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Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Designing systems that are fair for all

Can humans be in control of the AI system once AI grasps all the intelligence from humans? The concern around AI in ethics is not just a moral dilemma, it is centered around the social responsibility of the business towards i

Rules at Work: Learning to embrace a post-Covid digital culture

Experiencing digital culture involves a careful execution of digital strategy that democratises communication and facilitates collaboration amongst employees

Course Correction: Redesigning customer journeys for post-Covid times

Choice of right technologies or tools will make a difference to customer experience

Tools & training: Tech support for community well-being in midst of Covid

Preparedness for facing the challenges ahead has to be significantly higher than in the past

Tools & training: Tech support for community well-being in midst of Covid

Talent scouts: AI as recruiter’s friend & guide

Recruiters ensure the human interface with the company brand

Covid & Jobs: How can the digital domain take a lead?

Segments centred around digital technology seem to have a huge appetite for talent infusion

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Making data count: The essentials for building data culture in organisations

It is extremely important to help business stakeholders identify and articulate their business problems in terms of targeted outcomes and measurable metrics

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New ways of working: Gearing up for a new mix of workers in the digital era

In the gig economy, skills would carry a premium and steady jobs would no longer be the attraction

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Tech & Skills: Developing a new talent pool

How academia can create the foundation for full stack developers

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Help at work: Future of work and the role of digital assistants

Some digital assistants such as Amelia are being designed to support employees with the new skills required as per the needs of various industries

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Decoding Data: Value discovery of data via data marketplaces

Currently, however, the third category of data marketplace derives data from sensors and IoT which is at a nascent stage with only 20% companies managing to monetise their data as per Gartner.

Data marketplaces are enabling businesses to be in an advantageous position to derive better insights and be able to make new offerings to their customers combining their own data with the datasets that can be procured.

Crypto calls: How HR managers can use bitcoins & blockchain

HR managers may want to explore the possibility of using cryptocurrency as payment to employees

However, following the example of Elon Musk, in the medium term, perhaps HR managers may want to explore the possibility of using cryptocurrency as the mode of payment for its payroll.

The way we work: Embedding innovation DNA for the digital era

Since innovation requires the right culture and environment to be seeded first before it can flourish and demonstrate results, HR function has a key role to play


Cranking the engine: Going beyond robotic process automation

Hyperautomation holds the promise of automating the whole body of knowledge work instead of just the simple tasks and rules

In order to consider an initiative around hyperautomation, firstly it is important to examine the current systems, reengineer the processes as required and eliminate unnecessary steps in tune with the business realities.

People factor: New year priorities for HR heads

HR managers have to draw clear lines for work from office and for remote work—balancing optimal product-ivity, ownership for results and business continuity

Blended learning: A new learning paradigm in higher education

Higher education institutes have made a huge start with digital-led learning formats, now it is time to build on these new learning models

Whatever path the institution wishes to adopt, it is important to outline the new normal and work towards it rather than be unprepared and be led by external factors alone.

Supply chain analytics: Data-driven intelligence for your business

Businesses are seeing a direct correlation between investment in supply chain analytics and the reduction in working capital and growth in business

Supply chain analytics came to their rescue and helped them meet the demand.

Course correction: Building a case for investment in AI for learning

The biggest value-add AI could bring to learning is better understanding of learners, their learning styles and their evolving learning needs

At times, the learning content and pedagogy may not be just right because of which learners struggle with their grades and the learning outcomes may not be satisfactory.

Data Culture: Building a data-driven organisation

For data culture to take strong roots in organisations, leadership should set an example by anchoring their decisions around data and key metrics of deliverables to be measured and monitored should be clearly delineated.

Companywide data and analytics proficiency should be encouraged and employees should be upskilled as required.

Feeling real: Getting smart with AR & VR

Can immersive technologies usher in a new era in learning?

However, lately there has been a marked increase in the adoption of AR and VR and other immersive technologies in the corporate sector which is beginning to see value in them specially in the post Covid era. (Representative image)

Digital Transformation: It’s all about winning hearts and minds

The fundamental factor that can spell success with the digital transformation journey is the business leader’s ability to create the right culture and environment to embrace and facilitate the change.

Therefore, aligning values of employees with those of the organisation has to be top priority as it embarks upon the digital transformation journey.

Catalyst of change: Bringing artificial intelligence to the forefront

The key drivers for this major transition are the evolution of hardware and hosting on the cloud, sophisticated tools and software to capture, store and analyse the data as well as a variety of devices that keep us always con

Covid-19 and digital transformation of businesses: Five facets that a digital leader should possess

Navigating roadblocks with digital leadership in the post-Covid era.

Virtual schooling: The post-Covid school Ninja

Digital tech can be an effective enabler for creating transformative impact on education.

Post-Covid life: Why digital matters

Workers need to be provided with effective tools and apps that would make work seamless and efficient

However, as the economy and businesses try to pick themselves up from the steep slides and recharge themselves for the post covid phase, digital officers have a major role to play.

Skilling India: How digital platforms can be used to help migrant labour acquire new skills

Digital skilling platforms can be used to help migrant labour acquire new skills in their free time, even while they are employed.

employment, jobs, youth employment, economic woes

Working order: Is WFH good for the nation?

Digital tech and tools are no real substitutes for the joy of working together in the same physical space

Several companies who are positively inclined towards WFH approach believe there can be substantial savings to the business.
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