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Devil in the details: Why the angel-funding notification won’t help much

The angel-funding notification doesn’t help much; in any case, it only applies to cases where tax orders haven’t been passed.

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What’s in name? Earth Science Ministry may be renamed as Bharat Mata Mantralaya

Prithvi vigyan mantralaya simply won’t do when Bharat Mata means the world to minister Vardhan.

Union minister Harsh Vardhan, earth science ministry News

Lower taxes, quick permits the right niti on minerals

Even non-oil minerals account for 30% of imports, yet our levies very high and permissions time-consuming.

niti aayog, taxes, minerals News

Research first: How to make India a R&D force?

In 2016, data from the US’s National Science Foundation (NSF) shows India overtook Japan as the fourth-largest producer of science and engineering (S&E) research. Between 2003 and 2016, India’s article count in Scopus

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Controversy over latest SC appointments show how opaque the collegium system still is

The fact that one of the four judges who sought greater probity from the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra should himself face similar demands—albeit in a matter where the lack of transparency is institutional—is rich in iro

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Appropriate wage structure in remote areas will boost rural healthcare

Three boat ambulances launched to serve 33 tribal villages inaccessible by road in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra lying unused for two months.

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How poor is poor? Congress declared two-thirds of India poor with food bill, the BJP takes it to four-fifths by quota bill

Narendra Modi government decided to implement a 10% jobs and education reservations scheme, what is worse is the income cut-off used.

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Why capping royalty payments by MNCs is not a good idea

MNCs make large investments in research and development (R&D), unlike Indian companies, and there is a cost attached to that.

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Andy Murray’s impending retirement brings with it the end of an era in tennis

Andy Murray, who’s been absent from the tour for the past 18 months due to a troublesome right hip, announced his decision to retire sometime this year.

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Fertility lesson: Improving women”s educational attainment is key

Lower fertility, contrary to all the alarms being sounded on depopulation and the communal scare-mongering some politicians have indulged in, could prove a blessing for India.

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Citizenship Bill: Sedition charges against Hiren Gohain, others shows government losing grip in Assam

The Bill gives citizenship to non-Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who entered India before December 1, 2014.

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Participative democracy: The correct approach for poverty eradication

Participative democracy could make policies more efficient, but only when there is no asymmetry of information

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Budget 2019: Why have deficit target if it doesn’t reflect reality?

CAG does well to point out that off-budget financing and delaying payments make a mockery of the budget

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DigitalPay: UPI payments growing well, but still quite small

Given smartphones are selling in big numbers and tipped to hit 700 million by 2020, there is a big opportunity—not to mention, a big need—to push digital transactions.

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Language barrier: Given India’s rich linguistic diversity, compulsory Hindi is a bad idea

In a nation where 600 languages are at the risk of dying out—250 have already died out over the past 60 years—focusing on one language is linguistic hegemony of the worst kind.

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FM Arun Jaitley is right on Aadhaar use; link it to all subsidies

Once this is done, fertiliser, etc, can be priced at market rates and all distortions in markets will be removed

Arun Jaitley, Aadhaar, MNGNREGA, NDA, DBT, Ujjwala beneficiaries, LPG subsidies News

Work-life balance: Supriya Sule’s Private Member’s Bill empowers employees to structure it better

A Private Member’s Bill empowers employees to structure their work-life balance as they see fit

Supriya Sule, Private Member Bill, lok sabha, Right to Disconnect Bill,  Employee Welfare Committee, white collar workers  News

Insurers hit: Climate change wreaking havoc on insurance industry

Climate change wreaking havoc on the insurance industry

climate change,  insurance industry, global natural disasters, largest coastal cities, climate change adaptation News

WhatsApp self-policing fraught with potential of misuse, fighting fake news needs clear set of rules and action

First, the government erred, then, the SM-IM ecosystem erred, by not just yielding to this demand, but also by taking self-policing to the extremes.

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TRAI model wrong, but DoT didn’t object till now either

Unnamed Trai officials said that, while the law allows DoT to ask Trai to reconsider its recommendations, there is nothing that says Trai has to give the rationale behind them.

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Telangana MLA’s decision to boycott swearing-in in presence of speaker from rival party sets a dangerous precedent

T Raja Singh, a BJP MLA from Telangana, has now refused to take oath in the presence of the state Assembly’s pro-tem speaker, Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, who belongs to a rival party.

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Nonscience: Indian Science Congress gets hijacked by pseudoscience

ISC, solid science and credible scientists notwithstanding, gets hijacked by pseudoscience

ISC, Narendra Modi waves, Ramayana, G Nageswara, ancient India scientific achievements, Kauravas, test tube babies News

There wouldn’t have been Mumbai 1993 and Gujarat 2002 if 1984 guilty were punished, says HS Phoolka

Senior lawyer H S Phoolka is optimistic that the Sajjan Kumar verdict will have a bearing on all mob violence cases, calls for a law without loopholes to tackle such crimes, talks about his experience during the riots, blame

Mumbai 1993, Gujarat 2002 riots, 1984 riots, Delhi High Court, HS Phoolka, Kandhamal riots News

India’s aid to Afghanistan stretches far beyond just ‘library’ Donald Trump seems to believe it has funded

India’s aid to Afghanistan stretches far beyond just the “library” Trump seems to believe it has funded.

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M&A activity must be encouraged to save assets and jobs

M&A activity must be encouraged to save assets & jobs.

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