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Mansukh Mandaviya — Narendra Modi’s most important minister, writes Tavleen Singh

This is the reason why Modi’s new Health Minister is the most important man in his Cabinet. I had never heard of Mansukh Mandaviya and so did some research and discovered that he comes from Gujarat and used to be a BJP stud

They will not happen now either unless the Prime Minister ensures that his new Health Minister has his full support to do what needs to be done to rebuild rural health facilities.

Fifth Column: We need an opposition party, writes Tavleen Singh

Last week came the first signs that the Dynasty has understood this. Rahul Gandhi popped up to declare that a third Covid wave was ‘definitely coming’, and said the Congress party had produced a ‘white paper’ that con

Sonia Gandhi reportedly summoned senior officials of the party she has led for decades and told them it was ‘absolutely essential that our party play an active role’. (File image)

No political shenanigan will help BJP win UP elections if a third Covid wave rages in state, writes Tavleen Singh

Why nobody in this task force has been sacked yet is a question that this column has asked before and will continue to ask till heads roll.

When I listened to the Prime Minister’s speech last week, I saw him make a similar attempt to use denial to distract from reality.

Denial becomes pointless when dead bodies start to wash up on the banks of the Ganga, writes Tavleen Singh

Denial is the main reason why the Prime Minister has not yet set up a new crisis management group.

We need the truth. What we are getting are lies, writes Tavleen Singh

If Narendra Modi wants to redeem more than his image, he must sack the men who have brought us here.

More worrying than Yogi’s lies was the pitiful attempt by the Minister of External Affairs to get our embassies to ‘counter one-sided narrative in (the) western media.

Fifth Column by Tavleen Singh: India cannot breathe

Putting our best scientists on the job should be a priority. For the moment India feels like a ship that is totally adrift.

As a first step the Prime Minister needs to sack the officials in his government whose criminal negligence has put India in intensive care without oxygen.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is there a vaccination strategy?

If the men who make up the Government of India’s vaccination task force have the smallest sense of honour, they should accept blame and resign.

Had he not been prime minister, they said, we would not have been able to stop Covid-19 from killing millions of Indians.

Fifth Column by Tavleen Singh: Is peace with Pakistan possible?

For a brief moment last week, it seemed as if hostilities between us and the Islamist Republic next door were beginning to wane. Pakistan showed interest in importing Indian sugar and cotton and this would have meant the revi

Politicians are not gods; Modi must rid himself of those who compare him to gods

They did this at a time when nearly half of India was ruled by princes who liked their subjects to believe that they should be treated as rulers with divine rights.

Fifth Column: Why countries succeed

The world has changed. But it seems that it is not just Modi but all our politicians and political parties that have remained stuck in that old time warp.

Every sighting reminds me why Modi continues to have high approval ratings despite his failure to create the jobs he promised and despite middle-class families being currently crushed under the weight of the price of petrol and diesel.

If PM Modi proceeds with economic changes he once promised, this column will lend full support: Tavleen Singh

It is now time for him to realise that only when he delivers on the ground what he has put in words will we see a revival of that optimism that we saw in 1991.

Cairn gave us our biggest on-land oil discovery but left India when it was retroactively taxed Rs 10,247 crore.

Fifth Column: An insane conspiracy theory

The charges and the conspiracy are both absurd and hilarious, but they are being taken seriously in the most exalted corridors of the Government of India.

The problem with the farmers’ agitation is that this labelling did not work.

Fifth Column: Listen to the people, writes Tavleen Singh

The unofficial parade may be stopped from entering Delhi, but the farmers have made their point.

The truth is that arrogance has been the defining characteristic of Modi's second term as Prime Minister.

The new Indian – It is useless getting into any sort of discussion with them

In the 'new India' that the Prime Minister boasts of having created, this tweet was seen as anti-national and it caused the BJP troll army to order me to 'leave India'.

Personally, I found myself really impressed with how America's judges, election officials and its media have stood up against Donald Trump's bullying and his lies.

Confronting reality: With tractors at Delhi borders, Narendra Modi is beginning to look weak

The farmers have shown him that this kind of contempt for the people is not something that even the most powerful political leaders can get away with. Modi has been forced finally to step out of his echo chamber into the real

Farmers point out that when Modi became Prime Minister, he promised to double their income by 2022.

Surrealism as reality

The reality also is that millions of very poor people in rural India are being driven back under the poverty line because of the economic damage the pandemic has caused.

"After several years of downgrades to India's medium-term growth outlook, we believe upgrades are now likely.

Fifth Column: We must never forget this grim anniversary

After 26/11 the lesson we have learned is that it is no longer about Kashmir. It is about harming India in every way possible.

Fifth column: May Diwali bring hope this vile year

When the Prime Minister described their son Tejashwi Yadav as the Yuvraj of Jungle Raj, it brought back for me memories of those years.

Fifth column: A reality check in Kashmir

Instead of demanding the restoration of Article 370 they should demand that statehood be restored immediately.

Kashmiri politicians have come together in a Gupkar Declaration grouping so they can demand the restoration of Kashmir's special status.

Fifth column: Bollywood stands for real secular values that need to be cherished, writes Tavleen Singh

If I write today in defence of Bollywood, it is not just because I think it stands for those real secular values that need to be cherished more today than ever before.

One is the kind that LK Advani once called 'pseudo secularism' and which became the Congress Party's main method of keeping its Muslim vote bank intact.

Fifth column by Tavleen Singh: Hathras is a mirror

The British set up a system that was founded on the colonial idea that the duty of administrators and law enforcement officials was to protect the government.

But, Yogi Adityanath seems to have his own interpretation of the law, so after the Hathras victim died his officials and his police force went to extraordinary lengths to prove that she was not raped. (File image)

Fifth column: No country for Muslims

The plot was hatched in Jamia Millia, says the chargesheet, and Shaheen Bagh was not a protest by Muslim women fearful of losing their citizenship, just part of this jihadist plot.

The women who sat in protest through long winter nights and cold winter days said they were worried about losing their citizenship.

Fifth column: A surreal week

Having said this, it also needs to be said that Modi showed the courage to take unpopular and controversial political decisions.

The economy was doing badly because since his second term began Narendra Modi has concentrated on political matters such as abrogating Article 370 and ramming through that discriminatory amendment to our citizenship law.

Welcome, Education Minister! NEP is the best thing the Modi govt has done since Swachh Bharat: Tavleen Singh

My only problem with the new policy is that it seems not to have paid enough attention to the infrastructure needed for real change to happen.

At The Indian Express Adda last week, when Ramesh Pokhriyal was introduced as India's Education Minister, I wanted to stand up and cheer.

Far, far from Ram Rajya: India needs a political leader not a messiah or a maharishi

The political problems that the Prime Minister has yet to deal with are every bit as serious as the economic problems.

In weaving this myth around Modi the media played a vital role.

BJP ministers doing their best to prove Imran Khan right, Modi needs to act

Modi has not responded, which is good. It is also good that he never fails to remind us that the spectacular welcome he was given in Houston by Indians of the diaspora was because he represents ‘130 crore Indians’.

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2 years of Modi govt: ‘Achche din’ yet to come?

Two kinds of pundits were heard taunting Narendra Modi on the second anniversary of his government last week.

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