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Time for Corona bonds: This will allow the deficit-breach to be a one-time event

Unfortunately, the government’s own finances have been in a shambles for some time, and the deficit will overshoot badly.

It is critical the government moves fast, before the economy loses further momentum. News

Aadhaar Gains: The govt has done well to rely on JAM trinity; it needs data aggregation to reach more people

This receives a fillip from the fact that DBT-based aid, including the Rs 1,500 transfer to all Jan-Dhan women account holders, accounts for 51% of the Rs 1.7-lakh-crore corona welfare package the Centre announced last week.

Aadhaar naysayers would point out that many people still do not have bank accounts and 10% of the population does not have Aadhaar, and would not, thus, be able to avail of these benefits. News

Gujarat’s corona deaths and need to get reporting right

Five corona deaths in Gujarat suggest under-reporting, critical to get this right in the fight against the virus.

At 1.7%, Gujarat’s recovery rate is also significantly lower than the Indian average of 9.2%. (PTI Image) News

Acting Responsibly: Amitabh Bachchan can learn a thing or two from Jurgen Klopp on responsible celebrity behaviour

Amitabh Bachchan can learn a thing or two from Jurgen Klopp on responsible celebrity behaviour.

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Doctor on call: Telemedicine guidelines a step toward healthcare-for-all

Against the WHO mandated one doctor for every 1,000 people, India has one for every 1,457; China has one per 671 people, Germany one per 242, and Cuba one for every 122.

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Lockdown helps, but wider corona testing a must

Government is working on bolstering testing capacity; CDDEP recommends continuing serological survey.

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COVID-19 crisis requires a Corona point person

India is facing an unprecedented crisis, and many responses need to be made on the fly, in the context of a new development.

The PM’s warnings on the need forsocial distancing,forinstance,have mostlybeen met in the breach,including bymanyof his own party’s functionaries. News

Coronavirus outbreak: The integrity of a lockdown

Leaders can’t be claiming unreasonable exemptions from the lockdown if they expect 1.3 billion Indians to follow it.

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Tech-ing on Covid-19: Govt must extensively use tech solutions to fight coronavirus

The startups’ efforts now need concerted government support, so that an array of tech solutions can be rolled out, some of which will help limit corona spread directly by minimising human contact with the infected.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had recently tweeted a video of another Asimov robot supplying sanitisers and enlightening visitors in a company on SARS CoV-2. News

Delivering Essentials: Home delivery promise right step to curb panic

Administrations promising home delivery is the right step to curb panic, govt should tie-up with private initiatives.

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Battling corona will need unorthodox action

ICMR model has worrying projections, govt should rope in even final-year medical students to bolster healthcare workforce.

Given this high pressure on the health system even in the best-case scenario, there is an urgent need for India to quickly ready its public health to respond ably to the crisis, and even to be epidemic-ready in the future. News

Tech Tracing: Singapore’s Bluetooth-based app for Covid-19 contact tracing is quite promising

Singapore is not the only country to try this technology; the UK and the US are both mulling on using GPS or Bluetooth to create such apps.

The app requires mobile phone information to log in, and for people to keep their Bluetooth on. (Representative image) News

Don’t shut the markets – Those who have lost money have only themselves to blame

It was evident, even before the coronavirus pandemic, that stocks were hugely over-valued, and that the benchmark indices were being driven up by just a dozen stocks.

So, just about 10% of the market cap of a company would be traded, compared with 20% before this. News

Active on API at last, won’t work till DPCO scrapped

Giving incentives on the basis of scale is a good idea, but DPCO is a huge reason for the big decline of Indian API.

This has forced drugmakers to cut costs, and favour cheap Chinese API over locally-made ones. News

Olympic Mistake: Postponement of cancellation of games is not unprecedented

The grounds—the risk coronavirus pandemic poses to the health of both its athletes and the public at large.

International Olympic Committee, 2020 Summer Olympics, Shinzo Abe, SARS CoV-2 virus, Thomas Bach, FIFA World Cup News

Mobile policy gets it right: New policy WTO-compatible, rewards only big producers

While India raised the incentives on mobile phone exports to 4% of the value of the phone, the problem was that everyone got this, even small firms.

Mobile policy, WTO, labour laws, exports market, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, National Policy on Electronics 2019 News

Corona highlights need for global public goods

The world must invest in robust public healthcare systems and universal access to healthcare

India seems to have escaped, so far, the levels of infection many Western and Asian nations have reported. News

Don’t clear out hostels now

It is true that the government must ensure enough isolation capacity, given the country’s large population and the density in urban centres, where the disease is being reported at the moment.

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New CSR rules try to curb fraud by companies, but open red-tapism floodgates

The new rules vest oversight of CSR projects with the Board, and mandate an additional 5% expenditure for impact assessment, over and above the 5% mandated for carrying out administrative functions of CSR initiatives.

But, the new draft CSR Rules released by the corporate affairs ministry for public consultation will likely do more harm than good. News

Silencing Hate

Delhi govt’s move to let the public flag hate speech and take action on it based on expert reports is commendable

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The Kerala example

Empathetic govt, relief package show robust Covid-19 handling.

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PM sets the stage, now to follow through with action

Vital to sensitise citizens & Janata Curfew is a good start; now do cash transfers for poor, support to MSMEs, etc.

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Bad Faith: Ayodhya administration’s stubborn Ram Navami preparations an unprecedented risk

Ayodhya administration’s stubborn Ram Navami preparations create an unprecedented risk of contagion in times of corona.

ram navami, ayodhya News

Post-retirement jobs ‘scar on independence of judiciary’

Former CJI Ranjan Gogoi would have done well to pay heed to what he himself said during a hearing a year ago.

Former CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Ranjan Gogoi News

Why it’s important for India to get corona testing plan right

Many experts have called for drastically stepping up community testing concurrently with enforcing social distancing.

coronavirus, covid19 News

Virulent ADs: Give ASCI more teeth against misleading corona-related ads

Give ASCI more teeth against misleading corona-related ads. The govt also must crack down on misinformation.

coronavirus, covid19 News

Why it is unfair to write Yes Bank down to zero while equity value is soaring

What is more worrying is the way the write-downs have been done.

rbi, reserve bank of india News
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