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RBI’s accommodative stance has been justified

With inflation likely to stay elevated as the economy revives, RBI must ready itself to normalise monetary policy

Getting IT future-ready: Dire job-loss forecast may not materialise, but upskilling a must

Against the gigantic strides technology is taking across sectors, the only way to secure the future of work is continuous re-training, upskilling and lifelong learning.

The fact that the volume-share of offshore Indian IT workforce in the total workforce has more or less plateaued since 2013—peaking that year at 55%, and falling marginally to 54% in 2019—read along with the geopolitics of labour (more countries are now looking to protect ‘jobs’ instead of hiring offshore), would suggest that there could be some pressure in the coming days.

Get skilling right

Need to focus on future employability, pay better for skills

Else, the country faces an employment problem that could get increasingly challenging with each year of delay.

New rules belabour e-commerce

No comparable regulatory burden on brick&mortar; rules likely to further bind e-com players in red tape

But, sadly, these guidelines will impact small e-commerce entities and the thousands of MSMEs who are benefiting from the marketplaces. The government seems to be missing this point altogether.

Be Covid-disciplined

Post-unlock, people still breaching Covid-caution

Guleria has said the third could be just six-eight weeks away if Covid-appropriate behaviour is not followed.

Cooperative banks need a single regulator

PMC episode and the role of state govts underscores the need for this, need to amend relevant laws

Relook XII scoring formula: Lower XI-score weight, increase XII-internal assessment weight

A common exam, on the lines of the American SAT, has been talked about for year now, but little has happened.

It would be pragmatic to base the score on an internal assessment during Class XII, with some concessions for the hurdles faced in online learning and digital exams that have marked the academic year affected by the pandemic.

Govt must respect contracts, arbitral awards

Govt stance on Devas-Antrix arbitration will leave investors with a bitter taste on putting their money in India

Each time the Indian government refrains from acknowledging an arbitration award and challenges it, the country’s reputation for respecting awards takes a knocking.

Protecting IBC’s spirit: NCLT focus on confidentiality clause in Videocon Industries resolution welcome

The VIL-Twin Star case draws attention to the fact that creditors, at times, are realising pitifully small amounts—in the Alok Industries case, where a whopping Rs 29,523 crore was at stake, the recovery was a paltry 17%.

It has requested the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) to examine the issue in depth and to ensure the confidentiality clause was not compromised, in letter or in spirit.

Covid-19: On vaccine interval, follow the science

Review of Covishield dose-interval is welcome; to quell controversy, let independent experts appraise evidence cited

Right now, the Centre can’t afford further trust deficit over vaccines.

On freeing up micro-finance industry space, caution must match intent

The income ceiling for for defining MFI loans, the proposal to free NBFC MFIs from the current cap on spread, etc, need a rethink

However, it is good RBI is calling for all lenders to make the same disclosures so that a price comparison is easier.

Scrap sedition law

Lakshadweep episode shows law being used to stifle dissent

Cases are likely pending against the rest, but the success rate in the concluded trials really shows up the State’s efficiency in investigation and prosecution.

A PLI boost to Make in India

While the PLI schemes across sectors are good on paper, govt must address pain points raised by the potential beneficiaries

While a clear picture on the total quantum of investments, across sectors, is yet to emerge, going by the structures and incentives, Credit Suisse’s forecast the PLI could add 1.5-2% to FY27 GDP, doesn’t see out of reach.

Rx: More medical colleges

AISHE shows over two-thirds of India's medical colleges are located in just seven states

From lowering the infrastructure focus meaningfully to harnessing existing healthcare capacity for training medical personnel, the government has many options.

Riding FAME to higher EV adoption

The changes to the scheme will bring down the cost of the vehicles; govt must now focus on getting home-charging right

The increased subsidy offered to two-wheelers is likely to bring down the cost of vehicles by 10% to 25%, though the numbers can vary depending upon variable parameters like battery capacity, cost of vehicles, etc.

Covid-19: Daily cases fall, but meaningful rebound still some distance away

Outlook on indicators like farm-wages, exports, encouraging but services needs to recover, and signs of that are feeble still

Unfortunately, agriculture cannot pull the economy out of the trough.

Reason for concern: India must comb for variants, step up vaccine innovation efforts

The government needs to roll out support programmes for vaccine and therapeutic innovation, say, US-style funding of Covid-vaccine research.

coronavirus pandemic

Ban conversion therapy; Govt must ensure rights for LGBTQIA are on a par with the rest

The Centre has also signalled an intent to oppose marriage equality; it must realise that if the government fails to treat LGBTQIA on a par with heterosexuals and cis-genders, it will be condoning entrenched discrimination ag

The fact is the violence and oppression of conversion therapy—as also forced marriage, which the Delhi HC stridently ruled against recently—is also rooted in the homophobia/transphobia of the larger society.

More trade deals key to boosting exports

Higher import duties a big hurdle; India must negotiate harder and become part of RCEP-like trade deals

Sebi’s Franklin-Templeton ruling a defining moment

It sends the right message to AMCs on need for due dilligence and respecting investors’s money

Don’t lift reservation cap; Govt must instead focus on education support to communities

While many have argued that a 50% cap limits true reservation since the general category constitutes a small proportion of the population, the impact of access to education on the upward socioeconomic mobility of households m

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

A shot in the arm for Covid-19 vaccination

LVP is gone, but the Centre must not let its priority-formula for vax supply penalise states that controlled spread better

They are required to put in public domain information about the supply of vaccines at the district and at the centres, and it is important they do this.

The original sin: Important that SARS CoV-2 origin is thoroughly probed

Transparency is now key; else, as experts have warned, the world will still be battling worse pandemics in the years to come.

Transparency is now key; else, as experts have warned, the world will still be battling worse pandemics in the years to come.

Amid inflation worries, RBI prioritises growth

RBI doesn’t have much comfort room, but it is using the tools it has; the govt must now pull its weight on supporting growth

RBI’s moving in the right direction; now the government needs to get going. Without some big fiscal stimulus, growth cannot make a comeback.

Assessing inequality right: India needs the full picture to chart path to achieve SDG-10

NITI Aayog needs to perhaps look at SDG 10—reducing inequality—in a more holistic manner.

Solar/wind power deals and auctions: Investor sentiment won’t tolerate too many shocks

The renewables target won’t be met if states keep reneging on solar/wind power deals and auctions

Although the winning tariffs were Rs 2.78-2.81 per kWh, GUVNL wants an even lower rate.
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