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Raising GST threshold to Rs 75 lakh is a bad idea

Govt needs to simplify GST returns, not remove such a large segment from filing returns. It will hit tax compliance.

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Water priority: Reviving lakes in Delhi is a worthy pursuit

Reviving lakes in Delhi is a worthy pursuit, but DJB must first address the city’s poor sewage treatment capacity.

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PSU banks: No one seems to care about the stunning loss in value

Looked at another way, that’s a notional loss in market value of PSU banks of Rs 3.3 lakh crore since the NDA came to power, and this is after Rs 1.7 lakh crore of fresh cash has been pumped into these banks, and another Rs

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Important to stop terror, vital to respect privacy

To stop terrorists using WhatsApp, govt needs information, but vital to ensure search doesn’t get as open-ended as Sec 66A was.

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Disney moving to get a wider trademark on the Swahili phrase is being seen as cultural appropriation

Disney, which is re-releasing The Lion King (a photorealistic remake) next year, however, seems to have bitten too much off in its attempt to cash in on the popularity of the original movie and the hype surrounding the upcomi

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Trump lessons for Modi – US President’s advisors warn against firing the Fed chief

In India, given how both bond and stock markets rallied after Patel’s resignation, it is tempting to believe there will be no wrath of markets if the government continues with its policy to reduce the central bank’s auton

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Less taxing solutions for start-ups

An IIT/IIM panel to resolve the issue of tax-treatment for start-ups a good idea; indeed, do this for others as well.

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Mattis resignation shows how little faith Donald Trump inspires, even among those he hand picked

The Mattis resignation shows how little faith Trump inspires, even amongst those he hand-picked.

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Tech Bytes: Nasscom, IIT Madras partnership for skill development; AP govt to set up i-Hub in Visakhapatnam

IT industry forum Nasscom and Indian Institute of Technology Madras have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate for the future skills initiative and build an equipped workforce in the country.

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In The News: Uday Shankar to lead Disney-star merged entity in India and other stories

The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific, and will report to Kevin Mayer, chairman of The Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer and international segment.

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PM Narendra Modi lays foundation for Rs 41,000-cr infrastructure projects in Maharashtra

At an event at Kalyan, Modi kickstarted work on the ambitious Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan (Metro 5) and the Dahisar-Mira- Bhayander (Metro 9) corridors, estimated to cost over Rs 15,000 crore.

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369 infrastructure projects show cost overruns of over Rs 3.58 lakh crore

According to the report, the expenditure incurred on these projects till September 2018 is Rs 7,83,503 crore, which is 36.21% of their anticipated cost.

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STEM: Shell brings NXplorers to India

Energy major Shell has launched its science, tech, engineering and maths (STEM) education initiative called NXplorers in India; inaugural session was launched in Delhi.

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COP24: Not all hot air – UN’s latest climate meeting ends positively

The UN’s latest climate meeting ended positively. But there is a lot more to do if global warming is to be stopped.

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Recapitalising PCA banks is a bad idea; here is why

The government’s latest announcement on capital infusion into banks suggests it is attempting to boost loan growth by empowering weaker lenders.

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Calls to break up Google, Facebook: Time to start thinking of possible solutions and endgames

There have been calls in the West to break up companies like Google and Facebook, over concerns of abuse of dominance and privacy violations.

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Manipur-type arrests for criticising political leaders reveal how India’s democracy yet to mature

Criticism of leaders is not sedition, and threatens only the fragile egos of leaders who believe themselves to be above criticism, not the security of the nation.

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Can’t want foreign investment in e-tail and then want to change rules

With the general elections around the corner, the government is once again making the right noises about looking into the steep discounts being offered by e-commerce players.

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Surrogacy law needs rethink – Regulate commercial surrogacy, don’t ban it

The Bill, in effect, prohibits single persons, widowed (-ered), divorcees, live-in and homosexual couples, even married couples with children, from taking this route.

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Incentivising electric vehicles is fine but govt must act on clean power to begin with

India’s ambitious plans on electric vehicles, in a bid to curb pollution as well as reduce its import bill on oil, are well known.

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Will the Yadavs take a cut in their quota lying down?

Instead of winding down quotas, we fanned the flames, so it’s difficult to see prominent OBCs cede their pole position.

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Think global, hire local – It’s not just Madhya Pradesh, other states doing it as well

When new investment was made, he said in a statement that seemed a flashback to the Marathi manoos days of the Shiv Sena, people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar came and took the jobs while the locals remained unemployed.

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Populism shock! Gujarat’s power bill write-off sets a dangerous precedent

The generation sector already accounts for a chunk of the NPAs of banks because of, amongst other factors, populist measures such as power tariffs kept artificially low.

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Inching forward at Katowice – Earth gets a climate action rulebook

The world now has a rulebook for implementing the Paris accord—a way to see if countries are on track to meet the emission cut targets they have set when the deal comes into force in 2020.

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Why the new law on rights of transgenders fails to take into account their lived realities

The law talks of a National Commission for Transgenders, but has nothing on membership structure, objectives, grievance redressal and other features of the commission.

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Good steps on Aadhaar! Why amending the law to allow private use is a good idea

While the Supreme Court verdict on Aadhaar was welcome, given the high-decibel campaign against it, its reading down of Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act was always difficult to comprehend.

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Six years of Nirbhaya case: Change is there, but nowhere close to enough

The sixth anniversary of the Nirbhaya rape is here, and Delhi seems to be still far from having the CCTV coverage—camera surveillance which will make rapes like the Nirbhaya one become less likely.

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