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Man vs Machine: Leadership in the age of artificial intelligence

The success of leadership lies in deploying AI in smart ways that would benefit the business

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Technology and talent: Staying ahead in the digital era

Democratisation of talent development process is the need of the hour

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Tech jobs: Making talent ready for the marketplace

According to Keynesian technological unemployment theory propounded in 1937, technological innovations can affect employment in two main ways – Productivity Effect and Displacement Effect.

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Smart skills: Skilling rural youth in cutting-edge technologies

Digital services and solutions these centres could offer, may be centered around rural health, tourism, culture, agriculture and education.

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Hiring secrets: How firms pick up quality talent in digital era

At the same time, attrition rates have also been the highest in the last two years standing at 21-23% stemming from lack of availability of suitable digital talent.

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Content centric approach to give way to learner centric approach

There is an urgent need to rethink not only ways of recruiting new talent for the digital world but also for leveraging the experience of existing talent pool and reskilling and retention of such talent all of which would cal

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Upskilling employees: What should be the focus in digital era?

Value creation or employee engagement—what should be the focus of L&D in the digital era?

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How methods of learning for professionals changing in digital era

This has resulted in organisations planning training and talent development programmes for their employees and significant efforts and investments being committed as a result.

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How edtech solutions can transform our schools

The recent results of the school boards of UP and Maharashtra, for instance, point to the failure of students in their mother tongues—10 lakh students in Hindi and 2.5 lakh students in Marathi.

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Hiring in the gig economy — full of excitement and apprehensions

The changes that organisations have begun to experience is creating excitement in some quarters and apprehension in others, emanating from the tremendous positive impact on the business on the one hand and yet the lack of exp

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How people analytics propels business performance

The question of what is the starting point is best answered by defining the problem the business is attempting to solve and how HR could play a role in the process.

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Employee appraisals: Bell curves must give way to AI tools

It is critical to integrate all of them on a single digital platform thus facilitating seamless support for ongoing assessment, feedback, learning, coaching and analytics.

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What pushed online learning to go mainstream – Explained

The adoption rate of e-learning has considerably increased in the corporate world over the years.

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Artificial interlligence reshaping lives, can bring societal transformation if acted upon

For AI to make deeper inroads to address the societal problems, universities should be encouraged to take a lead role in researching and arriving at unique solutions.

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How to deal with the growth challenges of tech start-ups

Indians have been found to be the most willing to quit their jobs and start their own business.

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SME 2.0: How digital support can help SMEs overcome their challenges?

SMEs form the backbone of Indian economy with an estimated 43 million registered and unregistered entities across the country providing employment to around 100 million people which accounts for 40% of India’s workforce, se

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Human capital: Making organisations employee-focussed

Doing away with ‘one size fits all approach’ with employees in the digital era

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Tech-led touch: A look at the emerging role of HR function

Cognitive skills and analytical skills will be the critical competencies that will determine how HR managers can reshape their own roles

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Will continuous performance management be a reality in the digital age?

Digital technologies are throwing up a plethora of data at frequent intervals which presents an opportunity to get real-time insights on several parameters.

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Artificial Intelligence is taking strides in emulating humans – here’s all you should know

The interesting approach that is being considered in all these researches is that instead of trying to define the program behaviour for the robots, the focus is to set up an environment where the robots should be able to find

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How AI can change the learning experience in Indian schools

AI could facilitate the teachers help prioritise their time in knowing the profiles of students in each class and focus on complex concepts that most students have a challenge in understanding.

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Creating winners with Internet of Things apps

Internet of Things (IoT) has been seen as one of the key dimensions of digital transformation for a while now.

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Helping senior citizens cope with everyday digital life

Designing digital devices and user interfaces suitable for the elderly is essential.

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How tech tools are making workplaces exciting for millennials

Winds of change are sweeping through the corridors of the business process management (BPM) industry.

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Usable patterns, sentiment analysis: How trading in stocks will get impacted by Artificial Intelligence

Financial investment firms and traders have been using IT tools extensively over the last couple of decades for planning and investing with the help of data and trends.

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How artificial intelligence can help SMEs

To begin with, SMEs can use AI tools that are available ‘off the shelf’ and embedded as part of the solutions.

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Humane Approach: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning have moved mainstream

There is growing importance of human touch in algorithms for meaningful outcomes.

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