional and ecological benefits

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Vidarbha farmers in debt trap: Here is how to save them

Diversifying to dairy may give the farmers a way out of the debt trap. But, the larger focus has to be on developing irrigation in Marathwada & Vidarbha

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Agriculture faces headwinds from Centre; why Indian firms will be hurt more than MNCs due to this policy

Indian agriculture is facing headwinds from government policy. The dairy industry is worried about restrictions on cattle trading. The menace of stray cattle is keeping farmers awake at night.

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Rajasthan government provides tribals source of livelihood, here is how

Easing the law on trade and transport of minor forest produce has helped link tribals with wholesale market directly.

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Not possible to practice traditional farming in India anymore; here is why

For most consumers, ‘organic’ is probably a code for ‘safe’ or ‘residue-free’, not necessarily produce grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

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No reason for agriculture ministry to intervene in cotton seed market; illegality thrives when ministers behave like monarchs

In 2001, when unapproved Bt cotton seeds were planted in Gujarat, the GEAC ordered the crop destroyed. But it got approval for commercial use the year after. In the HT cotton case, Mahyco has withdrawn its application for app

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Governance failure at environment ministry: Officials aware of illegality over planting herbicide tolerant cotton

Maharashtra’s Principal Secretary for Agriculture has asked the ministry of environment what action the state government should take against cultivators of illegal herbicide-tolerant (HT) cotton and those trading in the see

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Time to bring pesticides under price control? Here is what the row is about

Pesticides are sold below the marked price because of competition

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Rajya Sabha panel on GM crops: Why there is more fault-finding than fact-finding despite ICAR evidence

It is said that for those who believe, no proof is needed, and for those who do not, no proof is possible. Into which category should one slot a parliamentary committee, chaired by Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury, on “genetica

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Cattle trade: Extortion by vigilantes, police adding to cost of transaction

Raya in Mathura district and Iglas in Aligarh district are two police posts that have become extortion centres, traders say. It is hard to find any trader who has not had to pay.

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Modern biologist who didn’t formally study biology: Pushpa Bhargava cited principle to oppose Bt cotton

I called up Pushpa Bhargava at about 6 pm on January 16, seeking an appointment. I was curious to know why he was so opposed to genetic modification of crops.

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How University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad tried to sabotage its researcher, whose transgene can challenge commercial GM genes

The researcher, whose Transgene could challenge commercial GM seeds, believes private sector interests tried to sabotage her. But it COuld be professional jealousy.

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Conservation agriculture in Uttar Pradesh has not taken off despite advantages; know why

No-till conservation agriculture has not taken off in western Uttar Pradesh because most of the fields are small.

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PPVFR Act dispensing with NOCs: Agriculture ministry rendered hollow the plant trait patents of companies like Monsanto

The authority for protection of plant varieties is set to dispense with the requirement of a no-objection certificate (NOC) from patent-holders for use of their genetically-modified (GM) traits.

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Cattle trade ban reflects currency ban logic

When a Slice of illegality can’t be curbed, ban the activity altogether—that seems to be the Government’s thinking.

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Cropping Monsanto’s patent rights

The agriculture ministry is not reconciled to the grip which Monsanto has on the Indian cottonseed industry owing to the immense preference for its patented, genetically-modified (GM) bollworm-resistance traits.

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Chilling price control order: Not just GM Mustard, need stronger IPR regime

The govt’s price control order slashing fees payable for patented bollworm-resistant traits in GM cotton have had a chilling effect.

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Monsanto not to introduce Bollgard-3, some other GM crops in India over regulatory clouds

Given the regulatory uncertainty over licensing of GM traits, Monsanto has decided to not introduce Bollgard-3 and some other new GM crops in India

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Never the twain shall meat?

The UP government must uphold the rule of law, not use the law to punish a community that does not vote for it

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Private seed companies, which have been less than honest in their dealings, thrive off IARI

These companies, however, have been less than honest in their dealings.

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Farmers in developing countries can’t adopt genetically-engineered crops till consumers in rich countries change their minds

The area under GE crops has grown a hundred-fold since 1996, according to ISAAA, an advocacy, but the potential of the technology has not been fully realised despite farmers readily embracing it in the countries where it ha

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The farmer is the boss. Her decision is final, MNC or not: KV Prabhu, Jt Director, IARI

In an interview with Vivian Fernandes, Prabhu talks about the safety and utility of a technology deployed by a team of Delhi University (DU) scientists to create mustard hybrid DMH-11.

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Nutrition and public health: Here’s why eating wisely is a must

Barley has 5.66% soluble fibre per 100 grams, the highest among cereals consumed in India, while parboiled, milled rice has 0.76% and atta or wheat flour, 1.63%. Gooseberry (amla) is the richest source of vitamin C (252 mg pe

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Release GE Mustard, BT Brinjal; safety not an issue at all: B Sesikaran

The review committee on genetic manipulation (RCGM) is the apex technical body under the department of biotechnology in the ministry of science and technology.

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