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Restaurants wanting to renegotiate term with Zomato surely knew what they were signing on to?

According to Zomato, in damage-control mode after 1,200 of its partner restaurants quit, the problem was caused by ‘bargain hunters’; Goyal has assured action and has asked restaurants to stop the #logout movement.

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Government medical education hugely subsidised – here’s how

The SC pointed out that the government spends a large amount in training each medical graduate and post-graduate in government medical colleges—AIIMS calculates the cost of producing one MBBS at Rs 1.7 crore—but just a fr

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Linking loan-rates to repo-like rate simply won’t work

Surely RBI Governor knows banks can’t re-price loans at will; and banks will just raise spreads if RBI forces them

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Khayyam’s music wove intensify into words in a manner that is perhaps impossible to replicate

Born in the Punjab of British India, Khayyam received training in classical Indian music under Pandit Amarnath, and assisted Baba Chishti, before moving to Mumbai to make his debut with Heer Ranjha in 1948.

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Election ID linked to Aadhaar can make votes portable

According to a report in The Indian Express, EC has written to the law secretary asking for making Aadhaar linking legal, while also accommodating those who cannot furnish Aadhaar cards or do not have an Aadhaar number.

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Raising deficit by cutting tax rates is OK, go for it!

If the lower corporation tax is accompanied by a replacement of the DDT with a tax on dividends in the hands of the shareholders, for instance, by way of a dividend withholding tax, it would remove the double taxation that t

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Instead of going after organised industry, Punjab blaming artists

Now, the state’s tourism minister, Charanjit Singh Channi, has said that the state is mulling a law to take action against artistes who “glorify the use of drugs” through songs or films.

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Sebi does well to turn down a consent-plea by an agency

The fact is, ratings agencies have been way too casual in their approach, failing investors and lenders. Much like the stable door being bolted after the horse has bolted, the downgrades came in in too late.

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Can boost exports even as global economy slows

Not surprisingly, gold is up to a six-year high; and with the trade war between the US and China showing no signs of abating, indeed it has spread into more dangerous areas like theft of intellectual property, the global pict

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How Lancet is correcting gender imbalance in STEM research

Cultural stereotypes pose severe barriers for women's entry into the sciences—for instance, only 29% of female students in India are enrolled in a BTech course, as per the All India Higher Education Survey (AISHE) 2017-18.

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I see no future for Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti: Jitendra Singh

MoS, PMO, Jitendra Singh says curbs in J&K are nothing new and should not be seen through the prism of Art 370, says questioning J&K Reorganisation Bill is questioning will of Parliament, and says scene in Valley will change

Union Minister Jitendra Singh with Senior Assistant Editor Deeptiman Tiwari in The Indian Express newsroom (Image: Abhinav Saha) News

Amazon should clear Future Retail deal with government first

Amazon may or may not finally buy 10% of Indian retailer Future Retail—media reports suggest the deal is close to being finalised—but what is odd is that the discussions are taking place despite the NDA government at the

Amazon may not require explicit permission from the government to buy into Future Retail using some investment arm News

Population explosion is a bogey the government should ignore

The country's annual population growth rate fell from 2.5% in 1971-81—a time when ‘population explosion’ was bandied around commonly, and when India infamously experimented with forced sterilisation—to 1.3% in 2011-16

With such trends likely to continue, as demographers predict, the population burden on India's resources will only ease in the coming decades. (Representational image) News

Facebook transcribing audio chats over Messenger hurts its own interests

The company explained that those using Messenger had chosen the option to have their voice-chats transcribed.

Facebook had hired hundreds of private contractors to transcribe the content of call made over its Messenger app. (File photo) News

Pehlu Khan case: Shoddy probes will fail victims and even the best of laws

The court said that those named by Khan in his dying declaration, a separate set of six, were not named in the complainants’ (Khan’s sons) statement to the police, as required under the Section 161 of the CrPC.

The court order, in fact, is an indictment of shoddy investigation in the case. (Representational image) News

Know why India ranks 4th in terms of measles outbreak

Vaccination rates must rise at a large scale, especially, in conflict ridden and poor areas—the worst-hit by plummeting vaccination rates.

A recent WHO-Unicef study also noted that vaccination rates for DPT and measles have remained stagnant at 86% since 2010. (Representative image) News

Flood fury: Climate change denial won’t help

As per a 2017 study, India had the second-largest number of deaths linked to extreme weather events—floods, heatwaves, etc.

But, saying that the floods have nothing to do with climate change, as environment minister Prakash Javadekar has done, is nothing short of climate denialism. (File photo) News

Use trusts/pools for agriculture, insurance for health

Indeed, the model needs to be flipped; farm insurance should be based on a trust model or risk-pools, while Ayushman Bharat should be based on pure insurance instead of the trust model that several states are using right now.

In the case of farm insurance, no single farmer can claim crop failure (Representational image) News

BCCI finally submits to NADA dope-testing for cricketers

As per the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) norms, all athletes competing in a country are to be tested by that country’s anti-doping agency.

BCCI has, however, requested for some ‘premium services’ citing concerns over the quality and efficiency of NADA’s testing. News

ISRO’s success is Vikram Sarabhai’s lasting legacy

Isro keeps pushing the envelope on many fronts, and the list of feats that force the world to take note is growing longer.

The establishment of Isro, however, was his crowning achievement. News

In its current form, Congress has little chance of revival

To compel the party to change fundamentally, he insisted that the party look for its chief from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Sonia Gandhi, as the party’s interim president News

India must recycle or reuse water and adopt conservation methods now

WRI notes that, from 1990 to 2014, groundwater tables in some north Indian aquifers have been declining at a rate of 8 cm per year.

The key intervention has to be on reusing and recycling wastewater. (Representational image) News

Indian Air Force’s new game is an innovative way to attract new talent

Now, IAF has come out with an innovative approach for attracting talent, with its newly launched flight simulator mobile game “IAF- A cut above the rest.”

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Delhi does well to move on digital training of teachers

The new digital training universe will include mathematics training for teachers teaching grades IV & V, and curriculum-specific modules across subjects at the senior secondary level.

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Don’t look for silver bullets, all-round reform is needed

While repo rates may be the same now as they were in 2010, he argued, given consumer inflation is dramatically lower today—3-3.5% this year versus over 13% then—the real repo was minus 8.1% in 2010 versus plus 2.6% now; s

Nirmala Sitharaman, interest rates, repo rates, RBI, reserve bank of india, consumer inflation News

Mapping forest encroachments will take 16 years, FSI says

FSI attributes the delays in mapping is to many states not having provided data on forest dwellers and satellite imagery’s inability to grasp every facet of authentication described by law—non-timber forest produce, grazi

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RBI rate cut: Onus is now on banks to slash rates to spur economy

The earlier RBI announcement to benchmark new floating rate loans to the external benchmarks appears to have been taken off the table.

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