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A pricey meal: If you thought Salt Bae’s London restaurant was expensive, check these eateries out

The Internet recently exploded over an exorbitant bill from a new London restaurant. Find out about places with even higher bills

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has announced the opening of his latest culinary venture for October 11. The River Restaurant at London’s Savoy Hotel would charge £31.50 (approx Rs 3,100) for fish and chips, causing quite a stir on social media.

The e-grocery bandwagon: Small grocery startups that braved pandemic now have to compete with big chains

Amid the pandemic, several small grocery startups are finding scalability in niche markets. But the struggle to compete with big chains remains

However, despite an explosion of small players betting big on demands of the community and supplementing ways to sell fresh produce based on shorter supply chains, prompt home deliveries, innovation or premium price points, the struggle to compete with big chains remains.

E-learning sports: Lockdown unlocks endless potential of online sports coaching apps & websites

Amid shutdown of organised games and sporting activities in the past two years due to the pandemic, online coaching apps and websites are gaining prominence and e-learning is gradually becoming the new norm

e-learning pic

The third jab: Are booster shots of Covid-19 vaccine necessary? Experts answer

In a recent development, an advisory panel to the FDA has offered a limited use of booster shots of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, recommending injections for people 65 and older or at high risk of severe dise

Virus Outbreak Booster

Pipe dream: Why safe tap water remains a privilege in India

Despite govt efforts, safe tap water remains a privilege in India due to concerns over steady supply, quality checks, testing and real-time surveillance of consumer complaints, among other factors

jal jeevan

Eating on water: How floating meals caught the fancy of travellers

Celebrities like Sara Ali Khan, Parineeti Chopra and Taapsee Pannu have also posted vacation images of floating breakfasts during the pandemic, flaunting their sun-filled holidays.

luxury floating breakfast eat in swimming pool

Wild, wild world: New initiatives strive to conserve endangered species

A WWF report published this year examines some glaring gaps in the knowledge of the threatened big cat, and highlights that lack of basic data could be hampering its conservation.

Wildlife conservation is the need of the hour and several organisations have been making special efforts to curb, protect and conserve species

On Stage to Online: In a virtual avatar performing arts can be enjoyed from one’s home, but can it entirely replace the stage experience?

Performing arts like theatre took a severe beating because of the pandemic. But today, it is available in a virtual avatar and can be enjoyed from one’s home. The virtual medium has its own advantages and disadvantages, tho

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Art & Nature: Celebrating wildlife in its beautiful forms

Nature’s bounty has been a major source of inspiration for artists turning simple visual pleasures into artistic pieces. It’s time to celebrate wildlife in its beautiful forms

Parrots Scarlet Macaw on the tree

Heritage walk: What it takes to feature on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Dholavira in Gujarat and Ramappa Temple in Telangana are the latest Indian sites to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, taking the country’s count to 40. But what does it really mean to get the prestigious tag?

World Heritage Sites are designated by UNESCO for having cultural, historical or scientific significance

Made to measure: A size chart tailor-made for Indian body types

A standardised size chart for clothing, being worked on by the ministry of textiles and the National Institute of Fashion Technology, will soon help Indians find the right fit

The project, earlier announced in February 2019, got delayed due to the pandemic.

Floating Gold: Why ambergris is called ‘treasure of the sea’

Ambergris, a rare waxy substance excreted by the sperm whale, is highly valued as an ingredient in perfume and pharmaceuticals

China, Japan, Africa, the Americas and tropical islands such as the Bahamas use ambergris for medicines, potions and spice.

Let’s get talking: It’s time for candid, academic, cathartic conversations

The pandemic put an end to social gatherings and impromptu chatter. Starved of conversation, be it casual, purpose-driven, intellectual, business-oriented or even inane, an increasing number of people are now taking to social

The popularity of Clubhouse in less than a year of its launch since March 2020 is notable.

