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Creative selection: Creative isolation worked wonders for some, led to huge loss of creativity in others

As Covid changed the rhythm of life for many, what majorly got impacted was the inspiration to create. While for some, creative isolation worked wonders, helping them turn ideas into projects, for many others, it resulted in

Age of the vaccine selfie: The ‘vaxxie’ is now a rage, coming as a source of hope, as well as FOMO for netizens

From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States President Joe Biden to celebrities like English actor Ian McKellen, all their shots have made it to the headlines.

It’s a family affair

After a full year of being at home—with some hope in between of Covid cases dwindling—we are back in the thick of a surge and more lockdowns, night curfews and work from home. This means more time spent at home with famil

Many like Saha felt the strain in personal relationships during the pandemic owing to financial uncertainty, increased domestic chores and responsibilities, constant work pressure, health worries, etc.

The e-waste crisis: 50 million tonnes of electronic waste discarded in 2019

Electronic waste is now the fastest-growing waste stream in the world, pointing to the urgent need to create a sustainable industry that generates less waste

Globally, society only deals with 20% of e-waste appropriately and the rest ends up in a landfill or is disposed of by informal workers in poor conditions.

The cancel culture code

You may support it or abhor it, but there’s no way you can ignore it. Cancel culture has been gathering steady steam over the past few years, sometimes as an extension of mob rule, at other times, a way of speaking truth to

Cancel culture can be defined as a sort of ostracism through which someone is 'cancelled', or exiled, from social and professional spheres.

Battling the twin challenges of surging pandemic and medical waste

Vaccine rollout is essential to curb the spread of the virus, but responsibly discarding syringes and needles is also important for the planet’s health

Environmentalists fear negative consequences for wildlife, as the pandemic poses difficult short-term choices between health and the environment. The contaminated plastic, cloth and latex could even end up in the waterways, blocking oceans.

The Politics of Fashion: From PM Narendra Modi to Rahul Gandhi — a window into philosophy & belief system of politicians

From the simple dhoti of Mahatma Gandhi and tailored bandhgalas of Jawaharlal Nehru to Mamata Banerjee’s trademark blue-and-white cotton sari and Arvind Kejriwal’s muffler, politicians’ choice of clothes and accessories

Jeev Milkha Singh’s senior circuit dream and unending love for golf | INTERVIEW

With six Asian, four European and four Japan Tour titles, Jeev Milkha Singh is India’s most decorated golfer.

Jeev Milkha Singh, Golfer, European titles, Japan Tour titles, India’s most decorated golfer.bunker rakes, water coolers, trash bins, ball washers, Air five, cricket, golf, golf clubs

A cryptic world: Digital works, cryptocurrencies are transforming the landscape of art

Art has always created new possibilities, making us think beyond our imaginations.

Last year, the banana duct tape artwork, for instance, was a brilliant example of how the meaning and importance of objects change depending on the context—sometimes irreverent, sometimes whimsical.

Power drive: Golf is gradually getting its due with many finding it to be the safest sport in view of pandemic

In a nation that worships cricket, there are still many challenges to be overcome

Amid all the social distancing norms, the rules of the game may have been slightly twisted, but the sport is thriving and how.

Mix & fix: Routine is good but it is important to keep switching one’s workout regimen

Routine is good but it is important to keep switching one’s workout regimen as it’s the key to stimulating different muscle sets and preventing boredom

Just as a balanced diet is imperative for the body, a combination workout helps control muscle growth, as well as aid weight loss.

From science to politics, 2021 will go down in history as one that ushered in significant milestones

From science to politics, the year 2021 will go down in history as one that ushered in significant milestones in various fields

A rendering of Voyager Station, the world's first space hotel set to open in 2027 Photo: Voyager Station

The Luxury Closet: Post-Covid luxury sector seeing investment in items like handbags, jewellery, art & watches

Even as luxury retail looks at a post-Covid strategic plan, there are signs of growth, with people eager to invest in items like handbags, jewellery, art, watches, wine and classic cars

The year 2021 will follow one of significant changes, as the desire will be to invest in purchases that are meaningful and have enduring value.

