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Why ‘one nation, one card’ is big for migrant workers

A report put out by the UN World Food Programme in collaboration with the statistics and programme implementation ministry shows nearly one in three Indian children will grow up stunted by 2022.

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Climate change won’t batter Puri and spare Paris

Against a goal of restricting global increase in temperature from pre-industrial levels to under 2oC and an ideal of 1.5oC, the planet will be warmer by 4.5oC without any action, and by 3.3oC with current action.

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GST revenue still too low, scrap anti-profiteering law

As it happens, the BJP won the assembly in 2017—including in Surat where the protests were the most—and the entire country, including Gujarat, in 2019.

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AccessLINGO: Govt plans to make Science & Tech education resources accessible in regional language

The purpose is to make research and teaching resources on science and technology accessible to all in two languages—one in English and the other in a native Indian language.

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Sebi makes the right move for mutual funds

Through a series of measures, SEBI has made sure fund managers of liquid schemes have enough liquidity and that they are not overexposed to HFCs and the real estate sector.

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Not just politicians, courts also to blame for quotas

Certainly, the government has amended the Constitution to negate various apex court judgements on quotas and has tried to hide certain laws on reservation from the Supreme Court’s (SC) scrutiny by classifying them under the

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Conditions that create unemployment affect women disproportionately

The narrative on jobless growth is, by now, a well-known one—at 6.1%, India is witnessing its highest unemployment rate in almost half a century.

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FDI inflows fall – Explained through graphics

Globally, FDI inflows contracted in the past three years.

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Why it is critical to get state electricity regulators to work

SEB losses rose 44% in FY19, but regulators raised tariff levels by a mere 3% in FY18 and 1% in FY19 and so far in FY20

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Is Reserve Bank of India abusing RTI?

It should have asked SC for a direction on this.

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Law Breaker: BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya’s assault on civic officials is inexcusable

By now, most would be familiar with visuals of Akash Vijayvargiya, a BJP leader and member of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, hitting municipal corporation officials on a demolition drive in Indore with a cricket bat.

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How parched Chennai wasted water conservation potential

It didn’t move on rainwater harvesting, reclaiming wastewater; other cities must learn from the crisis

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Shades of grey: Black money estimates vary from 7-120% of official GDP

In terms of the total black money, the revenue secretary told the committee that the estimates varied from 7% to 120% of the reported GDP.

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Offroading Education: Doing away with minimum-education criterion for drivers is a bad idea

An amendment Bill aims at removing Rule 8 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, which states that a driver needs to be educated up till class 8th for driving a transport vehicle.

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The great Indian EV dream: Electrifying vision, sobering reality

2-wheeler firms being asked to junk current plans for a hazy EV future; if that fails to materialise, will govt compensate them?

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RBI’s issues go Viral! Deputy Governor’s exit strengthens view that govt uneasy with dissent

It is true that most expected Deputy Governor Viral Acharya to quit when Patel did.

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Why south Indian states spend more on tertiary education

The southern states outperform most of their counterparts elsewhere in the country in terms of human development. Recent research, however, has found that regional differences exist not only in educational outcomes but also i

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Why India must enable country’s space start-ups

Becoming a space power will need India to encourage private sector in space-defence.

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WrongDose: WHO legitimises TCM, traditional medicine shouldn’t be dismissed

WHO legitimises TCM; traditional medicine shouldn't be dismissed, but surely the unscientific should be discarded?

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Double farm incomes by investments, not subsidies

WTO scrutiny will prevent a big hike in farm subsidies by govt, but fixing markets is a far more efficient solution anyway.

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Higher education regulations still anchored to outdated norms

As Modi 2.0 looks at NEP to inspire its higher education regulation vision, it must also be careful to avoid the risk inherent in some recommendations.

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Job creation: World Bank report shows rural roads helped non-farm employment rise

A World Bank report on PMGSY shows rural roads have helped non-farm employment rise in three states.

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Lateral hires a great idea, need a Nandan Nilekani now

Between sacking officials and importing talent, big moves on bureaucratic reform; need a Nilekani-type thinker too.

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IL&FS thrived due to its bureaucratic cover, go after them

IL&FS thrived due to its bureaucratic cover, time to go after them.

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Nal se Jal needs getting jal right

Else, the “piped water for every household” vision could end up a pipe dream.

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Encephalitis menace: How Bihar failed its children

Blame state apathy for the rise in encephalitis toll this year.

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What carries the greatest degree of threat to scribe’s life

Environment reporting—second only to conflict reporting—carries the greatest degree of threat to the scribe's life.

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