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Decoding protein puzzle and brilliance of algorithm accuracy

AI has made significant strides in decoding proteins, with positive implications for drug delivery and design

While most approaches to decode structures tend to be experimental, leaps in artificial intelligence has helped speed up the process.

Future of facial recognition technology and trouble with data privacy

Facial analysis tech can come only after a data privacy law

The San Francisco city council announced a freeze on the technology last year because foundational, human-origin information used by the technology caused it to be biased against people of colour—an MIT study found that facial-analysis had a high error rate, ranging between 21-47%, for darker-skinned women.

RBI’s options narrow as inflation & inflows both rise

Keeping repo unchanged is an obvious choice, the bigger challenge is the balance between inflation and rupee value

Under the circumstances, there doesn’t seem to be very much more RBI can do to support the recovery, except to make sure the liquidity remains ample and that the rupee doesn’t appreciate to a point that it hurts exports.

CoinToss: Facebook is set to launch a stripped-down Libra next year

While the company had more ambitious plans, due to its failure to convince regulators across the world, it has been more than willing to tweak Libra.

Supporting Education: Girls are more likely to bear the brunt of pandemic

New report shows girls are more likely to bear the brunt of the pandemic in terms of the hit to education

Data drive: Slight respite in infection growth

Although daily infections have been falling and have stayed below 45,000 in the last week,the Centre has released stricter guidelines for the next reopening.

McKinsey Report: Chilling news for India on global warming

McKinsey report paints a dire climate picture for India which it can’t escape without coordinated global action

India is doing admirably on climate action—a recent BofA report estimates the country to not just achieve its commitments under the Paris agreement but also to go past these, echoing the prime minister’s claim at the G-20 meeting.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Learn from AstraZeneca lapses

Tighten trial, manufacturing oversight and regulatory scrutiny

AstraZeneca has since disclosed that the separate regimens were a result of a manufacturing error—some vaccine vials used on subjects simply didn’t have the right concentration—which makes the manufacturing and trial administration oversight seem to be of questionable quality.

PCI’s directive on ‘foreign contents’ and its chilling effect on media freedom

The chilling effect this is likely to have on a free media doesn’t bode well for a healthy democracy.

The chilling effect this is likely to have on a free media doesn’t bode well for a healthy democracy.

Equal access to subsidies: Why not give LPG subsidies to a privately-owned BPCL?

What is not clear, either then or now, is why the government is uneasy about giving subsidies to customers of private entities.

After all, the amount of subsidy on petrol/diesel/LPG remains the same, whether it is sold through the oil PSUs or private firms.

Strike Against New Labour Laws: Labour unions or labour aristocracy?

Trade unions can’t do much good if their membership is confined, as it is today, to a fraction of the working class

To that extent, the unions should have welcomed the changes in the labour laws since, if the state governments follow the Centre’s lead—less than a tenth of the country’s labour laws pertain to the central government—this can lead to a sharp increase in manufacturing once the current Covid-induced crash sorts itself out.

Aarogya Setu App: Releasing source code will build trust

India needs to follow the Singapore example for Aarogya Setu, release source code in its entirety

Now, a week after the government announced that it had released the source code of the app, some analysts have complained that the government has released only some non-operative parts of the code.

UP’s ordinance against so-called ‘love jihad’ is prone to misuse, can become a tool of harassment

Not only does this bring in arbitrariness—what will be acceptable as proof, what extent of ‘proof’ would be deemed enough?—it also vitiates against the principles of personal liberty.

Need new laws for real-time tax dispute resolution

If relief given via mediation is to be questioned later, as is likely, no taxman is going to embrace the FM’s new plan

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Get cybersecurity right: Mumbai power failure shows firefighting can’t be a response

The National Cybersecurity Policy is yet to be updated, seven years after the last one was released; bear in mind, threats and vulnerabilities are evolving almost literally by the minute.

About two-thirds (65%) of companies adopted cybersecurity measures during Covid-19 to support remote working.

Chilling EFFECT of amended Kerala Police Act

The Kerala govt should have never proposed to police cyber content in a manner that muzzles free speech

India was one of the first countries to have a national cybersecurity policy, but the policy focussed on the private sector’s cybersecurity readiness while there was little oversight on the government’s readiness.

National Sports Education Board should help India realise its sporting potential

The National Sports Education Board should help India realise its sporting potential.

Carefully designed regulation for online gaming is need of the hour

Pushing online gambling/gaming-with-wagers underground via bans, like Tamil Nadu’s, doesn’t really tackle the harm they can do

DSM-5 of the American Psychiatric Association, the go-to catalogue of mental health disorders, recognises Internet Gaming Disorder.

Data drive: Global concerns

On Friday,India became the second country in the world to cross 9 million infections. While daily cases have come down from the high of 95,000 these touched in September, India can’t afford to be lax if the latest trends fr

RISC Return: Apple’s bet on ARM processors pays off only if mainline companies rejig their apps to be compatible

‘System on a chip’—which is what ARM fundamentally is—is the future of computing; this integrates all CPU power, RAM and processing on a single chip.

However, for Apple’s, or for that matter, any company’s ARM bet to be successful, they will still need to convince developers to redesign apps from scratch.

The asymptomatics riddle: Role in Covid-19 spread unclear; enforce mask-use, distancing

The lack of a standard definition for pre-symptomatics—in terms of a threshold duration before the onset of symptoms, or some such yardstick—plays its part too.

Many of the patients who had reached the hospital were suffering from involvement of lungs, nervous system, heart and blood vessels, he added.

BSNL 4G tender cancellation: Atmanirbharta has a heavy price, do we want to pay it?

BSNL’s 4G tender is a good example of this, but there is a larger cost as supply costs rise; we need to be aware of this

Why else would a PSU be asked to delay its capex plans and to tailor them to government specifications?

New study shows online teaching isn’t working for govt-school students, exacerbating existing learning gaps

While 80% said they were unable to develop a connect with the students via online teaching, 90% said that it was impossible to assess how much students were learning.

Joe Biden’s green touch: Republicans will likely cold-water incoming US President’s hot climate agenda

The Biden presidency will have to rely on executive action while negotiating support for items that could broadly come under a bipartisan agenda.

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Rework budget to allow for social security for all

Govt has done well to come up with a plan for unorganised sector; will work better if it also contributes to the corpus

RBI does well to merge Lakshmi Vilas Bank with DBS

Move will protect depositors; could have been done a few years ago when LVB first ran into difficulties

Justice can’t be selective: CJI Bobde is both right and wrong on Article 32

SC needs to keep in mind that while lower courts should be petitioned first, there is a big pendency that delays matters; and to the extent this means matters get delayed, this delays justice for those accused of a crime.

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