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BJP ministers doing their best to prove Imran Khan right, Modi needs to act

Modi has not responded, which is good. It is also good that he never fails to remind us that the spectacular welcome he was given in Houston by Indians of the diaspora was because he represents ‘130 crore Indians’.

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2 years of Modi govt: ‘Achche din’ yet to come?

Two kinds of pundits were heard taunting Narendra Modi on the second anniversary of his government last week.

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Congress in crisis, running out of political ideas

At a time when jihadi terrorism has proved that it is the biggest threat to the world as we know it, whipping up fears over Hindutva terrorism is absurd and has a hollow ring. Yet this continues to be the Congress party’s o

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Tavleen Singh column: Post Uttarakhand, BJP must worry why it is picking up bad Cong habits

As someone who lives in Maharashtra, I can report that in this state nothing has changed since a BJP chief minister took power two years ago.

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