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Stop airport monopolies! Here’s why govt must put a cap on number of airports under one firm

With one of the country’s busiest airports, and licences for more under its belt, the Adani Group will enjoy enormous clout.

BSNL can’t be a pawn in the battle against China

Even if Chinese vendors were to be banned, what was the need to cancel the tender and then to delay the new one?

BSNL has a debt of around Rs 20,000 crore

Breaks IT: That is what the UK’s new draft law does to Brexit agreement with the EU

That is what the UK’s new draft law does to Brexit agreement with the EU, by disregarding the Northern Ireland protocol

Land acquisition: New portal to help industry, but govt must fix high registration-costs, green nod delays

The new portal to make land acquisition easier will help industry, but govt must fix high registration-costs, green nod delays, etc

Data drive: Nearing 1 lakh daily cases

Now, the jump of 20,000 daily cases has come within 10 days. Data shows that 80% of India’s daily cases seem to be coming from thirteen states.

EPFO needs to get it right – if stock markets down, simply give lower returns

The returns EPFO offers, however, are lower than that offered by the National Pension Scheme (NPS)—around 9-11% on debt instruments—and that is where EPFO needs to learn some lessons.

Between March and September, if EPFO loses money—as it did, like everyone else, in the stock markets—it cannot possibly credit the full amount.

Need to curb NSA misuse: From cow slaughter to silencing critics, some states have been quick to invoke the law

From cracking down on cow slaughter to silencing critics, some states have been quick to invoke the law

The Court held that Khan’s speech at an anti-CAA protest had made no attempt to destabilise law and order or vitiate public order.

GPT-3 writing an op-ed piece in The Guardian shows the progress on AI development, and its present limits

GPT-3 writing an op-ed piece in The Guardian shows the progress on AI development, and its present limits

But, OpenAI and peers are also working to create more accurate AI.

Oscar QUOTA: The Academy Award needs to look beyond Hollywood

The Academy Award needs to look beyond Hollywood, not introduce quotas for under-represented categories

The Oscars needed to deal with the diversity problem by being more open to world cinema.

Covid catalysed wide tech-deployment in medical research

Computational power is being leveraged to monitor clinical trials of drugs, vaccines, identify new compounds of medicinal value, etc.

What is also interesting is that Summit has been used to identify 77 potential Covid treatments, based on the analysis of the data it processed.

Understanding Covid-19 pathology better

Research points at a link between Covid-19 pathology & bradykinin storms causing malfunction of blood pressure regulation

The researchers contend that the virus has an effect similar to ACE-inhibitors that are prescribed for controlling high blood pressure—ACE2 inhibitors are known to cause dry cough and fatigue, two common Covid-19 symptoms.

India’s cannabis problem is not just about its use

This is not just about Rhea Chakraborty, it is about the indiscriminate arrest of users; time to decriminalise this

Indeed, India’s history with cannabis should inform its future course of action—its recreational and medicinal use finds mention in ancient texts, and it continued to be regulated, but not criminalised commodity well after Independence.

Pandemic-proofing schools: SOPs for reopening good, but need to strengthen online learning

The Centre’s guidelines also stipulate social distancing measures and regular sanitisation of school, besides requiring temperature check for all visiting school premise.

While online teaching is still supposed to be the norm, schools have been asked only to facilitate doubt clearing sessions for students whose parents are voluntarily willing to send them to school.

Fair Review: India needs to get e-commerce players to fund research on the fake review and ratings industry

Amazon previously had to remove thousands of ratings after a study by the University of Southern California and the University of California—the FT investigation was based on this—found around 2,500 groups promoting produ

The study also found that these reviews led to a spike in ratings, causing an increase in sales.

Powering reforms and culture of doles

AP does well to plan switching over to DBT for power starting FY22; other states should take a cue from it

However, with AP moving towards DBT for power—the state will start with one district in December this year—others may also take a cue.

Hypersonic heft: India can catch up fast with China on hypersonic tech

With nuclear payload capability, the indigenous hypersonic technology should position India as a nation with both deterrence and attack capability when it comes to superfast martial action.

On Monday, India demonstrated that it is capable of this with the successful testing of the Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HSTDV)—hypersonic objects can travel at Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound) or higher speeds.

Loan recast scheme: A resolution plan without the subjectivity of the past

Covid-hit India Inc needed help, but without the moral hazard of the past; Kamath panel has helped achieve that

Now, the central bank has come up with a one-time loan recast scheme for companies hit by Covid-19.

Following Apple’s approach: Niti Aayog’s DEPA draft is a step towards user empowerment

The government also discussed this in its draft policy for health data released last month, where it said the user would have to provide consent each time her data is shared. Also, the user shall have a database to see which

Get the testing strategy right to control Covid-19

After some prodding by the Delhi High Court which wanted the capital to change its testing strategy following a surge in infections once again, ICMR has finally given states the freedom to come up with their own testing proto

Rotten POLITICS: Making Sushant’s death a matter of poll campaign in Bihar is new low for Indian politics

The state DGP made crude remarks on actress Rhea Chakraborty, against the backdrop of her comments on Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Then, there was the episode of the Bihar police team not being allowed to conduct its probe in Mumba

Diffbot attempts to create smarter AI that can discern between fact and misinformation

Diffbot is expected to be a smarter system as it works by reading a page as a human does. Using this technology, it can create knowledge graphs, which will contain verifiable facts.

Data drive: Flare-ups in old hotspots

Delhi, for instance, reported 2,700 cases on Friday, its highest ever tally in 67 days, whereas Mumbai added 1,600 cases.

India must ready itself for the Chinese threat from space

The country has been acquiring and developing indigenously kinetic-kill missiles and vehicles (launched from either ground or orbit to destroy a target with sheer kinetic energy) and orbiting space robots.

This should have alarmed India—indeed, the global community—since it signals that China implicitly considers space as another battlefield, notwithstanding the country’s posturing of being against the weaponisation of extra-terrestrial realms.

Supreme Court can’t be second-guessing the banks

Asking banks not to classify loans as NPAs will help those borrowing, but this is a call that only bankers must take

Indeed, even suggesting that the government and the regulator would have greater discretion in running banks, than bankers, is not a good idea.

Bankable option: VRS is a good option, but it does not address the problem of inefficiency

SBI stands to save Rs 2,171 crore if 30% of its employees opt for VRS. If the plan is successful, other PSBs should take a leaf out of SBI’s book and institute such schemes to create leaner structures.

The new fund offering opens on Tuesday and will close on September 22.

Facebook isn’t just a neutral platform, now deal with it

The issues of fake news and bias are real and, so far, the SM giant is doing a poor job of responding to the challenges

There is obviously a difference in that a Facebook cannot prevent posts from being made while a newspaper editor can prevent a story from being published, but what matters is the action taken after the posting is done.

Ask me no questions! Decision to suspend Question Hour signals a desire to avoid accountability

That is myopic since legislatures elsewhere in the world have made extensive use of digital technologies to minimise the requirement of human presence while conducting business as near normal as possible.

Entry in the premises will be allowed only on production of a COVID-19 negative report, with the test conducted not more than 72 hours before the start of the session.
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