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Power Struggle: Centre’s reform scheme is a mere bailout package for discoms

The Rs 3 lakh crore channeled via RLRBSD is merely another bailout for discoms. The only obligation placed on them is meeting targets they Should have to met in 2018-19

That the money is being offered on a platter is clear from virtually no obligation on the discoms (the performance targets set for 2018-19 now gets shifted to 2025).

Union Budget FY22 misses the chance to reform fertiliser subsidy

The fertiliser subsidy allocation for FY22 signals there will be no reform this fiscal; deficit targets show this is unlikely in the next five years too

The subsidy can be restricted only to farmers having less than two hectares.

Tax Talk: Govt must get serious on bringing gas under GST

It will, of course, cause a revenue shortfall for states, but that can be dealt with by hiking the rate of GST compensation cess

The remaining 5 states, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim, do not have a gap in revenue on account of GST implementation, it added.

Farm Laws: Centre must not yield to ‘mandatory MSP’ demand & refrain from imposing levies on non-APMC sales

Mandatory MSP and Levies on non-APMC markets will be an assault on the reforms the Union government has ushered in with the new farm laws

Currently, under the APMC system, a farmer has to pay three levies on the produce she brings to the mandi, notified by the state government under its APMC Act.

Fertile for Reform: Rational use of urea — Chasing a mirage?

The govt must free up urea pricing and opt for direct transfer of fertiliser subsidies to farmers; no other steps to curb urea misuse will work

Deregulate pricing: How not to curb urea blackmarketing

Instead of ending urea price control and the fertiliser subsidy—replacing it with DBT for farmers—the govt continues to choose zero-impact administrative measures

Crushing the competition

The regulator itself refuses to see that competition is being crushed, and even when it sees, its ruling is stayed by appellate authorities—thus, the increasing dominance of digital giants is inevitable.

Amazon, some allege, uses the data of products on its e-commerce platform to decide what to sell under its own brand.

The case for a 15% tax rate for India Inc

A uniform tax rate of 15% (17.1% with add-ons) will, among other things, minimise tax litigation that arises largely due to multiple interpretations of a plethora of exemptions and deductions in tax legislation.

Besides that, exemptions/incentives make the Indian law cumbersome to a point whereby it makes any prospective investor scary.

AGR crisis: Supreme Court will have to solve the telco mess

A cue is available from the stance taken by SC itself in case of unpaid dues from public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as Gas Authority of India (GAIL), etc.

The licence fee and SUC is charged as a percentage of service provider’s adjusted gross revenue (AGR)—8% and 3-5% respectively.

Encouraging agrochemical MNCs to set up shop in India: Get ‘data exclusivity’ right

Agro-chemical majors won’t find India attractive for investment, as long as the regulator micro-manages even production decisions

Modi government, MNC, Covid-19 gloabl impact, agrochemical sector, data generation, us china trade tension, reloaction destination, Formulation Import

What India should do when oil prices have crashed

With crude price low, the govt should think of moving completely to DBT for food, fertiliser and power.

crude oil plummeted to less than US$ 30 per barrel – drop of 50% over its level in the beginning of 2020.

Corona pushes discoms to the brink

Given the nature of the crisis, all concerned states should promptly release funds from their budgets to enable discoms to clear all outstanding dues

This has meant the destruction of nearly 40% of the total electricity demand.

Fiscal slippage: The denial syndrome

Despite the govt window dressing numbers, it is expected to exceed FY20’s fiscal deficit target. reforms are urgently needed to improve the Budget’s financial health

In the FY20 budget, the FM had estimated gross tax receipts (GTR) to be Rs 24.6 lakh crore, of which about Rs 16 lakh crore was to accrue to the Centre.

Freebies: Why it is a road to fiscal disaster

Freebies provided by state governments need to consider the fiscal burden they will lead to, and must not be used to woo voters.

Economic Survey 2020: Fudging food and fertiliser subsidy

Far from subsidy allocations coming down, as the Economic Survey had recommended, there is significant increase not reflected in govt balance sheets

Economic Survey 2020, K Subramanian, Union Budget for FY21, Food Corporation of India, NFSA

Why half-baked fertilizer reforms won’t deliver

If the government wants to restrict subsidised supply only to small and marginal farmers having landholding size <2 hectares, this will require two streams of supplies in the distribution channels viz.

Why PM Modi must not give up on fertiliser DBT

DBT will save the government quite a lot on the subsidy by eliminating misuse and ensuring better targeting through Aadhaar linkage

The manufacturers of non-urea fertilisers are given ‘uniform’ subsidy (on per nutrient basis) under the nutrient based scheme (NBS).

Price control: The gas on gas price deregulation

Under a special package for deep/ultra-deep, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) fields announced in March 2016, the supplies therefrom are allowed ‘premium’ price, linked to the prices of alternate fuels, including fu

India’s fertiliser policy flawed, policymakers still stuck to the 1970s/80s

These anomalies have cropped up because our policymakers are still stuck to the 1970s/80s thinking, geared towards increasing fertiliser usage

India fertiliser policy, Modi government, fertiliser sector, Mann ki Baat, chemical industries, maximum retail price, Make in India 

Why irresponsible registration of pesticide companies must be reined in

The Parliamentary standing committee on agriculture in its 2015-16 report—Impact of chemical fertilisers and pesticides on agriculture and allied sectors in the country—has expressed serious concern over unscientific, exc

pesticide, pesticide companies, pesticide companies registration, farmers, crop prduction

Neem-coated urea: Why is Narendra Modi govt waiting for 5 years to make India self-sufficient in fertilisers?

Addressing the 9th Global Agriculture Leadership Summit on September 8, 2016, chemicals and fertiliser minister, Ananth Kumar proclaimed that neem-coating of all urea supplies meant for use by farmers has resulted in eliminat

Government cap on GM tech royalty hurt the farmer; here’s how

The ministry’s decisions reflect a mindset that views MMBL as an exploitative monopoly. This perception is flawed and out of sync with ground realities

GST will boomerang on fertilisers

Even if the lower end of 12% is applied to fertilisers, it would be double the existing duty

Column: FDI policy for e-commerce, just a cosmetic change

The problem lies in the government de facto shutting the door for FDI in multibrand offline retail.

online retail

DBT for fertilisers is a hoax

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is perceived to be a crusader when it comes to plugging leakages from the subsidy distribution pipeline.

DBT for fertilisers is a hoax

Column: India must protect its agricultural support

It needs to get ERPs updated and purchases from poor farmers excluded from product-specific subsidy maths.

Column: India must protect its agricultural support

The unabated food and fertiliser worries

With reforms in fertilisers and food stuck in a groove, it is but natural that the government is shirking from paying subsidy arrears

The unabated food and fertiliser worries
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