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Parched Chennai: Why India must focus on building water storage capacity

The southern metropolis faces one of its worst water-crises ever; India must focus on building storage capacity.

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Arm Twisting

HDFC Bank, Surf Excel and others that faced such backlash should assert that they will not deviate from the principles they hold dear.

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India’s RISAT 2B will help with mointoring crop failure, forest cover depletion as well security at the border

If it delivers across the fronts it is expected to, India can further consolidate its position in the club of the space-elite.

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States must emulate Maharashtra on registering land titles

While users, where records are up-to-date and disputes are minimal, will not mind paying a small premium for the peace of mind the insurance guarantees, those in states where the records have been historically poorly kept wil

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Lavasa’s right, the EC has hurt its own credibility

His dissent should have been recorded, and made public; that said, some part of the Model Code of Conduct must be revisited.

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Even if Modi comes back, the market is too costly

Even for FY19, estimates were earlier pegging growth at 20%-plus whereas the reality has turned out to be quite different.

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Satluj Basin set to lose more than half of its glaciers by 2050

The Satluj Basin has 2,026 glaciers spanning 1,426 km2—the small glaciers (less than 1km2) are more vulnerable, and 62% of those will be lost by 2050.

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#MeToo and Crying wolf: Anonymity protects survivors, but allows for fake complaints too

To be sure, the MeToo campaign has been a powerful tool for victims of sexual harassment in the professional sphere to seek justice as part of a collective.

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Rainbow Runner: Dutee Chand coming out as gay must be celebrated

“Hyperandrogenism” is a sanitised, impersonal term—Chand’s was a deeply personal fight for dignity, one in which her gender and, by extension, her achievments as an athelete were questioned.

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Birthing trouble: Gap in institutional delivery means India doesn’t have enough data on low birth weight

For India, where a raft of schemes on maternal and child healthcare exist, being part of the Lancet assessment should have been important.

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RBI diktat on Chief Risk Officer provides cover to NBFC bosses

It is in this context that the central bank has asked NBFCs to appoint Chief Risk Officers (CROs) and to ensure that they are insulated from various pressures.

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Getting credit flows back will be next government’s challenge

Sharp jump in provisioning for next round of NPAs means reviving credit growth tough; low deposit-growth worrying, too

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Some Bengaluru colleges are punishing girls for better performance

In Bengaluru’s reputed Christ Junior College, the science cut-off for boys and girls is 94.1% and 95.1, respectively, while in MES PU College, it is 92% and 95%! Similar cut-offs have been posted for the arts and commerce s

Some Bengaluru colleges are punishing girls for better performance (Representational image) News

Indian R&D is pumping iron, must make policy choices carefully

Within tech patent-applications, emerging tech such as AI, internet of things, cloud computing and cybersecurity have steadily increased their share from 38.3% in 2015 to 56.3% in 2017/18.

Within tech patent-applications, emerging tech such as AI, internet of things, cloud computing and cybersecurity have steadily increased their share from 38.3% in 2015 to 56.3% in 2017/18. (Representational image) News

Parties must act to curb crime in politics

Association for Democratic Reform’s (ADR’s) analysis of candidates’ self-sworn affidavits in the ongoing general polls show that, in 2019, 19% of the candidates analysed face criminal charges, against 17% in 2014 and 15

The Election Commission of India has now made it mandatory for candidates with criminal cases to advertise these details in popular newspapers and TV channels. News

Why public schools must shore up English teaching

A survey by the Lok Foundation and Oxford University on English speakers in India finds correlations between proficiency and caste, class, and education.

The survey highlights that 12% of the respondents from urban areas could speak English as compared with 3% from rural areas. (Representative image) News

UPI vs plastic money: Banks don’t want to set up ATMs due to low rural card-usage

The government has reportedly pulled up banks for not putting in place enough point of sales (PoS) terminals for credit and debit cards. Against a target of 2 million machines—mobile and physical—banks appear to have inst

The government’s dissatisfaction over the small number of machines placed in rural areas is misplaced given the usage in rural India is very low. (Representational image) News

India’s energy investment particulars show the country is committed to climate change mitigation

The 4th World Energy Investment (WEI) report published by International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights that investment in India’s energy sector has grown the most in the last three years.

The credit goes to the government policies supporting solar PVs and wind energy. (Representative image) News

Loan waivers won’t really help small borrowers

With the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) catering for bigger companies rather than micro enterprises the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) is doing well to focus on finding solutions for very small businessmen.

MCA secretary Srinivas Injeti’s point that the IBC does not provide any special dispensation for small borrowers and that the personal involvency chapter may need some amendments is well taken. News

Bt brinjal a wake-up call; unfounded anti-GM fears spawn dangerous subversion

Bt brinjal being illegally cultivated in the country—the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources has just confirmed this for a Haryana farmer’s crop—should hardly shock anyone.

In the Bt brinjal case, paranoia trumped scientific rationale, and it was the farmer that suffered. (Representational photo: IE) News

Road safety audits will help reduce number of accidents

Every year, 1.5 lakh people die in India because of road accidents, and some 5 lakh suffer serious injuries. Among the many reasons, poor infrastructure and safety protocol are two.

If India reduces road accidents by 50%, it may add 14% to its GDP over 24 years. (Representative image) News

India’s 21 million eligible women never register to vote

A new book highlights that 21 million eligible women in the country never register to vote, undermining universal suffrage.

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Mess in the Supreme Court gets worse, who will fix it?

If three court orders have been changed to suit the interests of certain parties, this speaks poorly of how the SC is being run.

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AAP’s talk of 85% quota for Delhi students in DU unrealistic; here’s how

The solution lies in developing higher education infrastructure, perhaps with the private sector facilitated in playing a larger role.

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Four African nations want ivory trade permitted to control fast-rising elephant population

Rural populations in Botswana, Zimbawe, Zambia, Namibia—together, home to 60% of the African elephant population—and Angola want their governments to secure their lives and property from “marauding” elephants.

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H-1B fee hike, US local hiring rules hurt Indian IT

Indian IT companies must now focus on emerging areas like automation, AI, cloud, etc.

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What a new Lancet study reveals about HIV and ART

Studies show ART could help eliminate transmission.

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