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How capital markets can support flow of credit and capital for productive purposes

Capital markets can support the flow of credit and capital for productive purposes, increase non-tax revenues and revive the animal spirits

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Environment must be among new government’s top priorities post Lok Sabha polls

The future projected by reports like BP’s may be the only politically feasible option. But it is clearly not a future that we wish for our children and grandchildren. Energy economics needs to be redefined.

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Global warming: Indian leaders can learn from Ocasio-Cortez how to push a climate change policy

US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was able to generate a lot of buzz over her climate resolution because she got the timing, the language, and the message right. Recent climate-change-related disasters were fresh in t

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Over the barrel by Vikram Mehta: Use of EVMs reduced vote fraud but did not allay fears of techno-illiterate

The usage of EVMs has, no doubt, reduced the incidence of voter fraud, double-counting and strong-arm tactics, but that does not mean it has assuaged the concerns of the techno-illiterate that perhaps their votes might be mis

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From global warming to globalisation

The problems we currently face may be substantively and geographically disparate, but in our connected world they bear on each other

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Over the barrel: How to save the world from ‘perfect storm’

Global warming is just one example of a problem that does not recognise national boundaries. Pandemics, migration, extremism, nuclear proliferation are some of the other problems that would be unresponsive to nationalist solu

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Over the barrel: The challenges petroleum minister faces and how to deal with petro-state bosses

The petroleum minister has to achieve supply security & balance the country’s strategic interests. He should focus on longterm fundamentals demand management, accelerated development of electric vehicles and increased inves

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Imran Khan’s proclamations point to a process of friendship, it offers India and Pakistan to contemplate a fresh approach

Imran Khan said: “India needs take but one step and we will take two”. We can be dismissive of such words, or see it as an invitation to re-frame the narrative.

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Big dilemma for Modi government: Why there are economic and strategic costs to weakening relations with Iran

There are economic and strategic costs to weakening relations with Iran, but even greater downsides of ignoring Donald Trump. Earlier, when Barack Obama instituted sanctions against Iran, India responded by slowing its import

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Over the barrel: New leaders for a changing world order

An overview of the global landscape suggests that instead of converging towards a common purpose for managing and mitigating network-borne threats, the world leaders are adopting divergent, populist and localised approaches.

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Over the barrel: Why we need new thinking on CSR

The Act was gazetted in 2014 and, since then, according to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA), the companies have spent Rs 5,922 crore, Rs 7,549 crore and Rs 8,446 crore in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively, on eligible

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Don’t repeat past policy mistakes for oil

Whatever the government does in response to a high oil price regime, it must not ask the oil PSUs to bear the burden. It must not weaken the sinews of a competitive petroleum industry.

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Guarding the liberal order: Steel frame of bureaucratic order not so corroded to allow demagogues free run

The steel frame of bureaucratic governance has not been so corroded as to allow demagogues to have their way.

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Why India needs a fourth political revolution

On the lines of the fourth industrial revolution, this model, in succession to tribalism, feudalism and democracy, must be based on the will of the people, and must also be responsive to the forces of globalisation, technolog

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To shift India from fossil fuel system to clean energy system, NITI Aayog study is a must

The NITI Aayog must carry out a detailed study on what will be required to shift from the incumbent fossil fuel energy system to a clean energy system based on ‘horizon’ technologies.

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India’s energy future: Government’s electric vehicles target stretches credibility

The govt's EV target stretches credulity. The International Energy Agency has estimated, for instance, that India would need to sell more than five times the number of EVs that are currently on the road worldwide

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Is India’s energy future bleak? What policymakers must do to escape this black hole

Socio-political and economic realities do not favour the prospects of renewables. Policy-makers need to think out of the box.

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Here is what NITI Aayog should supplement their current report with

NITI Aayog should supplement their current report with a second document that will offer suggestions for creation of a mechanism and an institutional design that will clarify lines of accountability and authority and balance

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Energy sector planning: Why we may have created capacity but left parts of India in blackness or smothered by pollution

There is clarity and purpose in the management of our energy policy. Oil policy has been well-defined.

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People did not vote for Donald Trump, but against archetypical establishment figure

The youth should interpret the call to public service and social engagement as a call to deploy their talent to create a bridge to narrow the current social, economic and political divide

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Why is today’s oil market, a ‘no mans’ land?

Given the push and pull factors ranging from increasing demand to oil constraints and geopolitical tensions, it is difficult to interpret the tea leaves of the current oil market.

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Electoral system: Crying need for an alternative electoral narrative

There is a need for an alternative electoral narrative as democratic ideals may be difficult to realise under the current “first past the post” system.

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Is Indian ‘oil supply side’ approach to energy security in sync with trends? Find out here

It is imperative that we now look at energy through an integrated policy prism and contemplate every decision within the bounds of such a frame.

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Shift away from gasoline based order to an electric one signals beginning of the end of oil era

The focus on shifting away from a personalised, gasoline-based transport order to a shared, electric one signals the beginning of the end of the oil era

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Here’s how to reinvigorate the energy sector

A new department with executive authority will ensure energy sector is reinvigorated

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Price of crude oil less than half of rate when Narendra Modi sworn in; here’s why all scenarios must be planned for

“Lower for now”, “Lower for longer” or “Lower forever”. These are the catchwords that summarise the current discussion on the future of oil prices.

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Here’s how politics over pipelines, pricing has hurt emergence of cheap, clean energy source

The Centre and states have different—and often clashing—views on the modus operandi and financials of a gas pipeline. This has been a long standing problem. The Kochi LNG regasification terminal was commissioned years bac

Here’s how politics over pipelines, pricing has hurt emergence of cheap, clean energy source