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Mind Over Medal: Shining the spotlight on mental health issues among athletes

Athletes push their limits every day to become better, but it comes at an immense cost. American gymnast Simone Biles pulling out of the team final at the Olympics, following Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from French Open & Wimb

In the past, a number of athletes have increasingly opened up about their oft-hidden mental struggles.

Tokyo Olympics | Insecurity, fear of missing out, anxiety bound to happen: Pullela Gopichand, chief national coach, Indian badminton team

The Olympics is not just a test of an athlete's sporting skills, but also their mental strength. The latter is under tremendous stress this year owing to a curtailed training period and Covid-19. Pullela Gopichand calls the T

Pullela Gopichand, chief national badminton coach

Making First Waves: Surfing, climbing, skateboarding, karate, baseball & softball make their Olympic debut at Tokyo Games

The International Olympic Committee's 2016 decision to include surfing in the Olympics for the first time this year marks a new era in the history of watersports.

A surfer from Brazil during the men's surfing competition at Tsurigasaki beach in Ichinomiya, Japan (AP photo)

It’s raining animations: A whole new wave of animation films & series are waiting to be discovered

Netflix and Comcast Corp's Universal Pictures will make a multi-year exclusive rights deal in the United States for animated film franchises such as Minions and Puss in Boots.

Luca, Animation

A touch of Awadh: Proposed archives and museum in Ayodhya to showcase Awadh’s heritage

Centred on Awadh’s heritage, a museum, archives and community kitchen, proposed to be built at the 5-acre ‘masjid complex’ in Ayodhya, will foster the multicultural fabric of India, says historian Pushpesh Pant

The archives/museum will be part of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Centre, which will also comprise a library and community kitchen, all centred on Awadh's heritage.

No more plastic: Plastic Free July movement seeks to inspire people to refuse single-use plastics

What started in 2011 as a key initiative by Plastic Free Foundation founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in the local government in western Australia is today one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the

A file photo of workers separating different types of plastic at a plant in Portugal (REUTERS)

Star Wars: Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight to usher in a new era of private commercial space travel

Richard Branson is set to take off for space today, beating fellow billionaire businessmen Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, and ushering in a new era of private commercial space travel

A file photo of Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson outside the New York Stock Exchange (AP)

Reeling in Happiness: Growing popularity of lighthearted & positive content in times of Covid pandemic

Be it mushy romances or classic comedies, people are lapping up feel-good TV shows, web series and films to steal some moments of joy in these otherwise dismal times

The success of Masaba Masaba points to a telling trend when it comes to onscreen entertainment, that of the growing popularity of lighthearted and positive content. And it's easy to see why.

Best Face Forward: Are you guilty of breaking these social media etiquette and rules?

With people spending more and more time online, it has become increasingly important to follow social media etiquette and rules

Banning these activities, WeChat urged hosts to pay attention to the rules. This could be a bid to clean up its livestreaming service, as per a report on Reuters.

Gym from Home: How workout-at-home has become a pandemic fitness trend

With the threat of the virus still at large and easy access to online training sessions, workout-at-home has become the pandemic fitness trend, leading to a sharp boom for the virtual fitness industry and diverse offerings fo

In the process, the virtual fitness industry has witnessed a sharp boom, with many offerings mushrooming in the past year.

Rainbow Revolution: LGBTQIA+ discourse sees huge progress with govts & businesses standing up for community’s rights

The younger generation, especially is much more accepting of people with different orientations. It's this kind of shift in thinking that can bring a greater change when it comes to transforming people’s mindsets.

A file photo of LGBTQ+ demonstrators gathering on the steps of the Montana State Capitol in the US (AP)

A New Brand World: From Amazon to Tesla — do brand and product extensions always work?

From Amazon to Tesla, many businesses have taken the brand extension route to help establish their position in new categories and sustain the parent brand’s relevance.

Brand extensions work well as it is easier for firms to focus on just the new product rather than face the prospect of creating awareness both for the brand and product, as per industry experts.

