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Conscious closet: What are the new wardrobe essentials that one should invest in?

Out go exorbitant outfits and overflowing wardrobes. With work from home the new constant, it’s perhaps time to declutter that closet and indulge only in conscious and minimal buying. But what are the new wardrobe essential

Expenditure on luxury buying, too, will take a back seat and products that offer durability, as well as protection will find more takers.

Behind the mask: Ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

Shopping streets have a new fashion accessory and brands have built creative campaigns around it, but the truth is that the ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

For a vast majority of people, though, masks help filter out fear of the virus.

Washing hands or wearing gloves, which is the more effective way to prevent Covid? Experts offer some insights

We touch a variety of things—from the mobile phone to the bathroom door—in a span of a few minutes and if done wearing the same pair of gloves, the germs can get carried to different surfaces.

Hand washing is easier and more recommended than wearing gloves.

Whale done! Whales can teach us a thing or two about friendships, social bonds and social distancing too

Whales can teach us a thing or two about friendships, social bonds and social distancing too

A recent study by the Florida Atlantic University analysed the relationship between group behaviours, dynamics and kinship of beluga whales in 10 locations across the Arctic.

The green plate: There’s a renewed thrust on plant-based diets and meat alternatives across the globe today

With meat consumption coming under heavy scrutiny in the wake of the pandemic, there’s a renewed thrust on plant-based diets and meat alternatives across the globe today

McDonald's plant-based PLT burger; health experts suggest increasing intake of foods like brown rice, carrots, turmeric, quinoa, among other things

Art of change: Maintaining digital and physical balance in times of Coronavirus

A sector that relies and thrives on the physical experience, the art world has been thrown into a tizzy by the pandemic. To survive and recover, it requires a new blueprint. An online narrative and innovative collaborations c

The team behind Kochi-Muziris Biennale, scheduled to open later this year, is working on a strategy to be able to open art spaces while keeping in mind safety of all; an installation at the 2019 Serendipity Arts Festival; and a visitor at this year’s India Art Fair

‘Crown shyness’: Social distancing phenomenon observed in trees

Crown shyness, a phenomenon observed in some tree species wherein the crowns of trees do not touch each other, helps trees stay healthy

Some trees that display crown shyness include black mangrove, eucalyptus, camphor and Japanese larch.

Meeting makeover: Hybrid meetings could become the new norm in offices

India-based Zoho, a suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications, has been working on scaling up online meeting, webinar and remote-education tools to enable users to have secured virtual discussions in private.

The Magic Immunity Pill: Timely book suggests simple lifestyle changes for stronger immunity

A timely book suggests simple lifestyle changes for stronger immunity

Down the garden path! Gardening is an effective way to cope with stressors of daily life

From encouraging a healthy sleep pattern to improving the heart rate and blood pressure, gardening is an effective way to cope with the stressors of daily life.

Illegal wildlife trade remains one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. But have we learnt any lessons?

As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, illegal wildlife trade remains one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. But have we learnt any lessons?

The Duke of Cambridge is also backing efforts to ‘end the illegal wildlife trade for good’, as a new report highlights the global threat of such criminal activity.

How do you make the look work for you? We get some answers from the best in the business

Top-to-bottom single-tone ensembles are all the rage now, with many celebrities flaunting them. But how do you make the look work for you? We get some answers from the best in the business...

The Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur collection has structured tailormade styles for men and women; an outfit from American luxury fashion house Kate Spade; and Bubber Couture, a Mumbai-based menswear label, Anjali Bhaskar of Samatvam, a Delhi-based designer-wear brand

Are penguins becoming a major cause of climate change?

Poop emits noxious gases, but in the Antarctic, penguin faeces, which produce high levels of nitrous oxide, are becoming a major cause of climate change.

Black Lives Matter movement: What really defines a statue? Do we need them?

Statues are being seen as controversial symbols of divisiveness in the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement. But what really defines a statue? More importantly, do we need them?

How people across the world still consuming some weird animal ingredients and still loving it

From snail mucin to cochineal dye, here’s how people across the world are consuming some weird animal ingredients and still loving it.

Plastic challenge: Covid derailed fight against climate change but saving planet is as important as one’s health

The fight against climate change took a beating with the outbreak of the virus, as protective equipment made of plastic became crucial. But it’s time we realise that it’s as important to save the planet as one’s health.

The silver lining: Will Cloud kitchens help restaurants industry revive?

Even as restaurants have opened, uncertainty looms large over the future of the dining business. Cloud kitchens, a concept reinforced by the pandemic, seem a safe and viable option. Will it help the industry revive?

Trade fair 2.0: What countries are doing to restart trade exhibitions

Countries across the world are working on restarting trade exhibitions with new safety protocols, including contactless entry and cashless transactions.

Time for a makeover: Why Social distancing is nearly impossible for beauty salon

Social distancing is nearly impossible for a beauty salon. To survive now, though, the industry will have to adopt stringent grooming standards

Why space race is set to get more heated in the future

With big businesses taking a keen interest in its commercial use, the space race is set to get more heated in the future

Covid-19 effect: Time for Made-in-India tag to go global

India needs to go beyond being just self-reliant; it needs the Made-in-India tag to go global.

A trip to the future: Travellers will have to adapt to new realities post Covid-19 outbreak

Air travel is set to undergo massive changes in the near future. From thermal scans and sealed meals to immunity certificates, the new age of sanitised travel will be unlike anything we have seen before

It’s a wild wild world: Animals reclaim their space amid COVID-19 lockdown

The animal world has been reclaiming lost space amid the lockdown even as humans remain sequestered at home. What are the lessons to learn and what’s the path going ahead?

Ramzan in times of Coronavirus: Bonding over iftar

Lavish iftar feasts and large gatherings might be missing this Ramzan, but people are happy to make do with what they can rustle up at home as time with family makes up for everything.

Workout-at-home fitness boom: The gym comes home

Online workout classes are helping people remain fit even as they stay at home.

Celebrate the night: Let’s indulge in some night sky gazing – thank lockdown for it

The lockdown has led to less pollution and clear skies. So why not indulge in some night sky gazing?

The face time look: How to make your videoconferencing call flawless

Shabby background, sloppy attire, children barging in, pets screeching... There are many things that can go wrong in your videoconferencing call. So how do you retain some semblance of order without making any faux pas?

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