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Coronavirus and road to recovery: Time is the only best medicine we have

Studies have revealed that a sizeable number of coronavirus patients don’t return to their regular state of health after testing negative for the disease, raising concerns about the complicated post-Covid recovery process

However, medical research is gradually learning more about how this virus behaves.

The Shape Of You: These celebs are making bulge very beautiful and how

In a world where ‘fit’ sells more than ‘fat’, a clutch of individuals and brands are celebrating the plus size, something they hope will inspire people and help them survive a fatphobic society’s everlasting obsessi

TV actor Kiku Sharda

High-tech fashion: Pandemic shifts focus from physical garments to storytelling and digital aspiration

Blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds, high fashion has gone beyond storytelling and aspiration today

For instance, Gucci is designing virtual clothes, shoes and accessories that exist in the digital realm. (Photo: Reuters)

UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook report: A wake-up call

It’s high time we stepped up efforts to conserve and restore biodiversity using approaches that suit the local context

Most countries are now taking steps to protect biodiversity without which the state of the world’s biodiversity would be considerably worse.

Ancient textile art form Tie-dye is going through a renaissance moment

An ancient textile art form, tie-dye is going through a renaissance moment, working as a mood-booster for people cooped up inside their homes

Tie-dye apparel from Udaipur-based Aavaran and Delhi-based fashion label Ekadi

Rebels with a cause: Band of protesters raising awareness about climate crisis in unique ways

A band of protesters is raising awareness about the climate crisis in unique ways to draw attention and compel action

A file photo of activists in red robes, from the climate protest movement Extinction Rebellion, marching in London (Bloomberg Image)

Covid curios: Recording the Coronavirus pandemic

From masks, letters and test kits to ventilators and grocery lists, museums across the world are collecting coronavirus artefacts to give future generations a glimpse of how the crisis affected people

Masks at factory in Shanghai (Reuters Image)

The green movement: The push for a plant-based diet is getting bigger worldwide

In India, there is even a challenge for companies to put their best foot forward

According to the World Health Organization, every year over 20 million people die as a result of malnutrition, and approximately one billion people suffer from chronic hunger.

The sneaker league: A statement of individuality

Be it sports, politics or high fashion, sneakers mirror the wearer’s personality and are a statement of individuality and style

Democratic US Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris wearing sneakers during a recent visit to Milwaukee, US (REUTERS Image)

Revolutionary road: Ambitious plans afoot across the country to transform its roads and streets

There are ambitious plans afoot across the country’s major metros to transform and beautify its roads and streets on a par with those in European cities. But how much of it is achievable in India, keeping in mind last-mile

Research points to the need for increased use of public transport and NMVs, as pollution and congestion emanating from frequent private vehicle usage is dangerous.

From FOMO to JOMO: Embracing the joy of missing out

Here’s how to banish the fear of missing out, which can be exhausting and overwhelming, and embrace the joy of missing out to reconnect with life

Holiday plans, restaurant visits, electronic purchases, hashtags and trends followed.

‘Snackification’: The changing trend that’s catching up

Snacking today is vastly different from what it was till some years back. Crackers laced with sodium and cookies dipped in sugar have made way for grab-and-go yoghurts, fruit and nut bars, vegetable and bean snacks, quinoa so

Many local and branded makers have introduced products like roasted grains as nutritional options in the 'easy snack' category.

A deep dive: Marine tourism goes beyond dolphin-watching to provide wholesome experience

Marine tourism has gone beyond dolphin-watching, incorporating tech, education and fun to provide tourists a wholesome experience

Community initiatives for island cleanup and waste disposal like in the case of Seaside Finolhu resort in Maldives educate the local community as well.

Nurturing nature: Permaculture farming finds an increasing number of takers in the country

Permaculture farming, a self-sufficient and sustainable practice where nature does most of the work, is finding an increasing number of takers in the country today. The aim is to grow and harvest one's own food, as well as cr

A self-sufficient and sustainable practice of farming where nature does most of the work, permaculture requires minimal human effort.