Royal Blues: British royal family’s split widens after Prince Harry & Meghan’s interview and naming of daughter

Be it Prince Harry and Meghan’s split from the family or dealing with Diana’s iconic status, there have been countless occasions when the British royal family has gone through unhappiness

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in conversation with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year AP

‘Mural, mural on the Wall’: Street art breathes new life into concrete walls, and brings about change

Today, street art is stimulating conversations and has become a powerful tool for change, transforming the way we view cities

Artists like Nanjundaswamy have left an indelible mark on the city's crumbling infrastructure, with street art that not only breathes life into concrete walls, but also stimulates conversations.

The Farting Trees: Study reveals how some trees expel greenhouse gases in the air

Recent research finds that standing dead trees in coastal wetland forests contribute to global warming

researchers measured emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide from dead pine & bald cypress snags in five ghost forests on the Albemarle-Pamlico Peninsula in North carolina

Best Foot Forward: As footwear preferences change in pandemic era, take care of foot health

There’s been a noticeable shift from wearing shoes to opting for slippers/going barefoot in the post-pandemic era as people stay in, but one should take care of foot health even while at home, say experts

Avoid walking barefoot at home as it can cause strain in plantar fascia, a ligament that connects the heel to the front of the foot, advise experts

Funny Side Up: A bunch of content creators are redefining comedy on social media

A bunch of content creators are putting out short comical videos, depicting the common man’s daily struggles and absurdities of the times we’re living in

As a genre, however, political satire is often subject to criticism.

An Alternate World: Alternative lifestyles & materials can help reverse environmental impact of climate change

There’s no magic wand to reverse the environmental impact of climate change, but significant headway can be made by adopting alternative lifestyles and materials. Be it opting for vegan silk and clean energy or consuming mi

Be it consuming microbe-based proteins or opting for vegan silk or clean energy solutions, alternativism is the need of the hour.

Secret of bees: Recent research suggests bees can be trained to smell & detect coronavirus

Recent research by startup InsectSense and Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in the Netherlands suggests bees can be trained to smell and detect coronavirus.

Out of the Lab: Meat, caviar, leather, diamonds — brands pioneer new ways to come up with products grown in lab

With sustainability being the need of the hour, there is a need to curb excessive mining, land disturbance, carbon emissions and environmental damages.

The World Economic Forum reports that the environmental cost of the growing appetite for meat is alarming. Agriculture is responsible for 10-12% of greenhouse gas emissions, with meat, poultry and dairy farming producing nearly three quarters of it.

A Poetic Moment: Hindi poetry witnessing a huge rise in popularity

Hindi poetry is seeing a huge shift in reception today, becoming not just a popular medium for all age groups, but also a commercially viable genre, thanks to social media, e-books and offline ticketed events

Clearly, Hindi poetry and poets are seeing a huge shift in reception today.

Smell Therapy: Smell training can help one regain the olfactory senses

Loss of smell has been a prominent symptom of Covid-19, which has left many with long-term smell distortions.

Losing sense of smell affects taste sensation, negatively impacts quality of life and can also lead to feelings of loss, loneliness and anxiety.

The Lego Life: What used to be a kids’ product in 90s now grabs the attention of youngsters, as well as adults

Recently, Time magazine even named Lego Group among the world’s 100 most influential companies in its inaugural list of businesses shaping the future of society.

A Danish toy brand, Lego rose to massive popularity in the mid-20th century and today it has something for everyone.

Genderless Gems: Accessorising has gone a step ahead with gender-fluid jewellery the hot new trend

Taking a cue, many brands and labels are offering new-age design sensibilities, blending the masculine with the feminine

However, men's jewellery is still in its infancy with just a few brands offering it.

Creative selection: Creative isolation worked wonders for some, led to huge loss of creativity in others

As Covid changed the rhythm of life for many, what majorly got impacted was the inspiration to create. While for some, creative isolation worked wonders, helping them turn ideas into projects, for many others, it resulted in

Age of the vaccine selfie: The ‘vaxxie’ is now a rage, coming as a source of hope, as well as FOMO for netizens

From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States President Joe Biden to celebrities like English actor Ian McKellen, all their shots have made it to the headlines.

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