An Animated World: 2D, 3D, mixed media animation in advertising takes centrestage in post Covid times

In a world grappling with the pandemic where physical ad shoots have been difficult, animation in advertising, using 2D, 3D or mixed media, has taken centrestage

Animation also provides a level-playing field when it comes to cost.

Wine country shift: South-east Asia could be home to the world’s best vineyards, thanks to climate change

With climate change affecting produce at the finest vineyards, new wine-producing regions such as Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar could soon replace the world’s best vineyards

Climate change

Home Smart Home: Variety of products to offer

Home automation is on the rise and so is a shift towards minimalism. The future home, experts say, will be a combination of function, aesthetics and sustainability

Lighting controls, motorised shades, iPad-controlled residences and Lutron lighting controls (motorised shading) are trending in luxury pads, as per Delhi-based light control equipment solutions provider Anusha Technovision.

Is a ministry of fashion the need of the hour?

Nations are becoming increasingly conscious about regulating carbon emissions from the fashion industry.

Simply put, overproduction of fashion items, use of synthetic fibres and agriculture pollution of fashion crops are a few factors that contribute to waste pollution.

Should you double mask?

Considering the effectiveness of masks, there has been a trend of wearing double or even triple masks. But do we really need two masks?

coronavirus masks

Matter of Mind: Beating the burnout is ultimate need of hour

Break-less hours of remote work, never-ending screen time and exhaustion are leading to mental fatigue and burnout in most professionals, pointing to the urgent need to embed well-being in the workplace culture

In this situation, organisations need to become points of delivery for mental health services.

The beauty of Botticelli: Tracing the charm behind the Renaissance artist’s portraits

Botticelli’s 'Primavera' and the 'Birth of Venus' evoke classical allegories and biblical themes, which were an ideal representation of 15th-century florentine culture.

Sandro Botticelli, Young Man Holding A Roundel

Protest. Agitation. Movement — Various facets of dissent

As a protest captures popular imagination and becomes a topic of conversation in every home, we examine the various facets of dissent

Many had politics behind them, and some were alleged to be motivated by politics.

The truth diet: Do diets actually help in weight loss or are they just passing trends?

From keto and low-fat to vegan and paleo, there are a plethora of diet fads swirling all around us, luring those looking to lose weight quickly.

Her words carry a lot of weight and significance, especially at a time when there are a plethora of diet fads swirling all around us, luring those looking to lose weight quickly.

Want to reset your body clock and get good sleep? Here’s what experts say

Staying at home has not only changed our lives, but also our routines. A big casualty has been our body clock, which has led to erratic sleep and disrupted schedules. Now, when the world will soon get back to normal, can we r

No number of drugs, pills or medicines can ever replace the magic of a good sound sleep, shares Coutinho.

After disastrous 2020, is aviation industry finally getting its wings in 2021?

Increasing passenger safety, boosting passenger confidence and making airport and airline operations more efficient, adaptable and intelligent is the new blueprint for survival and growth

At the same time, increasing passenger safety, boosting passenger confidence and making airport and airline operations significantly more efficient, adaptable and intelligent is the new blueprint for survival and growth.

Louis Vuitton to Gucci, why high-profile luxury brands are so focused on monograms?

A well-designed monogram that is both expressive, as well as captivating can act as a great tool for brand recall

The brand has also tapped models Liu Wen and Wang Xiangguo for its Chinese New Year 2021 campaign, featuring a limited-edition Thomas Burberry Monogram Motif inspired by the Chinese Year of the Ox.

The human connection: The art of gathering will be significantly redefined in 2021

With large-format get-togethers becoming less prevalent, people will spend more time in intimate settings, where good food and great spirits will be in the spotlight

There seems to be a stronger sense of community-building and personal connection than there has ever been.
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