Down to earth! Grounding or walking barefoot on earth has several physiological benefits

Grounding, or walking barefoot on earth, has several physiological benefits besides enhancing general well-being and health

Activities like playing with soil, building sand castles on the beach, etc, help in fighting sadness, anxiety and depression, besides having other positive effects.

Hit by Covid, professionals are coming out of their comfort zones to re-evaluate career choices

Jobs have been put on hold and employees laid off due to coronavirus shutdowns around the world. Faced with a gloomy future, many professionals are coming out of their comfort zones to re-evaluate their career choices and ups

Communications professional Mohita Bahadur; and Delhi-based media professional Samapti Das

Capture your screen! Why art of taking screenshots can never be underestimated

The screenshot can never get old as it remains one of the most popular tools to capture and share data, images and messages

There were no special applications or software to take a screenshot as this functionality was baked into computers.

What’s the right way to use a sanitiser

A sanitiser is the most convenient way to clean hands, but its overuse could affect the skin adversely. So what’s the right way to use one?

Companies aren't required to disclose the ingredients that make up their secret scents and, therefore, are generally made from chemicals,” he says.

Conscious closet: What are the new wardrobe essentials that one should invest in?

Out go exorbitant outfits and overflowing wardrobes. With work from home the new constant, it’s perhaps time to declutter that closet and indulge only in conscious and minimal buying. But what are the new wardrobe essential

Expenditure on luxury buying, too, will take a back seat and products that offer durability, as well as protection will find more takers.

Behind the mask: Ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

Shopping streets have a new fashion accessory and brands have built creative campaigns around it, but the truth is that the ubiquitous mask is leading to a lot of mental distress and anxiety in people

For a vast majority of people, though, masks help filter out fear of the virus.

Washing hands or wearing gloves, which is the more effective way to prevent Covid? Experts offer some insights

We touch a variety of things—from the mobile phone to the bathroom door—in a span of a few minutes and if done wearing the same pair of gloves, the germs can get carried to different surfaces.

Hand washing is easier and more recommended than wearing gloves.

Whale done! Whales can teach us a thing or two about friendships, social bonds and social distancing too

Whales can teach us a thing or two about friendships, social bonds and social distancing too

A recent study by the Florida Atlantic University analysed the relationship between group behaviours, dynamics and kinship of beluga whales in 10 locations across the Arctic.

The green plate: There’s a renewed thrust on plant-based diets and meat alternatives across the globe today

With meat consumption coming under heavy scrutiny in the wake of the pandemic, there’s a renewed thrust on plant-based diets and meat alternatives across the globe today

McDonald's plant-based PLT burger; health experts suggest increasing intake of foods like brown rice, carrots, turmeric, quinoa, among other things

Art of change: Maintaining digital and physical balance in times of Coronavirus

A sector that relies and thrives on the physical experience, the art world has been thrown into a tizzy by the pandemic. To survive and recover, it requires a new blueprint. An online narrative and innovative collaborations c

The team behind Kochi-Muziris Biennale, scheduled to open later this year, is working on a strategy to be able to open art spaces while keeping in mind safety of all; an installation at the 2019 Serendipity Arts Festival; and a visitor at this year’s India Art Fair

‘Crown shyness’: Social distancing phenomenon observed in trees

Crown shyness, a phenomenon observed in some tree species wherein the crowns of trees do not touch each other, helps trees stay healthy

Some trees that display crown shyness include black mangrove, eucalyptus, camphor and Japanese larch.

Meeting makeover: Hybrid meetings could become the new norm in offices

India-based Zoho, a suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications, has been working on scaling up online meeting, webinar and remote-education tools to enable users to have secured virtual discussions in private.

The Magic Immunity Pill: Timely book suggests simple lifestyle changes for stronger immunity

A timely book suggests simple lifestyle changes for stronger immunity

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