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Budget 2018: Why our leaders are out of sync with new disruptive era

The focus on agriculture, health, education and infrastructure had to be expected, given the onset of general elections. It is a mistake to have excluded energy from the speech (other than the familiar and politically “non-

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Enemy Property Act impinges on people’s rights as citizens

The UP elections have given the public what they want. A strong leader. Prime Minister Narendra Modi bestrides the Indian polity like a colossus.

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Over the barrel: A swadeshi index

India should prepare an indigenous “ease of doing business index” based on the government’s prioritisation of sectors and businesses

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Indian economy set to soar irrespective of PM Narendra Modi’s reforms agenda; here’s how

Other than the monsoon, which is beyond the government’s control, there is little reason why India’s economy should not pick up momentum

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Over the barrel: Oil slip

Petroleum industry is in terrible shape. Budget fails to lay out a clear roadmap

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Over the barrel: Getting things done in a democracy

There is a telling vignette in Arun Maira’s interesting new book, An Upstart in Government. Maira was a member of the Planning Commission in the rank of minister of state between 2009 and 2014.

Over the barrel: Getting things done in a democracy
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