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NCLAT gets it totally wrong on Essar Steel

As legal experts have pointed out, Section 30(2)(b) clearly says that as long as the operational creditor gets a minimum of liquidation value, the Committee of Creditors (CoC) can decide on the amount to be distributed.

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Chandrayaan 2: A pause, not abort-mission

Chandrayaan 2: Given the relentless coverage of the mission and the fact that the global media is in awe of Isro’s success-on-a-shoestring-budget story, the failure to launch on Monday could seem to some as a loss of face,

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Do you know how politics affect your happiness — Find out here

The research empirically tests these hypotheses in the US and finds that people with extreme political views were happier than moderates and, national level representation has a greater impact on happiness than state level re

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UP govt must adopt the model anti-lynching law

The draft Bill recommends that mob lynching be recognised as a separate criminal offence—currently, incidents of mob lynching are treated as cases of assault, grievous assault, or homicide, as the case may be—with strict

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Falling morbidity shows Swachh Bharat impact

The RICE study found that SBM helped drastically improve rural sanitation coverage in the four states—up from 37% in 2015-16 to 71%.

Yet, 44% of the rural population in Bihar, UP, MP and Rajasthan, as per RICE data, still defecates in the open. (Representational image) News

Govt schools lag private ones despite larger per-student spends

The draft National Education Policy “unequivocally commits to raising investment in education substantially—including a significant increase in public financial investment” and many experts would concur, especially on i

The draft National Education Policy “unequivocally commits to raising investment in education substantially (Representational image) News

75% of under-five children with disabilities do not attend school

Against the backdrop of the stated inclusion goals of the government for persons with disabilities, the report shows that access to education will pose perhaps the toughest challenge.

The Right to Education has provisions for enrolments of CWDs, but crucially has no clause for providing resources for them. (Representational image) News

Budget 2019: Little wiggle room for Centre’s spending

Budget 2019 India: An analysis shows that the IEBR portion of the total capital expenditure of the ministries associated with investment in infrastructure has shot up over the past few years.

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See sense on censorship: Bombay HC right in castigating CBFC

The HC noted that films were a medium to explain difficult issues like caste discrimination, addiction, etc, to children, and the CBFC’s action in this case showed that it considered viewers “infantile and imbecile”.

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Growth issues: One in three Indian children will exhibit stunting by 2022

Many researchers make particular note of the poverty trap in India's malnutrition story—a malnourished mother gives birth to a weak and a stunted child, and thus malnutrition is passed on from one generation to another.

Malnutrition fell at the rate of 1% per year over the past decade, the slowest decline amongst emerging economies. (Representational Image) News

Let RBI deduct SEB dues from state govt accounts

While talking of how the power sector’s dues to banks are Rs 1.74 lakh crore and the slow pace of resolving stressed assets, the central power ministry flags another serious problem, that of falling capacity utilization lev

It is time to ensure that all their dues—to banks, power producers, etc—are automatically deducted from their accounts with the RBI; anything else less drastic will be cosmetic. News

No bilateral concessions: Madhya Pradesh power tariff case holds valuable lessons

The state government has apparently justified the lower tariff to new companies on the grounds that the older companies would have received some other sops as well in the past.

That practice, however, could increasingly be challenged legally as preferential power tariffs are being done right now in Madhya Pradesh. (Representational image) News

Sour note: Tamil filmmakers ‘ban’ reviewers who judge their films harshly

Although the notice doesn’t seem to have any legal standing—critics and reviewers agree that published negative reviews alone don't make the general public develop an unfavourable opinion of the film.

Today, for most of the multiplex-going public, the decision to watch a movie is based on the opinions it garners on social media, not on any one critic’s take. (File photo) News

Telecom firms need help, government will decide on penalties first!

With Trai not lowering Rs 3,050-cr fine, telecom panel must decide penalty; it should have been totally focused on a relief package

Not surprisingly, Trai has stuck to its original recommendation, so it should be interesting to see what DCC does. (Representational image) News

Too many curbs in single brand retail kept out serious investors

Rules that compel companies to buy from artisans, cottage industries and so on are stifling, and should be altogether scrapped.

It is no surprise that the investment in India by single-brand retailers over the last five or six years is negligible. (Reuters File photo) News

Delhi government’s proposal to install CCTV cameras in classrooms is misguided and counter productive

The decision to install CCTV cameras in classrooms is perhaps informed by the desire to increase accountability of both teachers and students, with regard to whether and how well they dispense of their respective duties.

Kejriwal’s dependence on technology as the one-stop solution to systemic problems is not only misguided but also counter-productive in more ways than one. (PTI File photo) News

Sacking corrupt and inefficient govt officers sounds great but may never become preferred course of action

Officials covered by FR 56(j), 56(1) or Rule 48(1) (b) of CCS (Pension) Rules, must be reviewed six months before they attain the age of 50-55 years, in cases covered by FR 56(j) and after the completion of 30 years of qualif

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Budget 2019: Finance minister took the easier route instead of catching those who avoid tax

Budget 2019-20: The finance minister should have reduced rates in an attempt to broaden the tax base even if, in the short run, this meant lower taxes and a higher deficit.

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Now we’ll know if it is govt or CAG that cripples PSUs

Govt shareholding going below 51% is a good way to dilute impact of the 3Cs, but that may not be the biggest constraint

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Government borrowing abroad is too risky, drop the idea

A better way to keep local interest rates low is to raise FPI-limits in India, attract more FDI, or for the govt to simply spend less

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Difficult to see investors bidding for right to set up fabs in India

Difficult to see them bidding for right to set up fabs, etc, here

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Budget 2019: NRF a good idea, but ‘basic science focus’ shouldn’t come at the cost of tech and social sciences

Union Budget 2019: The pittance that India gives to R&D is reflected in the fact that there were only 15 researchers in India per 100,000 population compared to 111 in China, 423 in the US and 825 in Israel in FY17.

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People more likely to be honest than greedy, says study

Study shows people are more likely to be honest than greedy, even though a healthy cynicism exists within them

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BJP fails to act against Akash Vijayavargiya despite PM’s rebuke, shows party in poor light

The local BJP unit, and indeed, the party leadership is likely to wait for the controversy to die down; hence, the eyewash of a disciplinary committee inquiry.

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Every dollar spent on disaster resilient infrastructure in developing nations will earn $4

Despite high investments, the report finds that the quality and adequacy of basic infrastructure services—roads, public transport, power grids, water and sanitation systems—is not up to the mark.

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Action on raters just a start

In the case of IL&FS, for instance, it was amazing that rating firms which gave it a good rating for its Rs 75 crore issue as late as August 2018 failed to catch the fact that.

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Air India can’t be sold, so best to shut it

Air India’s net debt rose to Rs 58,352 crore at the end of March 2019, rising from about Rs 55,000 crore in FY18.

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