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How is Ripple valued: Here is a framework for valuing this ‘cryptocurrency’; everything you need to know

Isaac Newton once said that he could calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of the people. Newton is believed to have lost almost all of his fortune during the South Sea bubble in the spring of 1720.

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Should you invest in bitcoin now? This is what investors in cryptocurrency space must do

Up until now, Bitcoin has been a one directional bet. Market participants have not been able to express their bearish view on the cryptocurrency by taking short positions. Thus, every correction on its parabolic rise up was o

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Enter Helicopter Money: Global central banks’ post Quantitative Easing (QE) era ammunition

Move over Brexit. The big talk in the financial markets right now is the meeting held between former US fed chairman Ben Bernanke with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his key economic advisors earlier this week.

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Can cheap oil derail the US economy?

Where are oil prices heading? Are they going to $20 per barrel or is the worse of the capitulation in the energy markets behind us? Most fundamental and technical factors still seem to be pointing towards further downside in

industrial development

Janet Yellen must hike rates for ‘Fed up’ markets this week

It's that time again: won't they or will they? In either case, the US Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen are all set to destabilise the asset markets.

US Fed Reserve chair Janet Yellen

Bull run on stock markets to continue if and only if lessons from Bihar elections are learnt

The media and political pundits needed the Bihar Assembly election outcome to conclude that the PM Narendra Modi wave is now officially over.


Bihar Assembly elections 2015 outcome will be a non event for stock market

Bihar Assembly elections 2015: As the father of value investing Benjamin Graham once said - the market is a voting machine in the short run but a weighing machine in the long run.

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Expect rate cut, don’t bet on BJP Bihar win: Shankar Sharma

Indian equities have been hammered over the last couple of months amidst global volatility arising out of the confusion around the US Fed hike, China recession fears as well as disappointment over domestic economic data.

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Opinion: Fear QE 4, not monetary tightening

The negative market reaction in developed markets to the decision of the US Federal Reserve in maintaining the status quo and keeping policy rates near the zero bound...

us fed reserve

Janet Yellen plays it smart, can we expect the same from Raghuram Rajan on September 29th?

Acknowledging the recent volatile developments in the global markets, most notably China, and low inflation, Janet Yellen decided to keep US interest rates near the zero bound.

Raghuram Rajan, lending rates, first bi-monthly policy statement, RBI, RBI news, liquidity.

FOMC preview: Keep calm and trust Janet Yellen

Will the US Federal Reserve raise interest rates for the first time in over nine years?

Janet Yellen, us fed reserve

India can decouple provided we get a ‘Raghuram Rajan put’

Like the Bernanke put, Draghi's put or his "whatever his takes" comment and the Bank of Japan's Kuroda put, Raghuram Rajan must immediately provide the Indian economy with a 'Rajan put'.

Raghuram Rajan on GST bill

Gold will rebound only if the long Dollar trade is unwound

Taking a call on gold is effectively taking a directional bet on the US Dollar. If the US Dollar tops out after the first few rate hikes, one should step in and start buying gold.

gold bond scheme

Opinion: Can Janet Yellen still surprise with a September rate hike?

If Janet Yellen is to stick to her ‘data dependent’ approach towards monetary tightening, there is absolutely no chance of a September liftoff.

Janet Yellen, us fed reserve

Opinion: Yuan move does not mean China has joined the ‘Currency War’

Devaluing the domestic currency during gloomy economic conditions has always been an important and crucial ammunition tool for policymakers.

Chinese currency

Opinion: How China is trying to accelerate its GDP growth?

China can tolerate being called anti-democratic or a currency manipulator amongst a host of other things by its western counterparts and emerging market peers. But what it can never tolerate is the perception that its Governm

asian stock market

Rockstar RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan: The lonely hawk amongst MIT gang

Raghuram Rajan stands alone as the only hawk within a global deflationary environment.

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With prices tumbling, it’s best time to start buying gold

There is absolutely no buying interest in the gold market right now. Gold futures for August delivery hit a six year intra-day low with the spot price settling around $1134/ounce on Friday.


Opinion: Silver lining of the Greek and China crisis – Oil capitulation

Oil prices have dropped by more than 15 per cent with both crude benchmarks- WTI and Brent- showing no signs of a trend reversal.

Oil and gas fields

Greece is just the beginning, Europe’s crisis will linger as long as the Euro exists

A Grexit can be easily absorbed by the financial system, but European policymakers will soon need to answer the more fundamental question which is at the heart of Europe's problems: How long can the Euro survive?

greece crisis

Great trading opportunities on gold, Nifty, dollar will be setup by a Grexit

In the event of Grexit, here some tactical trades which can give handsome returns.

gold price

Currency Corner: How is the contrarian thinking about the US dollar bull market?

Across the board US Dollar strength has been driving foreign exchange flows for the last few quarters.

fdi india

US Fed Chairman Janet Yellen lets the party continue; but Indian bulls will need ‘patience’

"Just because we removed the word patient from our statement…doesn’t mean we will be impatient." This is classic Fed talk...

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The Indian economy needs a dovish Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan must hit the interest rate easing button faster than most expect.

Raghuram Rajan

Indian markets will correct post-budget: Shankar Sharma

The year 2015 has marked the return of volatility to the financial markets. We have seen huge moves in the foreign exchange and bond...

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