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Online dispute resolution can help deal with the pendency in courts, but needs other reforms as well

A Vidhi Legal and JALDI paper states that if India has to reduce stress on the judicial process and fast-track justice delivery, it has little choice but to look towards Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mechanisms.

The Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, dealt a blow to the already stressed judicial process.

SC judgement on coparcenary upholds gender equality, but opens doors for more litigation

To illustrate, while sons could inherit the property irrespective of the ‘living/deceased’ status of their father, daughters could only do so if their father was alive after 2005.

The latest judgment, delivered on Tuesday, addresses this lacuna by observing that daughters would have coparcenary rights even if the coparceners were dead before 2005.

AGR dues: SC on path to realise govt big loser in Vodafone-Idea case

SC asks govt how it plans to get RCom/Aircel dues; the same applies to Voda-Idea where Rs 260,500-cr is at stake

It is not possible to predict whether SC will allow Vodafone Idea and others 15-20 years to pay their dues, but if this is not done and Vodafone Idea shuts, like RCom and Aircel, it too will not be able to pay its dues.

Make Covid drug trials transparent; fix regulation to make more approval, trial data public

The findings indicated that the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) approved 33 drugs without any scientific evidence.

The petitioners have suggested that clinical trial data be made public regardless of the success or failure of the trial.

Teachers getting pulled up for ‘absence’ in midst of Covid underscores the need for online education

However, in the present instance, the state education department had directed teachers to be present at their posting, in order to make notes, clarify doubts and prepare worksheets for distribution to students.

While the threat of the pandemic reaching a remote village in a northeastern state is low, the matter underscores the need to urgently roll out online education.

UPSEB shows why some business leaders are not so sure about ‘ease of doing business’ in India

The UP government owes Rs 17,825 crore to gencos and Rs 13,294 crore to discoms. Power producers, as FE has reported, have rejected the offer—allowing this for one state would mean allowing it for all, and independent power

Gratuity rules outdated, best to just merge it with EPFO, add it to pension corpus

The government wanting to have gratuity payments probably came from the need for workers to have a small nest-egg when they retired or lost their jobs.

US, Israel lessons for India on reopening schools amid Covid

Both countries saw reopening-related Covid-19 spurts, though localised; important to consider the science of spread.

Zoonotic transmission of deadly pathogens: Urgent action required to limit biodiversity losses

Study shows link between biodiversity loss and the thriving of species that pass on zoonotic infections.

Data drive| India crosses the 2-million infection mark

On Friday, India became the third country in the world to cross 2 million cases of SARS CoV-2 infection.

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Economy in times of Covid: Many indicators looking up, but consumer outlook poor

The good news is that a host of economic indicators—electricity, e-Way bills, traffic congestion, car and two-wheeler registrations, container traffic, etc—have looked up in July even if they are not yet at pre-Covid leve

However, many companies have managed to hold on to their operating margins by cutting costs.

Covid-19: Delhi has a point on allowing hotels and weekly markets to reopen

Delhi govt has a point on allowing hotels and weekly markets to reopen, but its record on checking spread isn’t encouraging

While the Delhi government’s point seems fair, the fact is that its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak so far hasn’t been encouraging.

Covid data registry a welcome idea – it will help understand the infection better

It will help understand the disease better, allowing better response; but first, govt must fix a few kinks

But given how the outbreak seems far from over, even the late start is welcome; it will help researchers, healthcare personnel and policymakers understand the disease better, and shape more effective response.

Too defensive: Domestic defence production continues to lag, sadly 

When the latest Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy talks of doubling the size of the domestic industry to Rs 175,000 crore in five years—of this, the export target is Rs 35,000 crore—it seems more than a bit o

Loan restructuring with care, and about time too

In the past, many restructured loans were undeserving; this time around, it is restricted to those hit by Covid-19.

AI integration will be at the core of the transition to future technologies such as smarts cars

Now, more and more device launches focus on what goes inside the phone, as Samsung’s recent launch event shows. The company launched five new devices, but the talking point was how well it has been able to integrate artific

Covid learning: Digi-health is the future, only this can help India deliver what it needs to

With just 0.6 doctors per 1,000 population and 2.2 nurses, as compared to the WHO’s norm of 1 and 3, respectively, India simply cannot cope with the demands made by its citizens even in non-pandemic situations.

Getting so many doctors and nurses, especially in rural areas, is going to cost a lot; money that India simply does not have.

WhatsApp has done well to curb fake news, but social and messaging services need to invest more in tech

The company in association with the IFCN also provides a list of numbers and a chatbot for fact-checking.

WhatsApp, however, has been doing its bit by continually upgrading its systems.

Covid an opportunity: Complete digital makeover can improve education and health outcomes

A complete digital makeover can dramatically improve education and health outcomes, and in other areas as well

Chandrasekaran has given us the blueprint for resurgence, the starting points of which are investments in health and education.

Infinity & beyond: SpaceX’s success can serve as an example for Isro’s private space initiative

Although this certainly is a feather in Elon Musk’s cap, the development is also of significance for private space initiatives.

The Indian space arm, Isro, has collaborated with the private sector in the past, but these collaborations have entailed using private initiatives as suppliers.

Pension planning for poor: Government needs to rework its plan and budget

The government needs to rework its budget to account for such contributions; why waste money giving a 90% food subsidy to 66% of the population, spend it for unorganised sector workers instead.

The government needs to rework its budget to account for such contributions; why waste money giving a 90% food subsidy to 66% of the population, spend it for unorganised sector workers instead.

A repo signal is good, but banks don’t want to lend

Right now, bankers are more concerned about RBI’s decision on the moratorium, and one-time loan recast

Covid testing: RT-PCR the standard for international travellers, locals must make do with RAT?

What is a bit odd, though, is that the government should believe that people arriving from abroad should produce RT-PCR negative reports, even as testing in the national capital should be RAT-led.

To that end, the government’s move to allow for home quarantine by international travellers is a good one

Unhealthy ATTITUDE: Deplorable that some states have failed to pay health workers’ salaries amid Covid

It is deplorable that some state governments have failed to pay healthworkers’ salaries in the midst of a pandemic.

COVID-19: India moving to Unlock 3

Rate of growth in deaths nearly halved in the second unlock, at 2.4%, as compared to the previous unlock.

The only respite that the country has is the declining rate of deaths.

Capping innovation: Putting market-share caps for UPI is a bad idea, drop it

NPCI being wary of two-three players controlling the market is understandable, but that is not really its job; that is the competition commission or RBI’s mandate.

Curing API-import tough if price-capping not treated

Scheme for domestic API production a good step, but the real issue is drug-price control’s side-effect on pharma upstream

The guidelines and a presentation of the Pharma Bureau—set up by the Union government for interface with the pharma industry—make it clear that the incentive scheme will be quite limited in scope.
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