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Time for a makeover: Why Social distancing is nearly impossible for beauty salon

Social distancing is nearly impossible for a beauty salon. To survive now, though, the industry will have to adopt stringent grooming standards

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Why space race is set to get more heated in the future

With big businesses taking a keen interest in its commercial use, the space race is set to get more heated in the future

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Covid-19 effect: Time for Made-in-India tag to go global

India needs to go beyond being just self-reliant; it needs the Made-in-India tag to go global.

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A trip to the future: Travellers will have to adapt to new realities post Covid-19 outbreak

Air travel is set to undergo massive changes in the near future. From thermal scans and sealed meals to immunity certificates, the new age of sanitised travel will be unlike anything we have seen before

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It’s a wild wild world: Animals reclaim their space amid COVID-19 lockdown

The animal world has been reclaiming lost space amid the lockdown even as humans remain sequestered at home. What are the lessons to learn and what’s the path going ahead?

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Ramzan in times of Coronavirus: Bonding over iftar

Lavish iftar feasts and large gatherings might be missing this Ramzan, but people are happy to make do with what they can rustle up at home as time with family makes up for everything.

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Workout-at-home fitness boom: The gym comes home

Online workout classes are helping people remain fit even as they stay at home.

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Celebrate the night: Let’s indulge in some night sky gazing – thank lockdown for it

The lockdown has led to less pollution and clear skies. So why not indulge in some night sky gazing?

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The face time look: How to make your videoconferencing call flawless

Shabby background, sloppy attire, children barging in, pets screeching... There are many things that can go wrong in your videoconferencing call. So how do you retain some semblance of order without making any faux pas?

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The hard road ahead: Stories of sectors facing their own unique challenges amid Covid pandemic

While millions face the disease, almost all are facing economic hurdles. No sector is untouched, and no impact is small. Looking beyond oil and aviation, we bring you stories of sectors facing their own unique challenges.

A majority of small- and large-scale businesses already fear the economic impact, leading to a reduction in revenues, loss of trade, investment and supply chains. News

Survival hashtags: How some creative hashtags on social media have come to the rescue of netizens

Some creative hashtags on social media have come to the rescue of netizens, offering distraction as well as solace in these trying times.

Following the WHO’s #safehands campaign, celebrities like Selena Gomez have requested their followers to maintain strict hand hygiene News

How brands are adopting innovative means to drive consumer engagements

From redesigning logo to driving digital campaigns, brands are adapting to the situation by driving sensitive and timely campaigns

McDonald's logo redesign, wherein it separated its iconic golden arches, in Brazil drew a lot of criticism, with some questioning how the brand has been treating its workers News

Lockdown detox: ‘Skin fasting’ aids healing

It's true that our skin needs regular breaks from makeup and repetitive layers of creams and moisturisers, more so for those with inflamed skin.

The use of moisturisers, in fact, can stop the production of natural sebum (oil) making the skin drier. News

Lessons from the wildlife

Social distancing is not a novel concept in the natural world, as several species resort to such measures to avoid getting sick

A report published by National Geographic claims that social distancing is not a novel concept in the natural world, as several species expel members within their community if they are infected with a pathogen. News

Covid-19 vaccine quest: Containment and mitigation might be the only strategy till vaccine comes

Efforts are underway to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus on an urgent basis, but it’s a long-drawn process

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How to keep children busy, entertained and yet in line in time of self-quarantine

Struggling to balance work-from-home and parenting duties? Difficult as it might sound, there are several ways to keep children entertained and happy even in lockdown mode

The most trying part of the entire arrangement, however, is to keep children busy, entertained and yet in line. News

How brands are playing the sustainability game

Brands today are choosing to adopt responsible product packaging using recyclable and non-hazardous materials

supply disruption, lockdown, coronavirus, covid 19, economy, indian economy, recession News

In deep waters: On World Water Day today, it’s time to pledge to manage our water resources

About four billion people live in regions of severe water stress around the world. On World Water Day today, it’s time to pledge to manage our water resources in a more sustainable way.

In deep waters, World Water Day, Coronavirus outbreak, climate change, greenhouse gases, drinking water, sanitation, human rights, water resources News

On a dim sum trail: This meal might be Chinese in origin but have global appeal

The dainty dumplings part of the dim sum meal might be Chinese in origin but have global appeal. It's no wonder then that chefs are trying various combinations to appease the palates of discerning diners

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Climate change is real and staring in our faces, but all’s not lost

There’s a collaborative effort across industries today to tackle the crisis. From fashion, energy and transport to beauty and food, companies across sectors are doing their bit to ensure a better tomorrow.

Climate change, Temperatures in Antarctica, Amazon rainforest, Baghdad, Australia, India Climate Collaborative, indoor air quality News

Design Deconstructed: What goes on behind the design lab’s doors?

The world of design is a complex one. From helping brands differentiate their offerings to fusing with art to provoke thinking, design has always explored unchartered territories. But what goes on behind the design lab’s do

The Asian Paints ColourNext20 trend report predicts the idea of sound as a sensory experience, also called Sonic. The décor is abstract and scenic. Sonic explores how a human mind willingly engages with sound as a sensory experience News

Relax your mind: Sounds and videos on the Internet are helping people relax, sleep and cope with anxiety

In the age of technological advancements, apps are helping us exhale and giving much needed mental relaxation.

relaxing tips, anxiety tips, mind relaxing video, Apple Calm app, ASMR videos, LGG8X ThinQ, iPhone XS, ASMR mode News

Luxury fashion labels offer delectable food experiences

Luxury fashion labels are now offering delectable treats and food experiences inside their stores

Louis Vuitton, Maison Osaka Midosuji, Yosuke Suga, Tiffany Blue Box Café, New York city, Tiffany & Co, Knightsbridge News

What does it take to be a royal in the real world?

The glitz and glamour of royal life can take you places, help you scale big achievements, and put you in limelight forever.

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Aesthetics or emerging technology? Which way is the future of Indian art headed

Cattelan’s banana artwork, for instance, is a brilliant example of how the meaning and importance of objects can change depending on the context.

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India is a major emerging market, says India Art fair Director

The fair has 70% of its floorspace dedicated to Indian galleries, institutions, artists’ collectives, cultural events and festivals.

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The New Dress Code: Dressing in the age of millennials, start-ups and gig economy

The stiff collar is out. Dressing to work can be fun, more so in the age of millennials, start-ups and the gig economy. And, the brands are right in tune with the trend

With corporates becoming more acceptable and inclusive in their grooming code, a few wardrobe staples can be a navy blazer, a white shirt, unwashed indigo denims and a neat pair of loafers for both men and women News
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