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How behavioural science bettering the impact of govt policies worldwide

Behavioural science has proven to be extremely effective in bettering the impact of government policies worldwide

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Detailed action plan to tackle global warming, contain it to within 1.5 degree Celcius

The Global Deal for Nature gives a detailed action plan to try and tackle global warming, containing it to within 1.5oC

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Shut RBI down if SC decides which account is an NPA

Sadly, the apex court doesn’t seem to realise that RBI’s job is to keep the banking system safe, and it is preventing this

RBI, Reserve Bank of India, Supreme Court of India, Bad Loans, NPAs, RTI, Loan Defaults News

India Inc’s caste biases crept in at the cost of future profit and growth

A new study reveals when it comes to M&A deals, India Inc’s caste biases crept in at the cost of future profit and growth

India Inc, India Inc caste biases, M&A deals, caste dynamics, business decisions on caste, merger with same caste group, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras News

CBDT rightly pulled up for meddling with tax appeals

Bombay High Court does well to set aside the CBDT’s plan to try and distort the process of appeals at the CIT stage.

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30-day grace period will hurt repayment discipline

he rules for dealing with stress in companies, laid out by the central banks in the circular of February 12, 2018, are strict.

30-day grace period will hurt repayment discipline

Ukraine elects a comedian who plays accidental President in his sketches as real life Prez

Ukraine, whose fate is fraught on a good day with neighbouring Russia wanting to redraw its border with nation, just elected as its president a comedian who became popular playing a high-school teacher who becomes president o

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What Earth Day? Most nations still unwilling to do what’s needed to save the planet

Scientists strongly believe that the planet may be in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, and unlike other times in the past, this could be largely anthropogenic.

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Kerala’s housing project for the homeless an initiative worth serious consideration

Under the initiative, the state will be providing shelter to 4.3 lakh families that are without a home.

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Controlling stent prices may show benefits in short-run, but does long-term damage

The capping slashed the price of drug-eluting stents by as much as 70%.

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Jet Airways shutdown: The surprise was that so few saw it coming

The economy can’t sustain a full-service airline, but no banker acted in time; Jet’s staffers never looked for jobs either.

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Worry lines: CMIE data shows new investment proposals are at a 14-year low

In the 2006-2011 boom, the average share of the private sector in total investments was around 62%.

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Quotas in promotion are an abomination. Why they should be scrapped

Apart from govt needing to show SC/ST are inadequately represented, it must show administrative efficiency is not hit.

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Why Mukesh Ambani, Uday Kotak’s endorsement of Milind Deora is a welcome change

Indian businessmen have traditionally operated behind the scenes, whether it comes to getting their work done, or paying for it.

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New MBBS syllabus strengthens dangerous stereotypes about disabled people

The absence of information relating to disabled people in the new MBBS syllabus strengthens dangerous stereotypes about them

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Can brain function be restored after death? Yale research plants the germ

The study, instead, showed that the death of brain cells could be halted and that some connections in the brain were restored, but without any meaningful form of awareness.

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Jet Airways crisis: Why did banks delay work on a solution for so long?

If Jet is close to shutting down, putting all loans at risk, bankers are to blame for not taking control much earlier.

Jet Airways crisis: Why did banks delay work on a solution for so long? News

Lok Sabha election: Low-level talks at the hustings can irreparably damage democracy

Upping the ante for other worthies in the ruling party was Ramesh Kataria, a Gujarat MLA, who said that the prime minister himself had gotten CCTV cameras installed in voting booths and every vote will be “watched”, and t

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Preserving cultural heritage: India must take a leaf from France’s book

The Notre Dame 2024 may not be Notre Dame at all—a ship of Theseus paradox, since parts of it dated back to the 12th century—but there is a lesson the rest of the world, particularly, India must draw from the aftermath of

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Jack Ma has it right on work, we ignore him at our peril

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma has come in for a lot of flak with his 9-9-6 statement—9 to 9 every day, six days a week—for employees in the tech industry in China.

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba News

West Bengal police ‘overreach’ their powers, SC and EC keeping an eye

The case pertains to an assistant commissioner of customs (a central government employee) writing to the inspector in charge of the airport police station to file an FIR—for obstruction and criminal intimidation—against t

A two-judge bench of the SC fined the West Bengal government Rs 20 lakh for preventing the release of the movie, Bhobishyoter Bhoot. News

Trump’s pick of US Fed Board of Governors against the will of people

Stephen Moore, US president Donald Trump's pick as the presidential nominee in the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, is almost too “radical”—a description Moore uses for himself—to handle.

Stephen Moore (Twitter) News

Rethink electoral bonds, secret donations a bad idea

To that extent, the Electoral Bond Scheme was a good idea since, with companies no longer worried that their contributions to various political parties will be made public, they can go ahead and donate liberally.

Rethink electoral bonds, secret donations a bad idea News

Finally, some action: From SC on Rahul Gandhi to EC on Mayawati and Adityanath

After several days of inaction while India’s politicians went on a rampage, both the Supreme Court (SC) and the Election Commission (EC) have finally taken some concrete steps.

The EC banned Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath from campaigning for 72 hours and, in the case of BSP chief Mayawati, the ban is for the next 48 hours. News

Inducting pvt sector talent for govt services laterally is a good move

The breadth of talent picked in the first-ever lateral entry and the expertise those selected have demonstrated in their respective careers so far—in the private sector, in multilateral organisations, in PSUs—promises a b

Lateral entry will help alleviate the drought within the government’s administrative services. (Representative image) News

CowMad: Lynching is spiraling out of control, thanks to tacit political support

Assam, Jharkhand incidents show cow lynching is spiralling out of control, thanks to tacit political support.

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