Life of a genius: Remembering Pablo Picasso on his 140th birth anniversary

An auction of 11 artworks by Picasso will be organised by Sotheby’s to celebrate the life and art of the genius painter on his 140th birthday in October

A representation of Picasso's Guernica in Spain

Maximalism: Pandemic fatigue makes way for riot of eye-popping colours and bold patterns

Move over, minimalism. Pandemic fatigue is making people turn to maximalism in fashion, decor and lifestyle choices, resulting in a riot of eye-popping colours and bold patterns

Represented by the hashtags #more and #moreismore, the trend, which supports creating one's own narrative, is trending on Instagram with over 2.6 lakh posts.

Walk in the suburbs: Here’s why major cities around the world are retrofitting suburbs to increase walking

Major cities of the world are designing the suburbs in a way so as to encourage people to walk, cycle or use community transport as much as possible

About 150 cities in the world, including Bogotá, Lima and Paris, have dedicated cycling and walking infrastructure, connecting the city centre with the suburbs

Colour Rush: How colours catch consumers’ eyes

Be it McDonald’s iconic red-and-yellow signage or Facebook’s blue hues, the use of colour is critical in advertising as it’s the first thing that catches a consumer’s eye

It is true that colours have a deep impact on one's life.

Best friend furrever: Studies show that dogs are born ready to communicate with humans

Dogs are capable of learning through simple conditioning and it’s easier to learn by watching humans.

Other research has shown that a dog’s ability to learn is influenced, not just by hand signals, but also by overall body language and the distance between trainer and dog.

Mind Over Medal: Shining the spotlight on mental health issues among athletes

Athletes push their limits every day to become better, but it comes at an immense cost. American gymnast Simone Biles pulling out of the team final at the Olympics, following Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from French Open & Wimb

In the past, a number of athletes have increasingly opened up about their oft-hidden mental struggles.

Tokyo Olympics | Insecurity, fear of missing out, anxiety bound to happen: Pullela Gopichand, chief national coach, Indian badminton team

The Olympics is not just a test of an athlete's sporting skills, but also their mental strength. The latter is under tremendous stress this year owing to a curtailed training period and Covid-19. Pullela Gopichand calls the T

Pullela Gopichand, chief national badminton coach

Making First Waves: Surfing, climbing, skateboarding, karate, baseball & softball make their Olympic debut at Tokyo Games

The International Olympic Committee's 2016 decision to include surfing in the Olympics for the first time this year marks a new era in the history of watersports.

A surfer from Brazil during the men's surfing competition at Tsurigasaki beach in Ichinomiya, Japan (AP photo)

It’s raining animations: A whole new wave of animation films & series are waiting to be discovered

Netflix and Comcast Corp's Universal Pictures will make a multi-year exclusive rights deal in the United States for animated film franchises such as Minions and Puss in Boots.

Luca, Animation

A touch of Awadh: Proposed archives and museum in Ayodhya to showcase Awadh’s heritage

Centred on Awadh’s heritage, a museum, archives and community kitchen, proposed to be built at the 5-acre ‘masjid complex’ in Ayodhya, will foster the multicultural fabric of India, says historian Pushpesh Pant

The archives/museum will be part of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Centre, which will also comprise a library and community kitchen, all centred on Awadh's heritage.

No more plastic: Plastic Free July movement seeks to inspire people to refuse single-use plastics

What started in 2011 as a key initiative by Plastic Free Foundation founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in the local government in western Australia is today one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the

A file photo of workers separating different types of plastic at a plant in Portugal (REUTERS)

Star Wars: Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight to usher in a new era of private commercial space travel

Richard Branson is set to take off for space today, beating fellow billionaire businessmen Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, and ushering in a new era of private commercial space travel

A file photo of Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson outside the New York Stock Exchange (AP)

Reeling in Happiness: Growing popularity of lighthearted & positive content in times of Covid pandemic

Be it mushy romances or classic comedies, people are lapping up feel-good TV shows, web series and films to steal some moments of joy in these otherwise dismal times

The success of Masaba Masaba points to a telling trend when it comes to onscreen entertainment, that of the growing popularity of lighthearted and positive content. And it's easy to see why.

Best Face Forward: Are you guilty of breaking these social media etiquette and rules?

With people spending more and more time online, it has become increasingly important to follow social media etiquette and rules

Banning these activities, WeChat urged hosts to pay attention to the rules. This could be a bid to clean up its livestreaming service, as per a report on Reuters.
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