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Narendra Modi government has not overlooked farmers’ concerns

In fact, the govt has tried to protect farmers through import tariff hikes and MSP-procurement operations though the latter has caused losses for it

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Who is to blame for NPAs? Policy uncertainty, inaction by government also led to crisis

Many decrees of governments all over the world—though deemed to be issued in public interest—may not be innocent of causing public harm.

Hike in import duties may help Indian farmers, but no alternative to turning globally competitive

Indian authorities have reacted prudently to this situation, in a bid to outsmart the international sellers pushing their value-added refined oil in India while depriving the Indian oil-seed industry of its due share in the m

Hike, import duties, Indian farmers, domestic producers, crude oils, oil-meal exporters

GST: Is India ready to take on pains of reforms? See what Socrates had to say

The period before Socrates's in Greece—of the Sophists—that dates back about 2,600 years, believed that right and wrong were relative as were good and evil. Sophists were adept in proving right as wrong and vice versa, by

GST, India

What is really helping wheat trade in India? Unbelievable, but true, it is rumours! See why

But the frequently-changed import duty will help MNC traders more than local traders as they can take advantageous positions at the origins themselves.

Wheat, Wheat trade, Wheat market, wheat trade in India

What is supporting India’s exports; the answer may well be blinding

With surplus foreign exchange earnings by the precious metal and precious stones sector, the notion of depletion or pressure in forex reserves due to their imports is erroneous.

India exports, money, gold, diamond

Why agricultural exports need to be weaned away from meat for India’s sake

The Indian agri export statistics include all plantation crops, meat, poultry, dairy and marine products.

agriculture, meat export in india, india meat export, meat business in india

How Russian wheat supremacy and bearish values have created a dilemma of duty for India

Russian wheat supremacy and bearish values create a dilemma of duty for India.

Russian wheat, wheat, India

Sugar imports: See what the pros and cons of this step are

Right now, international prices are supportive and thus imports with viable duty can soften domestic values

Sugar imports, sugarcane, agriculture

How India is paying the price of rice exports to Iran; the story is of crashed markets, reneging buyers

There are whispers in the market that Iranian buyers are yet to pay for 1.25 lakh tonnes of rice—valued at nearly Rs 875 crore—that had been shipped out in 6,000 containers a few months back.

Iranian buyers, Iranian rice market, Iran, markets, India, rice exports, markets

MMTC, STC, PEC resurrection: There is only one way to make this rewarding; how to make it happen

The resurrection of MMTC, STC and PEC will be rewarding if they are empowered to “trade” in the real sense

 MMTC, STC, PEC, resurrection

How flip-flops on sugar imports to bring down prices led to rates being stuck in Rs 40-Rs 45/kg range

A broad analysis of the sugar market from 2009 onwards till July 2017 reveals that a trend of sugar prices remaining bullish.

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Why Bangladesh ignores Indian rice

UPA-era talks on FCI delivering rice to Bangladesh failed because of the PSU’s limitations. Indian private rice trade partnering FCI could be a wayout.

rice, India, Bangladesh

Algorithmic application for import duties would create a more transparent environment

Algorithmic application for import duties would create a more transparent environment. Even though imposition of duties would still be the government's call, the basis of the computation would be accessible for all

Algorithmic application, import duties , Domestic production of edible oil , Edible oil industry , local prices of oils, v of soyabean, sugar market, refining units 

How cheaper imports trumped Indian wheat; will it affect country’s wheat security; know here

MSP should be raised to augment higher production without neglecting importance of higher yields while attending to the vulnerabilities of cheaper imports.

cheaper imports, Indian wheat, wheat security

Farm production lesson: Less the government, better the trade

India’s farm produce is private; mills are private; traders are self-employed who arrange financing privately; market risk of profit and loss is private; buyers/importers too are largely private.

Farm production, rice, India, Bangladesh

Sugar business: The truth about the industry is bitter

Indian sugar business has four prime stakeholders—farmers, sugar mills, consumers and the government. Despite deregulation of sugar industry in 2013, the government commands the most dominant force of intervention amongst o

sugar business, sugar production india, sugar business india, sugar mills, sugar farmers, sugar industry india, Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu

Importing an export problem: India is becoming a high cost economy in agro-related items

There is a rise of 30% in value of imports of three essential agro items, namely wheat, pulses, vegetable/edible oils—indicative of substantive demand pull in the country.

import in india, export in india, problem in import, problem in export, export in indian economy

Demonetisation apart, cheaper imports too hit the farm sector

The current agitation of farmers on cereal, oilseeds and vegetables has attracted a lot of analysis with regards to the causes.

farmers crisis, cereal farmers, farmers oilseeds, farmers vegetables, farmers MSP

Zero import duty on wheat is in farmers’ interest; here’s why

Contrary to the general perception that zero import duty on wheat notified by the government on December 8, 2016, will hurt interests of Indian farmers, it will, in fact, benefit them.

Wheat output may be below govt estimate of 94mn tonnes; here’s why imports have become necessary

The cut in wheat import duty on September 23, 2016, from 25% to 10%, is a tacit but an indirect admission that wheat output for FY16 was indeed much lower than governments own estimates of 93-94 million tonnes (mts).

Pulses prices pain forcing desperate Centre into loss-making proposition

The government has taken a call on import of pulses from Mozambique, Malawi and Myanmar. It would be a loss-making proposition

Why Indonesia may not buy 1 mn tonnes (mt) of rice from India

Not only is FCI’s price likely to be uncompetitive, it may not be able to ensure timely delivery which is a ‘must’ for Indonesia

Why India may need to import up to 5 million tonnes of wheat

In 2016-17, import at the current rate of exchange (without custom duty) may not exceed Rs 1,400 per quintal against an MSP of Rs 1,525 per quintal.

United Nations Environment program, Wheat, Maize, toxins in crops, health

Should the government now import wheat?

Agricultural output is in distress and, therefore, whispers of wheat import by the government due to a skewed supply-demand equation are logical

Should the government now import wheat?

Fault lines in the farm trade

Markets can spring surprises and there is no room for complacency in fixing macro policies before it is too late

global businesses

Exposing agro-trade to higher risks

If one scans through agro-policy profiles of various governments across the globe, they are generally irrational, full of rhetoric for political agenda and lack pragmatism.

Exposing agro-trade to higher risks
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