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Is the MCA-21 a black box that is distorting GDP data?

It is not clear if the explanation is kosher as no one knows whether the fake bills being generated are equal to or greater than the amount of genuine sales—from service or manufacturing firms—but even when the statistica

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UN report warns of accelerated mass extinction, but the world hardly seems to care

Current extinction, a paper published in Science says, is 1,000 times higher than what would have been if there were no people. Scientists have been sounding the alarm since 1992, but no nation seems to be inclined to pay hee

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From Modi to Rahul Gandhi, the campaign touches new lows

In any election that is as closely fought as this one, the campaign deteriorating into a communal one is always a possibility especially since, while the Model Code of Conduct prevents appealing to voters along religious line

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If jobs are being created, why is consumption sputtering?

The data on private final consumption expenditure for Q3FY19—a growth of 8.4%year-on-year (y-o-y)—was somewhat puzzling given the festive season had been a particularly dull one.

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Benetton’s #UnitedByVote ad campaign a refreshing example of what companies can do in public interest

Surf Excel recently became a target of relentless online abuse and threats from trolls for, ironically, using Holi as a backdrop to give a warm, sincere message on communal harmony.

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Vieled Reality: Minority education group in Kerala bans veils on its campuses

The MES has deemed face-veils un-Islamic and a form of cultural invasion, perhaps hinting at the Wahabbi/Salafi cultural influence exerted by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations in West Asia and the Gulf region, a preferred

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IL&FS saga: NCLAT acts sensibly on RBI

With the latest NCLAT ruling, banks will now start to make provisions for IL&FS loans and so, even if things don’t work out according to plan, at least the banking sector will be better shock-proofed against possible losses

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GST on a better footing, augurs well for direct taxes

With March 2019’s collections the highest ever, this means monthly collections in FY19 were, on average, 7% more than those in FY18, and the figure is 13% higher when you compare the January to March 2019 collections with t

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Taxing times: Income tax filings fall in FY 2019 for the first time in history

The Centre has budgeted total GST collections of `7.6 lakh crore and states have budgeted `6.1 lakh crore, implying a monthly run rate of `1.15 lakh crore.

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Why grant reviewers give proposals from women lower marks than men

How men and women grant-seekers use language undermines blind grant review, a new study shows .

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Andhra Pradesh is experimenting with edu-tech in a big way

Andhra Pradesh is experimenting with edu-tech in a big way.

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Make defaulter list public, but limit action on NPAs

SC rulings on RBI seem contradictory. Also, making bank inspection reports public can trigger a panic, so caution needed.

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Caster Semenya case: How to preserve the integrity of female athletics

How to preserve the integrity of female athletics while ensuring DSD athletes like Caster Semenya don’t suffer?

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Namami Gange is still far from its touted goals RBI

Namami Gange is still far from its touted goals.

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NBFCs were too loosely regulated for too long

With `1.3 lakh crore of NBFC borrowings from mutual funds matures over the next 3 months, rolling over won’t be automatic.

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Sexual harassment charges: Probe against CJI Ranjan Gogoi going nowhere

More important, while the SC has divided the inquiry into two parts, the sexual harassment charges and the larger conspiracy—an advocate has added to the mix by alleging he was sought to be bribed to push the sexual harass

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Sebi lets off NSE, ex-CEOs lightly as it can’t prove fraud

Sebi found evidence of NSE helping certain firms but, with no proof of who ordered it, Sebi stuck to a level-playing-field charge.

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Yeti ‘footprint’: Take Army’s picture with a pinch of salt

However, interest in the snowman, at least among the larger public, had waned in the decades since Yeti-mania left its imprint in even the Tintin universe.

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Capex recovery will be slow: Demand slowing as costs of doing business rise

In the future, businessmen—and bankers—will be extremely wary of risking capital in areas which are vulnerable to changes in regulations and difficult labour laws. In short, the cost of doing business is going up as are

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US Fed using comics to impart financial awareness

The US Fed has been using comics to impart financial awareness and encourage prudent behaviour.

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Sri Lanka is banning face-veiling in the aftermath of Easter bombings

The issue at the heart of terrorism and security concerns though is rising marginalisation of Islam and the extremism that emanates from this.

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First malarial vaccine launch could hold promise for India

A vaccine is a far more economic solution in the long-run than drugs, and since it primes the immune system to fight off the pathogen, disease burden falls sharply with the threat of resistance nullified or minimised.

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Lok Sabha Election: Cows and cane could cost Modi dearly in UP

If Modi’s policies on the cow were bad, those on sugar were a continuation of the past; both can cost him dearly in UP.

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Netflix and video streaming may be lowering subscribers’ sex drive

Netflix and video-streaming may be lowering subscribers’ sex drive

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Q4 earnings: A dismal quarter, and not much hope of a reversal

With such poor results, there is little chance of firms either adding much capacity or hiring in a big way

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Revamping fertiliser-subsidy targeting will build on earlier reforms

Revamping fertiliser-subsidy targeting will build on earlier reforms

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We hoped opposition would put up a credible fight… but see Varanasi drama: Ram Madhav

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav says the polls are all about PM Modi, dismisses charge of Citizenship Bill being biased, says the protests in NE have been handled, defends BJP not talking about temple in UP but the Balakot s

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