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GDP by state: Will the North and the South ever meet?

The centralised planning strategy applied all these years did not work. One strategy across India cannot address the inherent differences between states.

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Improving women’s higher education key to India become $10-trillion economy

Improving women’s higher education is key to India becoming a $10 -trillion economy

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Unemployment in India? Use reliable databases for jobs, not thin samples

CMIE uses thin surveys to estimate unemployment and also links this with falling investments. But investments are rising and there are better sources of data on jobs.

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Here’s how PM Narendra Modi transforming India

For the five-year term of the BJP-led NDA, India’s GDP is estimated to grow by over `76 lakh crore, with a relatively lower inflation, fiscal deficit, and CAD.

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Modi govt’s last budget a dream budget for aam aadmi

This is a fantastic roadmap that unifies and works towards the aspirations of every individual and segment of India’s demography

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Time to end tax terrorism

To reduce taxpayer grievances/litigation, the CBDT revised monetary limits for filing appeals in December 2015.

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Why government must cut corporate tax rate to 25%, incentivise jobs

With the statutory corporate tax rate at 34.61%, India is among the high tax countries in the world. India’s corporate tax rate is higher by 10%-plus compared to the worldwide average statutory rate

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Growth lessons: What India can learn from China

China used a sophisticated supply-chain through Hong Kong to dominate global trade. It shifted over 400 million people from the farm in villages to the city, into factories.

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Is India now a a Digital Colony?

Of the top 10 IT services companies by market cap globally, five are Indian by origin, headquartered in India—with over 2 million employees, of whom at least 1.5 million are Indians.

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Job creation: Narendra Modi govt can surmount India’s biggest challenge by reducing overall corporate tax rate by 2%

The govt can stimulate employment generation by reducing the overall corporate tax rate by 2% from FY18

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Infosys case: Hanging on to surplus cash shows non-application of mind

Infosys is one of the global leaders in the IT services business, with an enviable foot-print across the world. It has had a sustained growth over its history of more than two-and-a-half decades. This article focuses on capit

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Budget 2017: Cut corporate tax at one go, say TV Mohandas Pai & S Krishan

The budget offers a great opportunity to slash it to 25% by doing away with exemptions and incentives

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A vision for Digital India: Narendra Modi govt must create digitally literate citizens

Our prime minister has given his vision of Digital India to connect all Indians and empower them. It is a truly transformative dream which will remake India and create a digital society, removing disadvantages and distance.

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Offshore fund managers: Why India needs to provide ‘safe harbour’

When Sebi has tackled the issue of P-Notes, why can’t the same KYC conditions be applicable for offshore funds?

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Column: Overcharging business, govt-style

The govt has collected over Rs 7,800 crore in excess of its needs in 2014 as administration charges for EPF and ESI

Column: Overcharging business, govt-style

Column: Open up online learning

Platforms such as MOOCs can make higher education accessible for students in far-flung areas

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Column: Create a cyber deterrent

India must have a cyber corps of ethical hackers who identify vulnerabilities and launch counter-attacks

Column: Create a cyber deterrent

Column: The data is plain wrong

We need to challenge the erroneous data on our business-friendliness and actively promote our strengths.

Column: The data is plain wrong