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Act decisively against cartels

According to the CCI Annual Report for FY19, of the total penalties amounting to about Rs 13,881 crore, the amount realised was only Rs 127 crore

As early as 483 AD, the Constitution of Zeno provided for property confiscation and banishment for joint action of monopolies or price-fixing in products like clothes, fish and other goods.

CCI’s recent order conclusively dispels ambiguity over who can approach the commission

The Competition Commission’s recent order, in the Harshita Chawla matter, conclusively dispels the ambiguity over who can approach the commission to report a violation of the competition law. It is hoped that parties can’

The mere fact that a case has been filed by an aggrieved party under the Competition Act, does not take away its character of being a case in rem involving a larger question of fair and competitive markets.

Incentivise intellectual property: How to strike right balance

The govt should set broad guidelines on principles that standard-setting bodies may keep in mind

patent examination

M&As a key challenge for CCI

The regulator’s slow approval process, poor appreciation of commercial dynamics of a deal, etc, are clear problems

M&As a key challenge for CCI

Standard-setting, a reason for foreclosing competition?

The update to IEEE’s patent policy brings clarity on issues surrounding the interface between standard-essential patents and competition laws

Standard-setting, a reason for foreclosing competition?
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