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Talent development for the future of work

Every employee would require to be digitally savvy and have good appreciation of digital technologies like IoT, cloud, AI and analytics and how to embed them in their work areas.

digital era, automation, AI, IoT, digital skills

Nurturing data-driven innovation: Opportunities and challenges

It has also been observed that with many small and medium firms where data is generated or gathered by the marketing or operations function, it is not always used by other departments to drive decisions and innovation.

data driven innovation, digital transformation, analytics

How Artificial Intelligence is bringing a new dimension of knowledge to businesses

The impact of AI is being experienced by industries and individuals connected to the digital system in one form or the other.

Enterprises worldwide are engaged in digital transformation and leaders of the future will have mastered the new forms of organisation design in a digital world.

How to ride the growth wave to build momentum for skills training

What is noteworthy is that global growth is also on the rise—from 3.2% in 2016 to 3.6% in 2017 and set to touch 3.7% in 2018, thus enabling more than 75% of the world economy to prosper from this growth, as per a Deloitte r

indian economy, skill training, indian workforce, job growth

For workers, this big skill will be vital in modern workplaces

There is an emerging need to shift from designing learning programmes to shaping learning ecosystems

AI centered products, Digital learning platforms, digital era, talent development, digital era, digital skills, virtual reality , L&D function, dynamic business environment

What millennials want: Why businesses need to recognise individual needs, style

Traditionally, talent development and learning initiatives thereof have been viewed from the lens of enhancing productivity of the employees and enabling their career growth aspirations.

How to get superior employee experience: AI, robotic process automation can help reach desired goal

HR function traditionally has been geared to create and implement HR policies aimed at smooth functioning of the business with a long-term perspective.

HR policies, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Automation

How to open up possibilities for self-employment and micro-payment models

AS PER THE sustainability goals determined by the collective efforts of various countries as per the UN Charter, per capita income along with education and health are the key indicators that define progress of a nation.

Self-employment, UN Charter, education, key indicators

How to push up productivity, bring innovation edge to manufacturing

An integrated approach between digital and manufacturing sectors can push up productivity norms through the use of AI and analytics.

Industry, manufacturing sector, productivity, innovation, transformation manufacturing sector

Digital learning needs help from deep analytics

Apart from organisation-designed content, digital learning platforms such as Skills Alpha provide access to numerous external channels of learning and also nurture networked learning and user generated content.

Digital learning, Digital,  LMS implemented, mobile friendly

Employment generation process: How digital frameworks is working for livelihood support

Self employment framework should be designed around a robust digital foundation which should bring together all the pre requisites for building successful business models.

The importance of human touch in cognitive computing

Cognitive technology can be used to support human thinking and the process of decision making but critical decisions involving people will be taken by humans

Cognitive computing, what is Cognitive computing, all about Cognitive computing, human touch in Cognitive computing, Cognitive technology

Jobs: How huge costs, time can be saved to map talent, optimise search process

Enormous cost and time can be saved by deploying smart AI tools to optimise the search process and talent mapping, particularly for crucial jobs.

Jobs, huge costs, time, talent, optimise search process

How Internet of Things can help HR domain

Digital transformation is being experienced by customers, employees, vendors and partners in the ecosystem at varying degrees through a variety of digital applications.

IoT, internet of things, hr domain, hr, human resource, internet of things concept, digital transformation

EXPLAINED: Succeeding with the Fifth Discipline in the digital age

Machine learning is further enhanced by deep learning which is made possible by artificial neural networks that have discrete layers, connections and directions of data propogation

digital age, The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge, Artificial Intelligence , digital era, AI and Deep Learning tools, Digital tools

Digital transformation: Organisations have taken to adaptive learning

Many organisations have started adopting adaptive learning, continuous feedback and personalised assessment supported by customised learning ecosystem.

Talent development: Now possible to envision human and digital tech in a new equation of 1+1=11

HR managers are in the hot seat today as they are tasked with the responsibility for developing the talent for the digital world.

Talent development, Talent development news, Talent development plan, what is Talent development, all about Talent development, digital world

As lay-offs in IT industry rise, creating new jobs in the digital era will call for a new education system

There has been growing concern about job creation in the context of increase in automation and several roles becoming redundant as a result in every industry.

How AI, machine learning provide super wisdom, much like the gurus; here’s why

AI and machine learning are powerful tools that provide super wisdom much like the gurus, and are here to stay

In digital era, here’s why managing an employee’s journey is critical

Managing employee journey has become a complex but a critical success factor in attracting and managing talent for most organisations.

New vistas of knowledge management span Bots, Artificial Intelligence tools

The deployment of Bots and the ability to extract valuable insights with the help of AI tools have broadened the horizons of knowledge capture, storage and retrieval capabilities

Why digital frameworks should be utilised to transform training functions

In most companies with distributed networks and sites, almost two-thirds of the employees handle customer servicing or are in sales roles.

customer servicing, digital frameworks, technology, transform training functions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital training, digital technology

How employee engagement can be redefined with digital tech

Employee engagement function which traditionally centered around staff welfare activities in most organisations has been transformed over the years with its scope and impact on business having been redefined.

Orienting trainers for digital classrooms

Students on the other hand, are quite adept at handling new technologies and they take the lead in approving and rating the new apps made available for the education segment

Orienting trainers for digital classrooms

How to align corporate learning with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) which was once upon a time largely implemented in video games and select complex advanced scientific and industrial applications, has now invaded the corporate world.

Where are the jobs? Milking demographic dividend in digital era

As a nation blessed with the demographic dividend, the question that is being asked in every quarter—be it bureaucrats, citizens, politicians or industries...

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Smart city project: Here’s how to make youth employable

Skill India Mission launched to find solutions for making 40 crore citizens employable by 2022 has so far been largely driven through classroom-based training for imparting skills based on sector specific requirements

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