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Driving internet inclusion & safety

India Internet Governance Forum aims to achieve these goals, with multi-stakeholder engagement

It is a necessary step to offer more inclusive and accessible internet for every Indian—regardless of gender, level of disability, or economic status. (Representative image)

Can’t Auction Satellite Spectrum: Terrestrial concept of exclusivity doesn’t apply, hence auctioning is not applicable

The world over, satellite spectrum is authorised for ‘right-to-use’ by all administrations and is allocated only by administrative process, at charges that essentially cover the cost of administration.

The world over, satellite spectrum is authorised for ‘right-to-use’ by all administrations and is allocated only by administrative process, at charges that essentially cover the cost of administration.

Telecom Talk: India needs a new metric to judge network quality

Overall network speed worked when video-streaming was not as ubiquitous, and not as central to the right to work and right to education as it is now

Many of us walk around our homes with a phone and laptop in hand, searching for strong signal.

The C-band satellite and 5G spectrum conundrum

Development with peaceful coexistence or needless confusion yet again?

They cite the example of the Hong Kong regulator (the Office of the Communications Authority) whose studies established this requirement.

Atmanirbhar Bharat policies shouldn’t breed isolationism

Mandating data localisation will introduce greater vulnerability to cybersecurity issues and give foreign investors cause to hesitate over investing in India

PM Narendra Modi

PM-WANI Policy: Implementing steps outlined crucial, it can accelerate our mission to become atmanirbhar

With more access to Wi-Fi, job opportunities will boom—and not just in the overcrowded metros and their suburbs. With this move, India leapfrogs into the future, just like we did with mobile broadband.

Spectrum of change: Unleashing V Band potential

To realise the promise of the 60 GHz band and Short Range Devices, India should delicense the band and avoid mandates on specific channelisation

The role of regulators and policymakers is pivotal; else, there is a risk of market fragmentation and the appearance of uncoordinated categories.

Trai’s recommendations on regulating OTT players: The brilliance of an unconventional approach

TRAI has rightly determined that there is no need to regulate OTT players at this time—and in doing so, is one of the first in the world to champion this approach

Data regulations: Muzzling the roar of Make-in-India?

If a dominant player abuses their status and unethically suppresses competitors, this type of situation falls under the purview of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) whose mission is to “promote and sustain an enabli

Cashless economy: Better digital security will make India a world leader

Investing heavily in encryption and other security measures will be paramount to securing private data of all Indians.

The sky is not the limit for Indian satcom

Understanding the economic stimulus for space activities: Opening the floodgates for greater innovation, investment and connectivity

A few years ago, the erstwhile chairman of ISRO had pointed out that the then capacity of 34 working commercial communications satellites was barely half of what the country needed.

Why deny broadcasting telecom-like success? Trai must shed intensive regulation

Trai must shed intensive regulation of the broadcasting market. distribution technology doesn’t allow for innumerable channel combinations at consumer-end

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Dialling revival: Telecom needs another great migration

Easy payment terms at NPV will keep the full liability on the books, and is just a postponement of the evil. Moreover, a multi-sided remedy is required since any one-sided relief package would inevitably be challenged in cour

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Can WANI be to telecom what UPI is to payments?

Delinking access from networks through Wifi Access Network Interface will allow access providers—from MVNOs to street- and village-level entrepreneurs—to thrive.

Regulating intermediaries: From ‘safe harbour’ to ‘rocky shores’?

These guidelines open a Pandora’s box of potential issues, including infringement upon basic fundamental rights such as the right to privacy and the freedom of speech, and have the potential to stifle innovation and healthy

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5G rollout: Why India needs to get the spectrum prices right

Also, well-established by multiple credible agencies such as the World Bank, London School of Economics and India’s internationally-reputed ICRIER is that spectrum can be an extremely powerful engine of socio-economic growt

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The great Huawei conundrum – Why India can’t afford to fall behind in 5G technology on speculative fears

Experts claim that there is little to suggest that Huawei's network hardware and phones are any more or any less vulnerable to attacks compared to the competitors' offerings. For India, it might be unwise to take any country

The year 2016 was a watershed one as far as cyberattacks go, with some of the most high-profile attacks occurring within six months (Cisco). (Illustration: rohnit phore)

India’s digital pathway: Not roses all the way, thorns aplenty, too

India is digitising faster than almost every other country—40% growth in internet users in the next five years and the absence of connectivity for 65% of the country are just a couple indicators that define the growth pote

Why telcos and OTTs need to band together to drive digital future

Why telcos and OTTs need to band together to drive our digital future; OTTs are powerfully driving data usage and revenue growth for telcos—one cannot exist without the other

TRAI, TSP, OTT service, Department of Telecommunications, GDP growth, OTT players, telecom industry

Broadband for all: Why we aren’t talking about the quality of digital infra?

If India invests in high-quality new optical fibre network, upgrade or replace existing defective cables, and lay bend- and pressure-resistant fibre cables to increase FTTH (fibre to the home) capabilities, we will go a long

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Smart technology: Is India up for the Internet of Things challenge?

The Indian govt can realise the dreams outlined in the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ missions through sophisticated IoT technology.

Telecom trouble: Spectrum usage charge or surely unjustified charge?

The current SUC of 3% for auctioned spectrum is 30 times the actual cost of administering and regulating spectrum.

Tremendous surge in data traffic but enough spectrum not available at affordable prices

There is tremendous surge in data traffic but enough spectrum is not available at affordable prices, so the operators are struggling to manage quality and capacity.

National Digital Communications Policy 2018 reaching brilliant conclusion, to propel growth of fixed line communications in India

After review and approval by the Telecom Commission and lastly by the Union Cabinet, the finalised policy is now in public domain, and it has won universal acclaim.

Public Wi-Fi: The next giant digital leap India needs to take or risk being left behind

Liberalised Wi-Fi is a prerequisite for faster growth. If India doesn’t take this next giant leap of digital progress, it risks being left behind in the global digital race.

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TRAI’s little-known pro-customer ruling is a tech-based trailblazing measure to end menace of pesky calls and SMSs

Operators have also been trying hard, but have had to plead helplessness due to bulk SMS providers and unauthorised agents who have sourced the data from leaks within the merchant ecosystem.

Srikrishna committee report: Draft privacy Bill impractical and protectionist

The assumption that the government is granted open access to personal data solely based on location violates the very right to privacy that it set out to protect.

draft privacy bill, srikrishna report
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