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Data nationalism: It’s time India enacts data protection Bill to enforce property rights of residents

The government, as clearly stated in the notification, intends to protect sovereignty and national security by mandating data localisation.

Broadband, broad-based

Reorient policy to achieve ‘universally affordable and top quality broadband’

World telecom day: Role of tech standards, and the need for interdisciplinary approach

The anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is celebrated on May 17 as the World Telecommunication and Information Society

The theme this year is ‘Bridging the Standardization Gap’.

How the internet language barrier is being demolished

One of the ways ICANN is trying to make the use of internet and its content accessible is through the introduction of Internationalised Domain Names (IDN).

internet, internet sector, internet industry

V band and the policy dilemma

It’s time we press the pedal on building high-capacity, low-latency networks

TRAI, V band,radio spectrum, Department of Telecommunications,  mobile networks, WiFi bands, Facebook, google, telecom service providers

EU GDPR and its effect on the internet

WHOIS traces its roots to 1982, when the Internet Engineering Task Force published a protocol for a directory service for the erstwhile ARPANET users.

Regulating new-age tech firms: Lot of homework to do

The digital economy firms operate across geographies and are beyond territorial control. Regulators have a lot of homework to do while prescribing rules for them .

India, Apple,tech firms, Donald Trump,  China plans, Chinese goods, US firms, US imports, trade war, US China trade war

Reliance Jio’s latest bundling strategy might succeed in improving 4G penetration in India

With the recent “bundling” of RJio feature phone with a service offering of Rs 49 per month with free voice calls and unlimited data, the mobile services industry is set for yet another disruption.

reliance jio, reliance, 4g data

Before rolling out 5G services, here is what Centre must do first

Over and above infrastructural requirements, the government needs to have a well-defined data protection law in place before the roll-out of 5G.

5G, Centre

Aadhaar security: Why government needs to develop a framework for analysing privacy issues

However, at the same time, concerns are being raised regarding violation of privacy, the possibility of identity theft and the possibility of government surveillance of residents.

Aadhaar security, government, analysing privacy issues, biometric identification projects, SIMs, identification information, UIDAI

Start-ups’ importance lies more than in just their valuations; check out the benefits to be derived

The latest devaluation of Flipkart and Snapdeal by investment firms such as Softbank, Fidelity and Valic underscores the point that the number of customers on board alone may not be a measure of value of the company.

Indian IT undergoes transformation as nimbler startups take over from larger rivals

Nimbler, domestic-market focussed start-ups are taking over from large, export-focussed services companies

Entry of Reliance Jio is the beginning of a new phase of data services

The entry of RJio is the end of the beginning of telecom diffusion in the country, and the beginning of a new phase of data services

Web RTC: Niche tech empowers developers; here’s how

A niche technology, called Web RTC, offers developers the ability to write rich, real-time multimedia apps on the web, without requiring plug-ins or downloads

Web RTC: Niche tech empowers developers; here’s how

The Uber & Ola ‘sharing economy: How govts can provide regulatory structure

The importance of sharing is underlined by WiFi Master Key, the app that enables one to connect to shared Wi-Fi hotspots by crowdsourcing login credentials

Uber India users travelling abroad Paytm wallets

App streaming: Paradigm shift in mobile apps

The mobile app versus web app dilemma continues to haunt the major e-commerce firms in the country. While Flipkart partially rolled back their plan to go ‘mobile app only’ version and have introduced ‘Flipkart Lite’ t

App streaming: Paradigm shift in mobile apps

Product thinking? Why is it a secret sauce for the IT industry?

When Stanley Biwott and Mary Keitany of Kenya signed off as the winners of the New York City Marathon on November 1, all Indians glued to the TV sets must have felt proud—not to mention the spirit of the marathon itself, bu

Product thinking? Why is it a secret sauce for the IT industry?

Column: The saviour of broadband in India

It’s time India jumps on to the Wi-Fi bandwagon to overcome the seemingly endless debate over spectrum bottlenecks.

Getting set for the app economy

Mobile applications can bridge the gap between citizens and the governments at various levels to improve public services

Getting set for the app economy

Internet of masses

Should telcos and internet companies join hands or fight?

internet, internet of masses, Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Who is liable in platform business?

Cooperative approaches between the government and players in the e-commerce space will help improve self-governance and ease regulatory pressures

ecommerce industry

There is ever widening supply-demand gap for semiconductors

Thanks to heightened consumer demands for electronics, mobile phones, television set-top boxes, auto infotainment...

There is ever widening supply-demand gap for semiconductors

Why should Google and Facebook escape?

“Obama smacks down internet ‘fast lanes’”, read Reuters News Service on the recent remark...

Why should Google and Facebook escape?
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