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Should you double mask?

Considering the effectiveness of masks, there has been a trend of wearing double or even triple masks. But do we really need two masks?

coronavirus masks

Matter of Mind: Beating the burnout is ultimate need of hour

Break-less hours of remote work, never-ending screen time and exhaustion are leading to mental fatigue and burnout in most professionals, pointing to the urgent need to embed well-being in the workplace culture

In this situation, organisations need to become points of delivery for mental health services.

The beauty of Botticelli: Tracing the charm behind the Renaissance artist’s portraits

Botticelli’s 'Primavera' and the 'Birth of Venus' evoke classical allegories and biblical themes, which were an ideal representation of 15th-century florentine culture.

Sandro Botticelli, Young Man Holding A Roundel

Protest. Agitation. Movement — Various facets of dissent

As a protest captures popular imagination and becomes a topic of conversation in every home, we examine the various facets of dissent

Many had politics behind them, and some were alleged to be motivated by politics.

The truth diet: Do diets actually help in weight loss or are they just passing trends?

From keto and low-fat to vegan and paleo, there are a plethora of diet fads swirling all around us, luring those looking to lose weight quickly.

Her words carry a lot of weight and significance, especially at a time when there are a plethora of diet fads swirling all around us, luring those looking to lose weight quickly.

Want to reset your body clock and get good sleep? Here’s what experts say

Staying at home has not only changed our lives, but also our routines. A big casualty has been our body clock, which has led to erratic sleep and disrupted schedules. Now, when the world will soon get back to normal, can we r

No number of drugs, pills or medicines can ever replace the magic of a good sound sleep, shares Coutinho.

After disastrous 2020, is aviation industry finally getting its wings in 2021?

Increasing passenger safety, boosting passenger confidence and making airport and airline operations more efficient, adaptable and intelligent is the new blueprint for survival and growth

At the same time, increasing passenger safety, boosting passenger confidence and making airport and airline operations significantly more efficient, adaptable and intelligent is the new blueprint for survival and growth.

Louis Vuitton to Gucci, why high-profile luxury brands are so focused on monograms?

A well-designed monogram that is both expressive, as well as captivating can act as a great tool for brand recall

The brand has also tapped models Liu Wen and Wang Xiangguo for its Chinese New Year 2021 campaign, featuring a limited-edition Thomas Burberry Monogram Motif inspired by the Chinese Year of the Ox.

The human connection: The art of gathering will be significantly redefined in 2021

With large-format get-togethers becoming less prevalent, people will spend more time in intimate settings, where good food and great spirits will be in the spotlight

There seems to be a stronger sense of community-building and personal connection than there has ever been.

The Marie Kondo effect: Can apps really help organise contacts on a phone?

The success and failure of an app tracking hundreds of contacts depends on a powerful app with data-tracking capabilities and there are several apps that promise to offer this

The app relies on artificial intelligence to find and merge duplicate contacts, fill out incomplete information and continually keep that data up to date.

Running resolution: Getting fitter can be one of the best new year resolves

Running alone is the best way to reduce risk. Timing your solo run for when you know your route or trail will be less crowded, is the first and the best thing to keep in mind

A running app installed on your smartphone taps into that device's built-in sensors to track speed, distance travelled and calories burned.

Travel 2021: What will be on the itinerary once vaccination opens up the world?

Travel may not be carefree and without caution at least this year. And, both consumers and the travel and hospitality industry are geared up for that.

Newfound appreciation for doorstep delights will endure alongside an abiding love of the far-flung, and travellers will find new ways to blur the lines between work and travel.

‘Illuminating’ and ‘Ultimate Gray’, two shades of hope for 2021

We need some sunshine in the new year, and Pantone's Color of the Year is just that

2020, coronavirus and gender equality: The year women weakened

Covid-19 resulted in unprecedented loss of employment. The hardest hit perhaps were women who either lost jobs or had to juggle work & home. We look back at how the year was for women in the workforce

Passport art: Norway’s new passports feature illustrations of landscape that change from day to night in UV light

A passport is an object d’art rich in visual and historic narrative. Norway’s new passports, for instance, feature illustrations of landscape that change from day to night under UV light

A tomb brought to life: The mausoleum of Akbar’s courtier Abdur Rahim believed to inspire Taj Mahal restored to original glory

The mausoleum is one of the most prominently located Mughal era monuments in the national capital, standing on two major transport arteries used by over two million commuters daily.

With the call for gender equality, an increasing number of men today are sharing the responsibility of childcare & domestic chores

Companies, too, have taken note, extending paid paternity leaves and even creating them where there were none

Seafloor deposits of minerals could soon become commercially available amid concerns over deep-sea mining

Seafloor deposits of cobalt, nickel, lithium and other minerals could soon become commercially available. But environmentalists are concerned about the dangers of deep-sea mining

From Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi to Oppo, every tech giant is bringing the foldable smartphone back

From Apple and Samsung to Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo, every tech giant is bringing the foldable smartphone back. But why is it such a big deal?

The workcation life: Stay creative, stay safe and enjoy the new normal

Bored and stressed with work from home, many professionals today are opting to break the monotony by travelling to scenic locales to work and play

Travel services company Thomas Cook introduced workcations in a range of short breaks and mid-week escapes, starting at an attractive price of Rs 2,299 onwards.

The silver lining of corona pandemic: How India found happiness in these stressful times

It’s true that the pandemic has created havoc in everybody’s life. But it has also presented us an opportunity to assess the positive effects of negative emotions, and use them for personal improvement.

From going slow and minimal to conscious buying and eating, the health crisis has been instrumental in accelerating many positive changes.

Spotlight: Young soldiers on the climate front

As the fight against climate change is being led by young activists around the globe, their challenge becomes two-fold: getting elders to change damaging policy decisions, and being taken seriously enough

FE Lines: The pursuit of happiness

Why are some societies happier than others? Do emotions motivate and inspire us to be productive and take control of our lives?

It’s All Yellow: Even amid a damp sale season, gold’s allure refuses to diminish

Gold continues to be a safe investment option, as well as an integral part of festivities

Customers are demanding gold mostly for the upcoming wedding season, self-adornment, as well as investment purposes, say experts.

Diwali with a Difference: The mela is online

Handicraft melas and haats are common during the festive season, but the pandemic has necessitated that we reconsider the practice this year. In dismal times like these, virtual handicraft bazaars have come as a ray of hope a

Fairs and exhibitions like Hunar Haat are inherent traditions of the country, showcasing its crafts, cuisines and culture.

Make your own meetha: These easy recipes, with a regional twist, promise deliciousness, health and flavour

The past few months have made chefs out of everyone. We encourage you to take your skills a step further with these recipes and add a sweet touch to your festival celebrations

Social media, too, helped in turning many into DIY experts.

Private flying may reach a new high amid Covid-19

With onboard social distancing and reduced touch points, private flying is proving invaluable for an increasing number of fliers today

The survey, conducted with 1,386 Indian passengers, revealed that passengers are eagerly awaiting the return to normalcy of flight operations and are looking forward to international travel for leisure.
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