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Buy-back tax inhibits business efficiency

Instead, abolish this and ensure shareholders pay tax on any income from buy-back

Consequently, unlisted companies had to either pay DDT or buy-back tax, and their shareholders were tax-exempt on dividend income up to Rs 10 lakh or on income from buy-back of shares.

Budget 2021: TOP VIEW- Embarking on an expansionary growth policy

Union Budget 2021 India: The biggest takeaway is that the government is embarking on an expansionary growth policy.

T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Aarin Capital Partners

Abolish LTCG tax, incentivise investors

Taxation of capital gains is the most complex and confusing regime in India.

India needs to clarify tax issues to prevent it from becoming a digital colony

To prevent India from becoming a digital colony, Indian capital needs to invest in start-ups. And, for that to happen, clarity on investment in innovations is needed

Why it is important to re-balance India’s digital ecosystem

India's tech ecosystem must capture this opportunity and set new standards for its digital citizens.

India needs a modern tax system, not a moth-eaten extortive one we have today

The disputed tax amount under ‘income other than corporation tax’ is about seven times the undisputed tax amount at the end of FY19.

modern tax system, Receipts Budget 2020-21, corporation tax, CBDT Central Action Plan, Vivad se Vishwas scheme, corporation tax, CBDT

Universal Declaration of Digital Rights: For life, liberty and security in the digital realm

Cambridge Analytica was one of the biggest eye-openers about the use of personal data harvested off Facebook without consent to try and influence elections.

Universal Declaration of Digital Rights, life, liberty, security, digital realm, Google, UDHR, United Nations

Rise of the Indian woman: Historical shift in higher education

PLFS must consider that the 15-29 years’ workforce could have seemingly shrunk because more are in school and college. In the 18-23 bracket alone, AISHE data demonstrates increased enrollment year-on-year in colleges.

higher education, Rise of the Indian woman, Historical shift, higher education in india, AISHE, CAGR, women enrolment, employment opportunity

Need urgent action to reap demographic dividend

With the 18-23 population hardly growing, India will soon have an ageing population supported by a shrinking workforce

demographic dividend, India, CAGR, liquidity crisis, MHRD data, Gross Enrollment Ratios in primary school, AISHE data

The spectre of Malthus: India fast losing its demographic potential

Different communities have different fertility rates; typically, immigrating groups produce more children than native—mostly white—populations in these regions. In the US, fertility rates amongst the white community avera

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For want of liquidity, a slowdown is born

The transmission of repo rate cuts to the end-consumer, by linking loans to a benchmark rate, will help free up liquidity and lower borrowing costs.

The lending parameters of banks aren’t geared toward uncredited borrowers, who are slowly entering the formal economy

Tax reforms: Need to revisit anti-Indian taxation laws

The exclusion of CAT III AIFS from the rollback of surcharge on FPIs leaves Indian funds at a fundamental disadvantage in India compared with FPIs

anti Indian tax laws, China, US china trade war, Foreign Investment, 2019 Budget, Indian investors, America First policy, FPI, CBDT

Urbanise India to eliminate poverty

The case for urbanisation is evident when we examine state-wise data. The accompanying graphic shows urban percentage, per-capita GSDP, higher education Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), and Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for represen

Sustainable urbanisation, urbanise India, India, poverty, India population, population, Gross Enrolment Ratio, GER, Total Fertility Rate, TFR, financial express editorial, financial express

India must overcome Gandhian fixation; urbanisation key to driving growth engines

To achieve its target of a $5 trn economy by 2025, india must overcome its gandhian fixation with a village-based society and invest in urban infra development.

Explained: Why numbers showing job crisis are misleading

Oft-quoted surveys, like PLFS and CMIE, indicating decline is employment are misleading as they contain methodological flaws, and are not statistically representative of India's population. More nuanced analysis paints a brig

jobs, jobs in india, job crisis, Ministry of Labour, jobs creation, GDP, employment, National Pension Scheme, Employee State Insurance, EPFO, AISHE graduation data, post graduate degrees

GDP by state: Will the North and the South ever meet?

The centralised planning strategy applied all these years did not work. One strategy across India cannot address the inherent differences between states.

Improving women’s higher education key to India become $10-trillion economy

Improving women’s higher education is key to India becoming a $10 -trillion economy

National Fertility and Health Survey, india fertility rates, Higher education, women higher education, Gross Enrollment Ratio, female enrollment

Unemployment in India? Use reliable databases for jobs, not thin samples

CMIE uses thin surveys to estimate unemployment and also links this with falling investments. But investments are rising and there are better sources of data on jobs.

Here’s how PM Narendra Modi transforming India

For the five-year term of the BJP-led NDA, India’s GDP is estimated to grow by over `76 lakh crore, with a relatively lower inflation, fiscal deficit, and CAD.

pm modi, pm modi news, narendra modi, india, pakistan, SIDBI Start-up Fund of Funds, EPFO, ESO,

Modi govt’s last budget a dream budget for aam aadmi

This is a fantastic roadmap that unifies and works towards the aspirations of every individual and segment of India’s demography

Time to end tax terrorism

To reduce taxpayer grievances/litigation, the CBDT revised monetary limits for filing appeals in December 2015.

tax, tax payers, income tax dept, CPC

Why government must cut corporate tax rate to 25%, incentivise jobs

With the statutory corporate tax rate at 34.61%, India is among the high tax countries in the world. India’s corporate tax rate is higher by 10%-plus compared to the worldwide average statutory rate

incentivise jobs, corporate tax rate, federal corporate tax, CT rate for BRICS countries, India, capital intensive firms, Indian companies, jobless growth, CT rate

Growth lessons: What India can learn from China

China used a sophisticated supply-chain through Hong Kong to dominate global trade. It shifted over 400 million people from the farm in villages to the city, into factories.

Growth lessons, india, china, economy

Is India now a a Digital Colony?

Of the top 10 IT services companies by market cap globally, five are Indian by origin, headquartered in India—with over 2 million employees, of whom at least 1.5 million are Indians.

Job creation: Narendra Modi govt can surmount India’s biggest challenge by reducing overall corporate tax rate by 2%

The govt can stimulate employment generation by reducing the overall corporate tax rate by 2% from FY18

Infosys case: Hanging on to surplus cash shows non-application of mind

Infosys is one of the global leaders in the IT services business, with an enviable foot-print across the world. It has had a sustained growth over its history of more than two-and-a-half decades. This article focuses on capit

Infosys, Infosys case, Technology, IT, IT services business, EPS growth, low-return bank deposits, Infosys shareholders, IT companies in India, Elliot Capital

Budget 2017: Cut corporate tax at one go, say TV Mohandas Pai & S Krishan

The budget offers a great opportunity to slash it to 25% by doing away with exemptions and incentives

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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