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Bankable option: VRS is a good option, but it does not address the problem of inefficiency

SBI stands to save Rs 2,171 crore if 30% of its employees opt for VRS. If the plan is successful, other PSBs should take a leaf out of SBI’s book and institute such schemes to create leaner structures.

The new fund offering opens on Tuesday and will close on September 22.

Facebook isn’t just a neutral platform, now deal with it

The issues of fake news and bias are real and, so far, the SM giant is doing a poor job of responding to the challenges

There is obviously a difference in that a Facebook cannot prevent posts from being made while a newspaper editor can prevent a story from being published, but what matters is the action taken after the posting is done.

Ask me no questions! Decision to suspend Question Hour signals a desire to avoid accountability

That is myopic since legislatures elsewhere in the world have made extensive use of digital technologies to minimise the requirement of human presence while conducting business as near normal as possible.

Entry in the premises will be allowed only on production of a COVID-19 negative report, with the test conducted not more than 72 hours before the start of the session.

Paying back: States need to encourage healthcare workers, not withhold or cut their pay

States need to encourage healthcare workers who are the frontline in the war against Covid, not withhold or cut their pay

As per a report in the Times of India (ToI), nearly 870 doctors of 1,080 appointed in first-line treatment centres have tendered resignation as the state government has been giving them Rs 27,000 per month as salary, instead of the Rs 42,000 promised at the time of recruitment.

Fix business environment for thriving local toy industry

Soon after the prime minister spoke of this, Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa spoke of creating India’s first toy manufacturing cluster in a 400-acre SEZ at Koppala and, he said, 40,000 jobs could be generated in fiv

So, if the toy industry is to genuinely thrive, this can only happen when the plethora of rules that keep industry down are fixed, when infrastructure costs are lowered, and when an industry has more access to formal credit.

Covid-19: Delhi HC right on need to test asymptomatic 

Not just the national capital, but other states also need to do this; also, testing has to be led by RT-PCR

Indeed, as data from Karnataka and Kerala—two states that had reported success in controlling spread early in the pandemic—show, wider testing helps catch more infections.

Healthy START: Draft health data management policy is a step in the right direction

This freedom is also available to health practitioners and health facilities. Both entities will also be issued with unique IDs with a choice to opt-out at any point in time.

The system instead gives control to users (or data principals) and follows a liberal path as far as data storage is concerned.

SC does well to allow states to determine quota limits for PG medical admission

SC does well to allow states to determine quota limits for PG medical admission for those serving in backward areas

However, the Court termed MCI’s stand as unconstitutional, adding further that these quotas should be granted only to doctors who have served a minimum of five years in rural or tribal districts.

Overcrowding in jails: Need to tackle the issue of jailed under-trials through bail reform

More important, none of the reforms suggested in the law commission reports or by committees seem to have been acted upon.

Overcrowding in jails, NCRB data, 268th Law Commission report,  criminal cases,  Code of Criminal Procedure

GDP numbers: If govt doesn’t spend a lot more, expect a big collapse

At a time when govt needs to be spending Rs 10-12 lakh-cr more, its spending is slowing; and public capex is falling

Readying cyber-defence! Need a more pro-active regulator to keep citizens informed

Need a more pro-active regulator to keep citizens informed

With quota-within-quota, the reservation debate in India gets messier

Like the creamy-layer policy, it is aimed at more equity among SC/ST, but it makes implementation more complex

Ease of being gamed: World Bank’s Index was flawed, halting Doing Business report is a good idea

India is not mentioned as a country where data has been manipulated, but several observers, including this newspaper, have argued that the rankings were easily gamed.

Promoting innovation: Why govt needs to actively look at tech-solutions that can help fight COVID-19

Govt needs to extend support to start-ups like De Scalene and ready a nurturing ecosystem.

Data drive: Coronavirus infection growth still high

With the government planning to ease restrictions, it will need to work hard to enforce social distancing norms.

The growth of infections has been just 2.6% in August.

HCQ debate: ICMR must conduct thorough RCTs, make findings public

A recent observational study led by a hospital in Italy claims that the anti-malarial drug reduced the risk of death amongst hospitalised Covid-19 patients by 30%.

The study couldn’t clearly state whether PPEs and other external factors had a greater role to play in protecting against Covid-19 than HCQ.

Need a long-term healthcare roadmap for Covid-19

SARS-CoV-2 causes long-term damage to the body; a registry of recovered patients could help track for future healthcare needs

With the novelty of the pathogen and its effect on human physiology still to be completely unravelled, predicting the exact course and nature of the after-effects is difficult at this early stage.

Congress leadership needs to be receptive of criticism, or it will fade into electoral oblivion

Disaffection among cadre, unresolved grievances, rudderless leadership, etc, have ensured that rival parties have gained political capital by default and by design, engineering defections.

Days after 23 prominent Congress leaders wrote to party president Sonia Gandhi urging significant organisational changes in the party—lest the Congress keeps losing elections—many of them were snubbed for the posts.

Both Centre and states need to get real on GST

At a time when it is important to try and stimulate the contracting economy, even if the states were to agree to raise rates on zero-duty goods or on those with low rates, this would hurt consumption; so while there may be a

Safe water: BIS proposal of water quality management for Jal Jeevan mission a good idea

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) draft drinking water supply quality management system is a step in the right direction. The draft encodes uniformity across all households as far as the water supply is concerned. It stipu

Postpone Bihar elections; impossible to maintain social distancing in crowds

In India, with nearly 70,000 cases being added every day, the country is already third when it comes to global infection levels and tops the list of new infections every day; in the few cities like Delhi and Mumbai that have

Vaccine plan: India must plan ahead for rolling out Covid-19 vaccination

India must plan ahead for rolling out Covid-19 vaccination; Nilekani’s suggestion of Aadhaar-like model worth considering

It is important, therefore, that India readies its plan to do this now, so that the process doesn’t turn chaotic later.

RBI needs to do more OMOs

To be sure, banks are inundated with funds; loan growth has been anaemic, at just about 5.5% year-on-year, while deposits are galloping along at 10-11% y-o-y.

Food security: States need to be more proactive to ensure allowances are disbursed on time

States have done well to initiate transfers in lieu of mid-day meals, but they need to be more proactive

Of these, payments were made to 8,21,768 at Rs 85 per month for primary school and Rs 78 per for upper primary.

No clarity yet on Bhushan, AG does well on Bhasker

Sentencing Bhushan sends out a message of intolerance; good that AG stopped this in the case of Swara Bhasker

Besides, the chilling effect it has on criticism does neither the judiciary’s image nor the larger cause of judicial accountability any good.

Government is the biggest loser in the spectrum issue

If both the SC and the government realised that, it would pave the way for some sensible telecom policies

Another obvious conclusion is that, irrespective of what the SC decides, apart from the telco itself, the biggest loser from it shutting down will be the government of India.

CAG report shows UP gave undue benefits to developers

Indeed, the urban development authorities of some of the major cities in the state seem to have been instruments of disbursing favours to real estate developers, by letting the latter sidestep regulatory and other requirement

If it were made clear at the start that the government wouldn’t be charging conversion fee, other developers perhaps could have put in a lower bid, in a fair competition.
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